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Chapter Nine

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They go after Lady Madness.

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[A/N] - Yay! Last night my reviews bumped up from my usual 3 to a 4 :D In my opinion, this deserves a celebration! So I've written an extra long chapter today and I'll update again tonight >:)

I was scanning the screens when suddenly Party Poison cried “I’ve found her! Here she is, look!”
I looked at the small screen. She was in a small room but it was a little larger than the other rooms on the screens. Lady Madness was sitting down on a small sofa next to a slightly old woman with long blonde hair. The old woman was holding her hands and talking to her while Lady Madness just sat and listened to her.
I glanced at Party “But there are loads of screens in this room. How are we supposed to know where she is?”
Party glanced at the buttons underneath the screen then randomly pressed one. Suddenly the whole wall was filled with the screen that Lady Madness was in. And now there was sound so we could hear what they were saying.
The woman was still talking “-And you see, that’s why you have to marry Korse. We can come back and save you Honey.”
“Ma, you don’t really think that Korse is going to let you free do you?” Lady Madness cried “Kobra said-“
“Well I’m your Mother!” The old lady snapped “And you’ll do as I say.”
“Fine,” Lady Madness said softly “When’s the wedding?”
“Tomorrow at sunset,” Her Mother told her “And please don’t run off again Cyanide Princess, I was dead worried about you.”
It was weird hearing someone call Lady Madness Cyanide Princess. We all knew that was her old killjoy name but it didn’t suit her as well as Lady Madness did. Lady Madness coughed and said “But Mom, I was fine. Like I told you, there were these guys and these girls… They looked after me. And there’s that one guy and he’s really sweet to me. Mom… I miss them.”
“You’ve only just got back!”
“I know but it was much more interesting being out there than it is being stuck here. No offence.”
“You don’t think I already know this place is boring?” She snapped “If I thought this place was fun then I would insist that you don’t have to marry Korse and that you can run off into the desert to have sex with all sorts of random boys if you want.”
“Mom, it’s not like that!”
“Well I’m sick of being stuck here!”
“But if I marry Korse then I’ll be stuck here for the rest of my life! You’ve had your freedom Mum, I’ve never had mine.”
“You just did.”
“Yeah for about three days. Three days in eighteen years. It wasn’t much to ask for.”
“Well I’ve had no freedom for eighteen years, so-“
“We don’t have time to stand here and listen to them bicker,” Party interrupted although I was actually interested in what they were talking about. That guy she was talking about… Why was she talking about me? “Is there anything on here that can tell us where they are?”
“There’s some more buttons at the bottom,” I told him, pointing to the bottom of the screen “Don’t press the button that you’ve already pushed it’ll just make the screen smaller again. Try a different button.”
Party bent over and pushed one of the buttons. “What did it do?”
“It cut off the sound.” I informed him. I stared at the screen and saw Lady Madness and her mother looking around curiously “Party Poison…” I whispered “I think that button stops us hearing what’s in there and gets them to listen to what’s going on in here.”
Party re-clicked the button and I heard her Mother ask “What was that?”
“I have no idea.” Lady Madness replied but she was starting to look hopeful.
I bent down next to my brother “I think she knows we’re looking for her now.”
“Well that’s a start.”
“Shush!” I said quickly, looking at the screen “Just watch.”
“Do you think they’ll find me here?” Lady Madness asked “The killjoys I mean?”
“Well if they do, I’m not letting them take you away.”
“I doubt they’ll find me here anyway.” Lady Madness told her “I doubt they’ll find me here, in our small house round the back of the headquarters.”
“What the-“
Party clicked the button that made the screen go small again “You run down to her house and I’ll walkie talkie the others and get them to come help us.”
“But what are we going to do?” I asked “You heard her Mother, they won’t us take her away.”
“Someone will have to cause a distraction to get her out of the house.” Party said “Just go and look through a window or something and see if she’s there.”
“Okay,” I replied, jogging out of the room and down the stairs. I hoped and prayed that Lady Madness was still in the house at the back of headquarters by the time all of us had thought up a plan. Her Mother could drag her off anywhere in that space of time.
I opened the door to the back of headquarters and looked outside. It wasn’t hard to miss Lady Madness’ house although there was a large estate of BLI houses all out here, all of them completely identical. Small, square and white with the BLI smiley face logo on the side. But Lady Madness’ house was slightly larger than the others with the words ‘Future Bride of Korse’ printed above the large, white door.
I looked for a window but couldn’t find one. But then again, what did I expect? It didn’t matter though because moments later Party and the others joined me outside. “So is this her house?” Party asked.
I signalled to the words above the door and said “Well I think so…”
“Do you have a plan then?” Jet-Star asked.
Colourful Shadow shifted uncomfortably “Look maybe we should just leave her alone? I mean we’d only be endangering her even more…”
“Like I already told you,” Party sighed “She was the one who told us where she was hiding and she knew we were listening. Lady Madness wanted to be found. So now we’re finding her.”
“So what’s the plan?” Agent Anarchy asked “But I kind of agree with Colourful Shadow. We were lucky enough to have BLI leave us all alone the first time but we probably won’t be as lucky the next time.”
“Would you wanna be stuck in a BLI life?” I asked her. Everyone shook their heads “Well neither does Lady Madness and if it were one of you trapped in their, you’d want us all to do the same thing.”
“I think we should drug her mother!” Fun Ghoul smiled.
Colourful Shadow scoffed “I bet they drug her already. Even if she’s not aware of it,”
“Now listen,” Party whispered “Is there a back door to this place?”
Jet-Star went and checked. He returned nodding “Yeah but there’s two dracs guarding the back.”
“Shoot them then!” Party sighed “Ghoul, you run into the house and distract her Mother. You’re good with distracting people. Once we’ve got Lady Madness out then you run back out and try not get killed.”
“Great advice!” Fun Ghoul laughed.
Party sent him round the front and me and Jet walked round to the back of the house. It didn’t take us two seconds to shoot the dracs guarding the back door and then we waited for the signal.
We both thought about it “What is the signal?” Jet asked me.
I shrugged “I thought you knew!”
There were some sudden load bangs inside the house “I’m guessing it was that…” Jet whispered “You go in first, she trusts you more.”
“You really think so?” I asked, delighted.
Jet rolled his eyes “Oh, just go inside!”
I pushed open the door a little to see Fun Ghoul on top of Lady Madness’ mother. He’d clearly tackled her to the ground and Lady Madness was staring at them in disbelief. I bent down, picked up one of the tiny white pebbles in her back garden and threw it at her back. “Ow!” She cried, turning around. As soon as she saw it was us, she smiled “You really came here to rescue me?” She whispered “I thought I’d heard you but I wasn’t sure but I so hoped-“
“You can be grateful in the car,” I whispered “But first we actually need to recuse you.”
I held my hand out to her, she took it and we both ran out of the back door. “Where’s Ghoul?” I asked the others.
Party shrugged “I think he’s having fun tackling her Mother.”
“That was the most fun I’ve had in years!” Fun Ghoul laughed, coming back round the front of the house “No offence Lady Madness…”
“What the fuck have you done with my daughter?” Her Mother yelled angrily from inside the house.
Lady Madness sighed heavily “Trust me, none taken. Now we’d better get out of here before she tells Korse and we’re all stuck here!”
We all ran through headquarters but it wasn’t quite as empty as it once was. There were now three dracs standing in the lobby. “Kobra, take Lady Madness back to the car!” Party called “Jet, you go with them and drive it round to the entrance. Me, Ghoul and the girls will stay here and fight.”
Still holding onto Lady Madness’ hand, I dragged her out of the building. One drac lunged forward in an attempt to catch Lady Madness but Jet shot him in the shoulder. It didn’t kill him but it made him stumble back. It was enough time for me to open the door, squeeze out, pull Lady Madness out after me and Jet-Star to wiggle out behind us both.
We started running wildly to the car, scared that there’d be more dracs lurking somewhere but we made it back to the car undetected.
Screaming Revolver and Missile Kid were still sitting in the back of the car playing cards. Screaming Revolver looked up at us as me and Lady Madness piled into the back of the car “Where are the others?” She asked.
Jet-Star climbed into the front and started the engine “We’re going to get them now.”
He drove us round to the front of the building and beeped loudly on the car horn. They all started running out of the room. Korse had now joined the epic battle and he was staring at Agent Anarchy in shock. Agent Anarchy herself left the building yelling “And that counts double for your Mother!”
They all climbed into the car but Party lay back against the car floor “Party Poison, what’s wrong?” I asked, kneeling down next to him.
He was breathing heavily “I was shot in the stomach. It damn hurts.”
“What do we do?” I asked.
Jet-Star started driving faster “Our base isn’t far from here. We’ll drive back there and see what Agent Anarchy can do.”
Agent Anarchy was good at knowing what to do when someone was hurt. But being shot with a ray gun is nothing like being shot with a real gun. A real gun makes you bleed and there’s a bullet that goes into you. A ray gun shocks you and goes all through your body. It’s the worse pain in the entire world.
I took his hand “You were fine last time, you didn’t even have any medical treatment! So I think you’ll be fine this time, you’re going to be okay…”
“This is my entire fault!” Lady Madness gasped.
I put my arm round her “You mustn’t blame yourself. Besides, we’ve been shot with ray guns a billion times. Party’s not going to die. Are you?”
He shook his head and grinned at Lady Madness “It’s okay, I’m just trying to gain sympathy votes.”
We all laughed but respected Party’s bravery. We managed to make it back to our base in under ten minutes and Jet and me carried Party down to the room we called ‘The emergency room’. Agent Anarchy came bustling in, telling us all to clear off because she couldn’t work with us all hanging around.
We all took seats in the kitchen and sat down to talk, trying to take our minds off Party “So, what did you guys do?” Missile Kid asked excitedly “Why wasn’t I allowed inside?”
“You didn’t have a ray gun.” Ghoul told her.
Missile Kid pouted “I had my bazooka.”
“You couldn’t carry that around,” Jet laughed and told her what happened “So see… Not a lot happened.”
“I want to see Fun Ghoul tackling a random lady!” Missile Kid cried, folding her arms “Typical, I miss all the action I do.”
“Hey, I missed it just as much as you did!” Screaming Revolver smiled “I wonder what happened to my ray gun…”
“I bet it’ll turn up eventually,” Colourful Shadow said cheerfully “Jet, could you get me a soda please?”
“Coming up!”
“Why does Korse want to marry me anyway?” Lady Madness asked “There’s nothing special about me…”
“Yeah you are!” I cried, blushing when everyone turned to look at me. “Well I mean, I can see… I could understand…”
“Thank you Kobra,” Lady Madness finished for me “But why can’t he just find somebody else?”
“Because Korse is an asshole,” Agent Anarchy told her “If he calls me Mexican one more time, I swear I’ll kick him in the balls.”
“I thought you kicked him in the balls just last month?” Fun Ghoul asked.
Agent Anarchy grinned at the memory “Well true but I’d gladly do it again.”
“A few months ago Korse insisted we needed to share a room,” Lady Madness told us “Not a bed, just a room. And I hated what he was doing to other people so while he was sleeping, I shoved loads of tissue in his mouth. He had them there for about half-an-hour before he tried to swallow and then he started choking and woke himself up. He was fine and didn’t even suspect me, the idiot. He ran around blaming all sorts of random people.”
Agent Anarchy roared with laughter “You know what? I think I could warm up to you!”
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