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Chapter Ten

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Fun Ghoul makes Colourful Shadow mad.

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[A/N] - I didn't update again last night because my plan for yesterday was to sit in and write FanFics. However, I remembered I promised my friend that I'd go and call for her which I did. Then afterwards I went out for dinner my brother. And then when I'd normally be writing FanFics, I doodled all over my jeans because my friend accused them of being boring :) And today I thought I wouldn't be able to update but I got bored up town and came home early so guess who gets an update :D Plus, I lost two reviewers, so can I have them back please?(:

About ten minutes later Agent Anarchy wandered into the kitchen “Party Poison’s fine, he’s just resting.”
“So he’s not hurt?” Lady Madness asked “Thank goodness!”
“Of course he’s fine,” Agent Anarchy replied, rolling her eyes “I’m excellent at what I do.”
“So Lady Madness,” Screaming Revolver asked “What happened?”
“Well after Colourful Shadow asked me to sit on guard I sat down by myself for about twenty minutes. Then I saw something weird looming about in the dark. So I got up to go and see what it was. I know it was a bad idea since I didn’t even have a ray gun but I thought it was a stray animal. When I got there, I saw that it was a drac that had been bending down. He looked up and must’ve realised who I was because he grabbed me round the waist and dragged me towards this car and sitting in the front seat was Korse! He was quick to assume that I had been kidnapped and I didn’t like to correct him.
“He was going to come back and kill you all, but I begged him not. I told them you wouldn’t do it again, it must’ve been some kind of mistake and that anyway, you’d all taken good care of me. So he chose to have mercy on you all and drove me back to headquarters and I met up with my parents. I slept there and when I woke up, my Mom was asking how I’d runaway. I tried to tell her I was kidnapped but she wasn’t buying it so I told her the truth…”
“Someone could’ve heard you!” I gasped. I told them about the room with all the monitors. Then the obvious hit me “Korse will know how we got Lady Madness out of here!”
“Big deal,” Fun Ghoul replied, blowing a raspberry “They already know that we took her in the first place. Do you not recall the epic battle in the lobby?”
“Well I wasn’t there to see most of it.” I reminded him “Anything interesting happened?”
“I learnt a lot of impressive new words from Agent Anarchy.” Colourful Shadow giggled “That was so funny what you said to Korse…”
“I have my moments.” Agent Anarchy smiled “Nothing much happened apart from Party Poison getting shot to be honest. We managed to kill one drac but that was it. It’s a good thing we left when we did, I think some more dracs were about to come running in.”
“Did Korse say anything about me?” Lady Madness asked nervous.
Fun Ghoul nodded “Kind of, he demanded your return to the building but we told him to get bent.”
You told him to get bent,” Colourful Shadow reminded him “The rest of us just said no.”
“I don’t re-call you saying anything,” Fun Ghoul laughed “Don’t tell me you’re scared of Korse?”
“Don’t be stupid.”
“Come to think of it, you never say anything when Korse is around. You kind of just keep your mouth shut…”
“I wish you’d keep your mouth shut!” Colourful Shadow yelled, slamming her hands down on the table and getting up from her seat to leave the room.
Fun Ghoul blinked “Did I say something wrong?”
“Probably,” Screaming Revolver shrugged “But you two always argue. I’m sure she’ll get over it.”
“I’ll go and see if she’s okay.” I said, getting up and going down the corridor. I’m not sure how much I like Colourful Shadow but Fun Ghoul can be a bit of an asshole sometimes without realising it.
I walked down the corridor and stood outside her room. It sounded like she was talking to someone over the small mobile phone she carried around “No, no, I don’t think they do.”
I wondered who she was talking to. Surely everyone she would need to contact was already here?
She sighed before saying “Not right away, they’ll know something’s up. Just trust me, okay?” She was silent while the person on the other side was speaking “Have I ever given you reason not to trust me? All the information has been correct. So you can’t really call me a liar either.”
More silence “Alright, I will just give me a chance!” then she snapped her phone shut.
I stood by myself for a few more minutes so she wouldn’t know I’d heard her conversation. I tapped three times on her door “Colourful Shadow? Is everything okay?”
She sounded alarmed “Kobra Kid! I’m fine, trust me, could you just give me a minute alone please?”
“Are you sure?”
“Kobra, I’m bloody fine! Just bog off!”
I walked off in a bad mood because I’d only been trying to help after all. I walked back into the kitchen area where Party Poison now was “Colourful Shadow says she’s fine.” I informed them all.
Fun Ghoul rolled his eyes “Why did she have to over re-act like that? We say things to each other all the time…”
“I know you do,” Party said “But maybe this time you went too far? What if she really is afraid of Korse?”
I assumed that everyone had told him about the ‘argument’ between the two of them. “How can anyone be afraid of Korse?” Agent Anarchy asked “He’s not even scary.”
“He’d be totally harmless without his stupid mindless workers,” Screaming Revolver agreed “And he killed my entire family. I’m still not afraid of him.”
“Well maybe Colourful Shadow is afraid of him.” Party said firmly “So personally, I think we should all just leave it.”
Party got up and left the room. Fun Ghoul smiled “He’s like a wise old owl, isn’t he?”
Agent Anarchy threw Screaming Revolver a meaningful glance “I’m gonna go talk to him,” Screaming Revolver said, picking up on her messages “I’ll see you later.”
“There’s so much drama here,” Lady Madness giggled as Screaming Revolver left the room “That’s my favourite thing about you guys, nothing ever happened over at BLI but loads of things happen here!”
Colourful Shadow walked in and looked Fun Ghoul in the eye “I forgive you for being such an ass. But don’t bring up the conversation again. Got it?”
For once, Fun Ghoul had the knowledge to shut his mouth and just nod. Colourful Shadow took her seat and carried on talking as if nothing had happened.
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