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Jack the Ripper

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Crash into my arms, I want you...

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First of the Gang to Die
Jack the Ripper

The antibiotics did work.

In ways.

Some days were good; others weren’t. While parts of Frank did improve, such as his lungs and his rib cage, the sensitivity being wiped away by shots-twice daily, into his main vein which stood prominent in his forearm-but other organs began to suffer from the disease as it slowly attacked his immune system, his CNS. His brain began to become more defunct, parts of his memory lapsed. He hardly ever slept-if he didn’t hear it during the night then Gerard would see it in the morning; the bloodshot eyes, the sallow skin, the constant stifling of yawns. But the coughing was getting better, and the blood was minimal. He was still weak as fuck, and in a lot of pain, and his emotions were in agony-but Way was with him. It made a lot of difference.

There was one problem with the foreseen insomnia-the boy would get restless, restless and wanting and consumed by lust, tearing and pulling at his husband during the night, and, being perfectly honest, Gerard found it hard to refuse. He knew it was horrible and selfish and disgustingly poor as someone who was meant to look after him, but when he was just so cute and innocent and so fucking edible, just sitting up on him, teasing him, mewling his name...

But he wouldn’t give in. Never. He was so stubbornly opposed to hurting him, so fixated on making sure he was okay that sex would not even go beyond kissing, reassuring the boy that anything they did was safe and free from harm, even if that meant being abstinent for a few weeks.

But Frank was not satisfied with this. Things were about to change.

It was a Friday evening, just after eleven, and Gerard was ascending the stairs to the bedroom, back aching from a hard day’s work, killing and torturing and shooting, and in one case, gouging. There was blood on his arms, his neck, his shirt-he just wanted to jump in the bath and then sleep for three days.

The light was off in the room, and so he left it off, presuming the other was asleep until he heard quiet, content humming from the en suite. He pushed the door open and saw his lover relaxing happily in the bath, eyes fluttered shut and purring like a cat, small tugs at the corners of his soft, parted lips. He displayed his perfect vision and saw Gerard.

“Hello,” he said in a hushed voice, grinning fully when the older came over to sit by his side. His mouth was captured by the others for several seconds before being withdrawn and the gangster rested his arms on the ledge, smirking crookedly in the way that made Frank’s stomach twist with desire. However, he wrinkled his nose at the metallic, thick scent wafting from the boss. “You stink.”

“Thanks ever so much,” Gerard replied, splashing him with water, urging retaliation from his husband. “Someone just blew up in front of me and now their insides are all over me.”

The younger looked incredulous.

“Are you kidding me? He exploded?”

“Uh huh,” he answered, letting his eyes slide shut and his head rest against the shoulder of the other. “Just like...” he lifted up his hand and spread his fingers-“ boom or somethin.” His vagueness and bare vocabulary amused Frank, making him croon and giggle. “Whatta you laughin at?”

“You’re doing that thing again.”

“What?” He laughed harder-it was making his lungs tight, but, fuck, he couldn’t stop. “Gettin exploded on?”

“No-the-“he was rolling around in the bath, clinging to his stomach like it was gonna fall out or something. “The thing where you just put like eight a’s in a word or something, like-“


He shrieked with laughter and nearly drowned, gasping and spluttering and cackling away to himself, looking genuinely crazy. Gerard just chuckled a little, raising his eyebrows.

“Did you...ah...did someone sneak somethin in your food today?” Todaaaaaay-it triggered more convulsions of giggling, of cavorting, of chortling. “Like...drink? Or maybe somethin a little stronger, like E, Frank?”

“FRAAAAAANK!” He screeched his own name, in a parody of how it had just been said. “HAHAHAHAHA-“

“You’re actually startin to scare me now, babe-“

“And you talk out of the side of your mouth,” he continued to gasp between breaths, but Gerard was happy that it was out of enjoyment rather than inability to get oxygen into his lungs. “And you do that thing Bob does-you don’t say the ‘g’ at the end of words.” He giggled for the ninetieth time and tucked one black strand of hair behind Gerard’s ear. “I love it.”

“You do, do ya?” He returned.

“Mmmhmm,” he hummed happily, before sniffing him again. “Are you having a bath soon?”

“When you’re done,” he mumbled, almost falling asleep. “ tired.”

“Poor Gee,” Frank whispered, hugging him around the neck, before grinning wickedly. “You could get in the bath with me, if you want.”

The gangster laughed quietly.

“I’d squish you,” he said, “otherwise I’d be in there with you already.” He looked up at him again. “Your pretty ass clean yet?”

“Yeah. Will you hand me that towel, please?”

Gerard raised an eyebrow and picked up the black cloth Frank had indicated. He then threw it out the nearby window.

“What the fu-“

“Why do you need a towel?” Gerard purred softly. “We are married.”

“Well...”the pink rose in his cheeks for the first time in days. Probably since the diagnosis. “Y’know...”

“No,” he replied, leaning in to pull on the lip piercing, the boy mewling quietly into his mouth, “I don’t know. You wanna explain it to me?”

He wasn’t guilt-tripping the boy; just teasing him a little bit. The niggling in the back of his mind told him to stop, was flashing the red lights, that he’d get carried away. But God, it just felt so good...

“Um...I just...” Gerard opened his mouth wider, letting his tongue slide in to explore the other. “Oh...Gee...”

The gangster slipped his hand down the curve of Frank’s ass, finally digging his nails into one pert, round cheek and squeezing with his whole hand, the warm water swilling around him, red crust from the dried blood seeping into the liquid. Then, without even noticing, he spread one of the cheeks to nudge the boy’s entrance with his index finger. Frank gave an involuntary jolt and bucked against the ceramic.

“Ung...Gerard...what are you...”he arched his back and moaned, making Way hotter and more crazed. “Oh...don’t stop...”

“Tough shit, baby, I gotta,” he replied gruffly, taking his hand back and pulling his lips away. Frank pouted and frowned, crossing his arms. “C’mon, c’mon, I’ll molest you a little more later, I promise, but I really do smell like a rat’s ass right now so if you would...”

Iero stepped out of the bath, trying desperately not to make eye contact with the grinning Gerard, who stood up and trapped him in his arms.

“What are you smiling at?” Frank tried to snap, but ended up just sounding like he was going to laugh.

Gerard pressed himself up against his naked lover and bit down on his ear lobe, working his nails into the skin again, feeling himself swell.

“Fuck, such a nice body,” he breathed hotly, and Frank cautiously licked his jaw line, “I could just fuck you right here, right now.”

“Why don’t you?” Iero questioned a little cheekily, and he was then released by the other, who was chuckling as he undressed.

“Nice try, sugar. Now amscray before you die by inhaling anymore of my scent.”

Frank left the room, feeling a little light-headed, but none the less pleased by the events. He knew he was slowly breaking Gerard down, making him want him so desperately. He was feeling so much better today, although there was a dull aching pain at the back of his head, and he knew that it was the result of so much action in the last half hour.

This is actually true; I did science for a few years, as well as generally being unhealthy myself

The flirting and minor romance had released endorphins so quickly into his system that he needed sugar, and fast. He spotted some random Oreo cookies on the dresser and made his way over.

“Oh Gerard, I love you,” he said as he split the biscuits and licked them, then crunching them down with his teeth. He decided to leave a few; eating too much at one time would clog up his abdominal cavity from trying to swallow too much at one time. He pulled up his boxers and then faced himself in the mirror. He couldn’t be bothered drying or even brushing his hair, since he wouldn’t be able to sleep. Besides, he was aware that his other half liked his tufts messy and knotted.

He threw himself onto the bed, wrapping up in the sheets, rolling around like he used to do when he was a kid, then lying on his back, purring again quietly, also briefly conscious that he was throbbing down south. He didn’t mind-it was only a semi, and he doubted it would bother Gerard.

He was so absorbed in his bliss that he didn’t hear the door open, or his lover step into the room, smirking again at the sight of his rabbit at ease and aroused on their bed, seeing his chest rise and fall with his breathing, which was steady and even tonight. Way smiled broadly and sat next to him.

“Enjoying ourselves, are we?” His smirk grew wider and broke into laughter. “You’re feeling better today.”

“Mmm,” he responded, and Gerard leaned down to plant a kiss on his mouth. “Oh Gee...I want you.”

“You want me?” He purred into his ear, hand reaching down to rest on his erection. “What do you want me to do?”

STOP IT, his conscience screamed at him. STOP IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

“Oh,” Frank mewled quietly as more pressure was applied to his nether regions. “I want you to be inside me...want you to fuh-fuck me...”

Tell him NO, Gerard was told. Tell him that you’re not going to do that and get off the goddamn bed. You’ll hurt him.

Gerard knelt over him, one knee on either side of the boy’s waist, pressing their noses together.

“You know what noise a rabbit makes?” He asked his own, running his hand up his husband’s thigh, up past his boxers and loving to see Frank writhe with pleasure. “You know what sound they make, baby?”

“,” he replied breathily, pushing out his bottom lip. “Tell me.”

“They’re mute,” he growled, dragging out the voluptuous lower. “They act all soft...and innocent...and shy...until they engage in sexual activities, in which they...squeak.” He flicked his eyes open, though only one saw. “I wanna hear you squeak, bunny rabbit. I wanna hear you squeak and I’m gonna be the one to make you.”

Stop it now, the low voice ordered. Stop it before the dirty talk gets out of hand.

“You’re gonna make me squeak?” He lisped, his throbbing member aching, full and flushed. He let his hand drift up and tug gently at Gerard’s hair. “How are you gonna do that, Gee?”

He was gasping with the need to feel skin on skin, with the desire, with lust. The man straddling him was just so gorgeous, so breath takingly beautiful, and the want for him was overpowering, was almost painful for Frank to wait.

“I just wanna make you feel good, okay, baby?” He kissed the boy and tugged at his tongue. “I’m not gonna hurt you, and if it’s painful just tell me and we’ll stop. I want to make this enjoyable for you.” Their lips suckled together and wet, slurping noises emerged from them. “Just say the word and we don’t have to do it.”

Iero let out a little whine and his eyes fluttered shut.

“You’d do...whatever I wanted” He was engrossed in his own lust; it was magnificent to watch. “Remember?”

“Yeah,” Gerard groaned as their erections pressed together. “What about it, sugar?”

“Will you...” he bit on his lip. Hard. “Will rough...with me?”

He was too taken in by desire to care how disgusting and degrading it sounded-how embarrassing it was to let it out in the open. Gerard was knocked back to his senses.


“Frankie,” he said softly, cupping his cheek, “I can’t do that. I could never do that to you.”

“But you wouldn’t be hurting me,” he replied quietly, “I’d like it. I like you being in control.”

“Being in control and being rough are two different things,” he let down. “I’d feel like I was hurting you, honey. I could never live with myself if I did something like that.” He shook his head and trailed kisses along his forehead. “You know that.”

“What if I asked you to do it?” He smiled a little-he couldn’t say no now. “That would make it different.”

“What if I hurt you, or didn’t hear when you beg me to stop?” The smile disintegrated. “That would make it rape.” He frowned a little and stroked his hair. “I’m sorry, darling, but I’m a lot bigger and a lot stronger than you are. If I got out of control you’d get really hurt.”

The younger snivelled weakly and tried to plead with his eyes. It didn’t work.

“You said you’d do anything,” he all but cried, and Way’s heart tugged as he got upset. “Please, Gee? Just once?”

“Ah baby please, please don’t do that to me,” he groaned, “you’re my little rabbit, I can’t hurt you.”

“But I want to squeak for you,” he whimpered, and Gerard was torn, “don’t you want me?” The pout was back. “Aren’t I good enough, Gee?”

“Of course you are,” he cooed, sitting up and hugging him. “Of course I want you, of course of course of course. I don’t want anyone else, I just want you, I want to make love to you so badly, but I can’t hurt you. I will not be the one giving you any more bruises-I am not like James, bunny rabbit. I’m not going to be rough on you, sweetie, I’d lose control of myself. I’m sorry.”

The boy nodded and snuffled to himself, wiping his eyes.

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” he whispered, looking shattered and ashamed. “I’m such a slut.”

“No, you’re not that word,” Gerard said sternly, before sighing. “I’m just over-protective and don’t want you to get injured.” This was hurting him as well-he did want Frank so badly. “Look, sugar-I’ll have sex with you but I won’t do that. I’ll treat your wounds, heal your wounds, bind your wounds, bandage your wounds-but I will never inflict your wounds.” He brushed some hair back from his face. “You understand that? I ain’t some douchebag rapist who wants to fuck you up.” The Jersey twang had made its return. He cleared his throat. “I love you, baby, I’m doing this because I love you.”

“Okay.” He nodded and wriggled in Gerard’s lap. “Will you do what you did before?”

“If you want me to, I will,” he purred back, and the sexiness had instantly returned to the room, the atmosphere was seductive and thick. “Do you want me to?”

“Yes,” Frank rasped back, “and then will you...”

“Will I what?”

“You know...”he looked down. “Fuh-fuck me...”

“All in due course, my sweet,” he replied, before turning off the bedside lamp and returning to him, even though Frank couldn’t see him, just the shadow and curve of his face, the smirk, the glinting, green eye.

He was propped up onto Gerard’s thighs and his boxers yanked down suddenly, his hands flying to the only thing within reach, what he suspected to be his husband’s chest. A chuckle, loud and clear, rang in his ear.

Way slid his hand down the boy’s back, smoothing over every crevasse and curve, Frank shivering every so often, arching into his touch. He pressed firmly into sensitive spots that made his lover gasp and struggle in his arms, his stronghold that held the younger in captivity. He finally made his way to his ass, pausing at his entrance and leaning against his forehead.

“Tell me to stop if it hurts,” he said fairly but firmly. “Or if your chest feels tight. Push and scream and holler, ‘kay, babe?”

Did you hear anything I just fucking said? No, Gerard, don't do this-

Frank nodded vigorously and bounced lightly to show he was ready for the foreplay.

Gerard pushed his first finger in rather easily, though once he reached the band of muscle that was hugging his index tightly, he figured he would have to dig a little deeper, with a little more force. Iero was already mewling, rocking his hips and scratching at the others back.

“That feel good?” The gangster drawled in the pink shell, his warm breath only making Frank more flushed, more aroused, more frenzied. “You like that, sugar?”

“Uhhhh,” the smaller responded intelligently, not even hearing as his significant other began to scissor his fingers in and out, and the second was starting to stroke at his walls. “Ohh, Gee, please-“

Way grinned in the dark as he pushed a small button inside of his husband and this had a glorious impact on him. He groaned loudly and grinded his hips into Gerard’s, hot pre cum leaking from him and dripping down the Mafioso’s stomach.

“Oh, you like that, do you?” The whinge spoke clearly for him. “Mmm, you’re so tight, bunny rabbit, so gorgeous and just so perfect." He brushed against the spot again, and Frank jolted. “You’re not hurting, are you, sugar pop?”

“Oh,” he murmured. “It feels so...good...oh...right there...”

“Frankie, listen to me,” he growled, “are you feeling alright?”

“Better than alright,” he breathed, shuddering from the sensation. “Mmm, Gee, I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetheart,” he assured huskily, wriggling in his right index finger due to the lack of ring finger on his left hand. Iero moaned loudly and clung to the shoulders of the perpetrator. “I love you so much...”

Frank’s stomach was twisting and retching with the strange experience, and he bucked and revolved his hips, come streaming from him, thin strips of thick white string. His moaning and gasping made Gerard feel like he had done his job well.

Way smiled a little vindictively when he heard a high-pitched, thin whinge in his ear; the squeaking. He was proud of himself.

“What’s my name, sweetheart?” He whispered into his ear, urging a deep groan from the other as he still worked and wriggled his fingers inside him. “Say my name.”

“Ger-ard,” he panted back, heaving with lust, with the heavy heat.

“Can’t hear you, sugar,” he replied, biting down on his ear. “Louder.”

You prick,teasing and torturing him like this...

He rubbed the spot two of his fingers, running them back and forth over and over again, relishing in the noises he was hearing. Wanting to hear his own Christian name screeched to the heavens was now occupying his thoughts. He was no longer even registering the nagging in the back of his head.

“GERARD!” He screamed, his fingers nearly ripping out chunks of Way’s hair, his orgasm rippling through his entire body.”GERAAAAARD ARTHUR WAAAAAY!”

The other laughed and the boy came all at once, spraying the hot liquid everywhere, gasping and sucking in huge gulps of air. His fringe stuck to his forehead, sticky and wet.

“Mmm, that’s right,” the gangster approved, still hungry for more, but pulling up the boy’s boxers. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

“It was amazing,” he confirmed, still a little dazed, clinging to Gerard. “So good.”

“My my,” the older pretended to tut, nibbling at his neck. “I thought you were such an innocent boy. And now look at you...all flushed and moaning over lude sexual acts. Things certainly have changed, haven’t they?”

Frank’s hands were suddenly bound out of nowhere, and he had to wonder exactly what Gerard Way was made of, or if he had a belt of necessary weapons constantly in his reach. All he was sure about was that he was now in the hands of his lover, who he thought was starting to bring out his sinister, darker side in the bedroom.

“I’m still innocent,” he managed to pant. “You’re”

“I know I’m mind blowing, honey, no need to remind me,” he purred, tweaking and teasing Frank’s nipples, earning hot, breathy moans for his doings. He rolled them between his fingers, waiting until they were hard, pointed, red cruxes, before trailing his lips down his chest and taking one in his mouth, suckling the nub between his teeth.

“Ohhh,” he heard from above him, making him smile widely, and he began to tongue the flesh, lapping at it gently with the muscle in his mouth. “Oh God...”

“Mmm, babe,” Gerard moaned, letting his hand drape gently around the boy’s wrists so he wouldn’t struggle or be able to relieve himself of the lust. “You taste so good, Frankie...”

“Gerarrrrrrd,” he whinged, tone thin and impatient as he rocked, “I want...ugh, oh Jesus-“

“What do you want, sugar?”He drawled. “What do you want?”

“I don’t want to say it...” he groaned, “it’s sick.”

“It’s dirty?” He pulled himself back up and dragged his bottom lip out, the boy whimpering from the pain down south. “C’mon, sweetheart, I just want to fuck you so badly,” he assured, “we’re almost there now.”

Oh, we are, are we? Great, Gerard. Just fucking great.

“I wanna...” his brow furrowed as he screwed his eyes shut tightly. “I need to touch...ah...myself...hurts...ugh...just-“

“I can assist you with that,” he murmured, rubbing and squeezing Frank’s package until his semi was blown up to a throbbing, full erection, the boy panting and crying out in agony. “Does that feel better?”

“Oh God,” he rasped, bucking into his hand. “Please, Gee, do it now, do it now, I can’t stand it.”

“Can’t stand what?” Gerard asked innocently, shrugging.

“Aaaaargh,” Iero moaned loudly. “Jesus Christ, Gerard, please, just come inside me. I need you...I want you...please just fuck me. Hard.”

“You want me to fuck you really hard? How hard?”

It was enjoyable seeing him squirm and inhale quickly, and Way knew it couldn’t last much longer.

“Oh...I don’t know, I don’t care-“

Gerard smirked and pushed him onto the bed, flipping him over so that he could gain access to his ass, stripping himself of his clothes and then yanking down the boxers once more. He grinned and-

I think I should just let you know-

Oh sorry, is this a bad time? Oh well, I was just going to say sorry in advance because in about ten seconds you’re going to hate me.

That’s it. Scroll down. That’s right. This is where the chapter finishes.

Hahahahaha you all hate me now, you perverts were looking forward to the sex weren’t you?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying this.

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