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You're never gonna fit in much kid.

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Frank finds help.

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Franks POV

I woke up cold and naked. I was aching all over. I opened my eyes and looked around the familiar bedroom.  Sam had gone to work. Good. Peace for once. I forced myself to sit up, ignoring the excruciating pain it brought. I slid off the bed, pulling open the drawers. I need to pack. I can't stay here. It hurts too much. I grabbed my mobile and called Gerard. It went straight to voicemail. 
"Fuck! Gerard please!" 
I begged. He'd switched his phone off! I felt so empty. Gerard hates me. I hadn't meant to lash out at him! I just lost it. And now I've lost him. I flicked through my contacts. I needed someone to help me. I need someone to look after me. LynZ! I stopped at her name and pressed the call button. Beep beep. Beep beep. Fuck she wasnt going to pick up, was she? She hated me too! Gerard ha-
My heart skipped a beat as I heard her voice. 
My voice wavered as the tears started to build. She picked up on the fact I was going to cry. 
"Oh Frank! Whats wrong honey?"
"I... Me and S-Sam..."
I choked his name out. Even saying it made me shake with fear. 
"We had a... A argument."
I felt terrible for lying. 
"Oh! Bless your little cotton socks!"
She cooed. God, she was patronising. 
"Do you need a break from him? You are always welcome to stay here!"
I relaxed a little. At least I didn't need to ask to stay. But Gerard... He'd kick me out? He hates me now. 
"Of course! You're always welcome!"
I could tell she was grinning. I even smiled a little.  
"Thank you LynZ."
"No problem!"
"See you later!"
I hung up. That went surprisingly well. I started to pack. Pants, jeans, socks, shirts, hoodies - they'd be needed a lot to help cover my hideous body- and all over crap I would need. I got myself dressed into my old 'Homophobia is gay' tee and a scruffy Green Day hoodie as well as black skinny jeans and a green and black studded belt. I didn't bother putting make up on, I just shoved it into my suitcase. I went into the bathroom. What would I need here? I grabbed my pink -yeah, it's pink... I know. It's 'gay'- bathroom bag and zipped it open. Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair gel, razor, razorblades. I picked up the sharp blade and stared at it. Did I need it? No. I needed to stop. Did I want it? Hell yes. I dropped it in the bag, zipping it back up and putting it in the suitcase. That'd do. I zipped the case up, and left the house. I didn't want to look back. 
I got to the Way household in under twenty minutes. I stood on the doorstep nervously. What if Gerard answers and shouts at me? I knocked lightly on the door. To my relief, LynZ answered the door with a big smile on her face that warmed my insides. 
"Come in sweetheart. I set up the spare room for you."
She said. I went inside, pulling my suitcase in with me. 
"Uncwel Frankieee!"
I heard Bandit cry in delight. He kneeled down so is was closer to her level. 
"Hey B!" 
I adored Bandit. She was just too cute! And she was the closest I had to Cherry and Lily. I know she isn't related to me at all, but I love her as if she was. I hugged the young girl, being careful of my bruises. 
"What the fuck are you doing here?"
Gerards voice was thick with anger. I cowered into Bandit a little. LynZ frowned at her husband. 
"Gerard! Language! Bandit doesn't need to hear it. I invited Frank to stay for a while."
She said calmly. I rose to my feet. I could just see the ugly purple bruise I'd inflicted on his jaw. It looked worse against his pale skin. Gerards jaw tightened.
"A word LynZ? In privet."
He said coldly, going into his room. LynZ turned to me. 
"You go make yourself at home Frankie."
She told me before scurrying off to the bedroom and shutting the door behind her. I wasn't sure I should stay. Gerard hated me. I should let Sam hurt me. Maybe Sam was helping me? How, I wasn't sure.   He'd made me realise how worthless I am. I wasn't sure if that was good or not. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts I hadn't noticed Bandit was tugging on the leg of my jeans to get my attention. 
"Yes princess?" 
I smiled, picking her up in my arms and pulling my suitcase into the room I was staying in. I put Bandit on the bed, kissing her cheek. I wonder what Gerard and LynZ were saying. It wouldn't hurt to listen in a bit, right? I snuck over to their door. 
"Him and Sam are arguing! It's the least I could do for him!"
"I don't fucking care LynZ! That his problem, not ours!"
"Gerard! Stop being such a knob! He is your friend! Fucking treat him like it!"
"He's not my friend!"
"Don't be a dick Gee. You know you care about him! He punched you in the face for a reason. A reason you haven't even thought about considering!"
I didn't like them arguing over me. I felt as if they were going to break up and it'd be all my fault. 
"I don't care!"
"You don't care about anyone but yourself!"
I burst into the room, nearly in tears. 
"Please don't argue because of me! I'll leave. Okay? I'll go."
 I told them. They both stared at me which unnerved me a little. I went and collected my bag quickly before they could speak. LynZ chased after me. 
"Frank please don't leave? Gerard is being... Well. An asshole. You two need to talk so I'll pop out, get some chocolate cake or something for you and you two can talk. Ok?"
I didn't get the chance to protest as she grabbed her bag and keys and left without another word. 

Gerards POV

I wasn't sure what to do about Frank. LynZ wasn't giving up. I'd just ignore him I guess. I picked up my daughter and tickled her. Frank was just standing there, looking at his battered Doc Martins. 
"You ought to go unpack."
I told him. He looked at me in shock. LynZ was right. I did care about him. He was my best mate. He was my Frankie. Always has been and always will be. 

Franks POV

We had lasagne for tea - mine being vegetarian, of course. It was horribly silent at the table. I sat opposite Gerard, who was sitting in between LynZ and Bandit. No one made conversation. I stared at the sloppy lasagne on my plate. I cut it into little pieces, wanting to eat the tiniest piece possible. I put the food in my mouth, chewing it then swallowing it. It tasted nice. I waited a few minutes, checking it was going to stay down. It felt okay. So I continued eating happily. About half way through it dawned on me. I leaped up, running to the bathroom and vomiting in the toilet. 

Gerards POV

I listened to Frank in the bathroom and winced. That was disgusting. It put me off my dinner without a doubt. I left the table and went into my bedroom. I wasn't sure what to do about Frank. Yes I cared for him. No I wasn't too fond of him after punching me. I decided on and early night. I needed to think things through after all. 
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