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I get so weak...

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Gerard's grumpy and Frank's desperate.

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Frank and Sam- the events of that night.

Frank scrambled up the stairs. Sam had changed. He was in a bitter mood. 
"I'd fuck that little friend of yours."
He smirked. Frank cringed. That was never a good thing to hear. 
"Uh.. W-what friend? You mean Gerard?"
Frank asked nervously. Sam nodded and stared at the Kerrang! Top 50 on the tv, shaking the now empty beer can. My Chemical Romance- Sing, was playing on the tv. Number 27, Frank made a mental note to tell the boys. 
"You look really fat in this video, Frank."
Sam grimaced. Frank just bit his nail, ripping off the skin and making it bleed. 
"You are lucky to have me Frank... No one would want you otherwise. You're fat and ugly. No one likes people like you."
Sam sneered. Frank blinked back the tears that threatened to overflow. 
"What're you?!"
Sams voice was angry now, making Frank flinched. He didn't like it when Sam was angry. 
"I.. I'm f-fat. And u-ugly."
Frank managed to say in a mere whispered. 
"I can't hear you Frank! Speak up!"
Sam snapped. Frank started to shake. 
"I-I'm fat and u-ugly."
Frank repeated, louder this time. His voice shook with fear. Sam gave a satisfactory smile. 
"Now... Go get me another beer."
He demanded. Frank nodded and got to his feet, walking into the kitchen. He opened the fridge. It was filled with alcohol. He winced and got Sam a beer, shutting the fridge and going back to him. Sam snatched it off of him. 
"Get out of my sight."
Sam snapped. Frank didn't waste anytime. He ran straight up the stairs. He went into the bedroom. He needed to leave. Sam was getting drunk and that meant he would get angry. Frank definitely didn't like it when Sam was either of those things, let alone both. He found his mobile in his suitcase. He flicked through his contacts desperately. He stopped at Gerards name, pressing the call button. Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. Frank whimpered. He wasn't answering?! 
"Hey, it's Gerard! I Uh.. Guess I can't pick up right now. So like… Leave a voicemail mother fuckers and I'll get back to you!"
Gerards awkward voicemail was usually cute and relaxing. But it wasn't this time. He needed him to pick up. Frank rung him again. No answer. He panicked and rung him again and again and again. No answer. 
"What do you think you're doing?!" 
Sam slurred, his voice tainted with anger. Frank jumped in fright and spun around, hiding his phone behind his back. 
He squeaked. Sam glared at him. 
"Fucking liar!" 
He hissed. He grabbed Franks wrist, yanking him towards him. Frank whimpered and dropped his phone. Sam picked it up. 
"Who were you fucking calling?!"
He asked, his voice laced with venom. Frank looked at his feet. 
"N-no one."
He lied. Sam grabbed Franks hair and yanked his head back, slamming him against the wall. Frank let out a strangled yelp of pain. 
"Don't fucking lie to me Frank. You know I don't like liars."
He snarled. Frank could smell the alcohol that stained his breath. He was terrified. 
"I-I was c-calling G-Gerard."
He managed to say. He felt the hard slap to his cheek but he wasn't released.  His eyes blurred with tears as his cheek stung. He was slapped another few times. He tried pushing Sam off but he got his head smashed against the wall instead. 
"Don't touch me you freak."
Sam hissed. He released Frank and smirked. 
"You are weak. Pathetic.  You are worthless. Gerard doesn't want anything to do with you does he? Ha! Don't blame him! Look at you. You're fucking ugly. And fat. Look at yourself Frank."
He sneered. Frank did look down at himself. Was he fat? Well no, of course he wasn't but he didn't see it that way. 
"Look at all that fat."
Sam sneered, punching him in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain. That was going to leave a nasty mark. Frank felt sick. He knew this was just the beginning. He had worse to go through yet. He felt himself being shoved into the chest of drawers, the pointed edge jabbing    violently into his ribs. He let out a half scream from the overwhelming pain. Sam booted him in the ribs a few times. 
"Shut up you little rat."
He hissed. Frank could hardly breathe. His cries came out in strangled sobs. 
"P-please s-s-stop."
He begged. Sam laughed. It was flat and unenthusiastic. He was so bitter and twisted. But he scared the shit out of Frank. And that's all Sam needed. Power and authority. Frank managed to get himself to his feet. Sam didn't take long to get undressed and throw him on the bed. Frank closed his eyes and allowed himself to be stripped naked and violated. He didn't dare protest. He just had to wait till it's over.

Gerards POV

I continued to thrust into LynZ, speeding up a little. I could here my mobile going off in the other room. After another five minutes of thrusts and moans we reached our climaxes. I rolled beside her, panting.
"Oh Gee... That was perfect."
LynZ panted. I grumbled a 'yes' in response.  
"Muuma! Daada!"
The familiar wail of my daughter was like music to my ears. Why hadn't she cried earlier?! Preferably before LynZ dragged me into bed.  I got up, removing the condom and dropping it into the bin beside the bed. I pulled on my boxers and half ran to my daughters room. Bandits face lit up with delight as she face her father for the first time in months. 
She giggled. I scooped her up in her arms and kissed her cheek. 
"Hello beautiful. Did you miss me?"
I asked, popping her down on the living room floor and giving her a few toys. Bandit nodded in response. I grabbed my mobile from the side. 
6 missed calls from Frankie x
I huffed in annoyance. What the hell did he want? I turned off my mobile. Fuck him. 
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