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Vampires Will Never Hurt You

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Something weird is happening on he road and its left to mickey to find out what and if so put a stop to it

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We wrote the song becaase we loved the horror movies they were in, and we loved them. They way they tricked you into thinking they're good, but then when you get just close enough, they drain the life out of you. the way they rip out your neck with their razor sharp white teeth. As far as we were concerened vampires made good writting material. Buut after what happened, i think ive changed my mind about that, if it wasn't for vampires, i wouldn't of had to kill my best freinds, and my brother, or any of the people i love. In my eyes, vampires ruined everything! and i would never forgive them for they made me do.

chapter one: The Motel
we'd just finnished or set, in the last venue on the tour and we'd decided we would stay in a hotel for this night, the first on we could find, that was the deal. we were all sat around the bus doing our own thing, Gerard was drawing, Ray was jamming on his acoustic with Frank, Bob was listening to his i-pod and drumming his fingers on his lap and i was lying in my bunk.
"Hey theres one," Frank said pointing out the window. There was a motel. an old one, but not to rundown. I grabbed my bags and stepped out of the bus into the rain.
"Dude," Bod said. "we arent seriously going to stay here are we?"
"Why not?" Ray asked pulling his hood over his afro.
"dude are you looking at this place, it looks like something out of a Stephen King book,"
"What's the matter Bob? You scared?" Frank tanted as he started walking towards the motel.
"Speak for yourself shortie"
"It does look a bit dodgy though" i said, following the rest of them, and slinging my bag of my shoulder.
"The rule was the first place we saw mikey, and this was the first one Frank saw, so we're staying here" Gerard said.
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