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things starting to get weird

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gerard as acting funny.Aside from the usual silence and drawing and normal stuff, he was eating loads,like he had the munchies or something so i asked.
"Gee, are you on something?"
"what do you mean?" he asked as he put a pitatoe chip in his mouth.
"well, its like yove got the munchies man," said Frank. "so maybe mikey just wants to know if your on drugs agian?"
"Im not on drugs," he said sitting down.
"well than try and no eat anything fro ten minutes please at the rate your going we wont have any food left in the morning."

The ten minutes didnt last. he laste about 2 and then freaked out.
"Ive gotta eat something man," he got p and moved toward the minie fridge and started making a sandwich. "im so hungry" then after eating the sandwhich he took and energy drink out of the fridge and downed it. "but its weird, its like someones put a red hot poker down my neck, and im thirsty aswell," his brown furrowed.
"weird," Frank said. Then i noticed something.
"Gee, have you noticed everything youve eaten and drank is either red, or something red in it," i pointed to the red energy drink and the red salami hanging out of his sandwich.
"or partly liquid," ray said. looking up from his nintendo. "you forgot the ten ice lollies."
"hey, i was reading a book the other day.." bob began.
"You were reading a book?" frank giggled.
"shutup shortie," Frank shut up. "anyway, his girl was turning into a vampire and she was doing exactly what your doing," we were all silent.


"mikey!mikey!wake up!" Frank shook me. i tuurned over and said eyes still half shut.
"what frank"
"Gerards gone"
"what?" i sat up rbbing my head. frank moved aside, gerard's bed was empty.
"Gerards gone." i got out of my bed and plled my jeans and tee shirt on. "bob and ray ahve just gone to ask he women at the front if she saw him and the crew guys are looking for him."

we did find him. in a feild by the free way. holding a dead bunny. blood on his face and hands. he was trembling all over.
"dude." he said looking p at me a frank. "there's something wrong with me."
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