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It's Party Time!

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Yuna, Rikku, Paine, and Tidus get pulled through a vortex and end up on the hellmouth where all hell breaks loose First in The Final Fantasy: Sunnydale 'verse

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Final Fantasy: Sunnydale

By: Robin E. Birmingham

Summary: Yuna, Rikku, Paine, and Tidus get pulled through a vortex and
end up on the hellmouth where all hell breaks loose.

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 and all related
characters are the property of Square Enix. Buffy:the Vampire Slayer and
all related characters are the property of Mutant Enemy and Fox
Television. No money is being made from this story or from any of its

It was an exciting time for High Summoner Yuna, twice the hero of Spira,
having defeated Sin alongside her friends and Guardians, and then two
years later she defeats the Colossus alongside her friends the
Gullwings. Upon returning home to Besaid, she reunites with Tidus, one
of her former guardians and the man that she fell in love with during
her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. The celebration of defeat of Vegnagun, and
the return of Yuna to Besaid Village was in full swing, and everyone was
completely enjoying themselves. But after a little while, Yuna and Tidus
decide to take a walk on the beach to get away from the party for a
little while. Walking along the beach, Yuna tells Tidus about how
Brother was crushing on her during her time with the Gullwings.

“It was kind of funny, but it was also kind of sad,” Yuna tells Tidus as
they slowly stroll along the beach.

Not knowing what to say, Tidus suddenly bursts out laughing. Yuna, not
knowing what Tidus is laughing about gives Tidus a very dark look.

“What are you laughing about buster?” Yuna asks the still laughing Tidus.

Still laughing, Tidus asks her, “Did he even know that he was your
cousin, like Rikku?”

Seeing the humor in the situation, Yuna starts laughing also. When Yuna
starts laughing, Tidus starts laughing even harder.

“I don't even think he even thought about it,”Yuna replies still
laughing, ”but it didn't keep him from crushing on on me.”

“I think he was chasing you because you were unattainable,” Tidus
reasons after calming down some from his current laughing spell.

That statement calmed Yuna down very quickly, and got her to thinking
about how she was so focused on finding Tidus after he disappeared two
years ago when they defeated Sin.

Back at the party, Paine and Rikku notice that the guest of honor and
Tidus were missing. After asking Lulu, Wakka, and the Aurochs if they
had seen Tidus or Yuna, they find out that neither of them were anywhere
to be found. They start searching for the missing couple close the
village, but come up empty handed.

“We can't find them anywhere,” Rikku whines loudly.

“Rikku, they probably went down to the beach to get away from the party
and to have a little bit of privacy.” Paine explains to Rikku.

“Well, let's go find them before they run into some fiends,” Rikku
chirps excitedly.

“Let's not just go rushing down there,“ Paine tells her, “We might be
breaking up a romantic mood for them.”

“Aww, you had to go and ruin my fun.” Rikku pouts dejectedly.

“Rikku”, Paine admonishes her.

Pouting, Rikku follows Paine as they start down the path down to the
beach. Their trip down to the beach wasn't completely uneventful, having
run into several groups of fiends. Upon reaching the beach, instead of
hearing the expected sounds of battle, they hear the distinct sound of
laughing floating along the beach to their location. Looking at Paine,
Rikku grins as she starts down the beach towards the sounds of laughter.

Still laughing over Brother's crush on Yuna, Tidus and Yuna never notice
Paine or Rikku walking along the beach towards them. But before they can
dwell much more on the situation, they hear a distinct voice calling out
to them.

“Hey you two, we were wondering where you had disappeared off to, when
we didn't see you around the village.” Paine tells them.

“Yeah, Yunie,” Rikku chirps, “You really had us worried. You should have
told us you two were going to come down to the beach to take a walk.”

“Wakka and Lulu got kind of worried about you when you disappeared from
the party. You know there's still a lot of fiends between here and and
the village.”

“We knew the dangers when we came down here , but I was protected,” Yuna
explains holding up her right wrist showing Rikku and Paine her charm

“I should have known you would have thought about wearing your charm
bangle.” Paine quips as she glances at Yuna's charm bangle.

Tidus grins at Paine and quips.”Don't worry guys, if any fiends did get
the drop on us, I could take them out myself.”

Not agreeing with Tidus' comments, Yuna gives Tidus a very dirty look.
Seeing Yuna's dirty look, Tidus grins at Yuna and laughs out loud.
Tidus' laugh didn't help his situation, because Yuna started glaring at
him very hard, but Paine and Rikku knew an outburst of Yuna's well known
temper was about to happen.

“Calm down, Yuna,” Paine tells her in an attempt to calm the former
summoner down, “you know he as just bragging. He didn't mean anything by

Calming down a little, Yuna gives her friends a wan smile, but she was
still a little upset from Tidus' comments.

“Sorry Yuna,” Tidus starts to apologize, but before he can finish his
apology, a large vortex opens close to them.

“What's that?” Rikku shouts over the roar of the vortex.

“I don't know Rikku,” Paine shouts

“I don't like the looks of it,” Yuna cries.

“Me, either,” Tidus says agreeing with Yuna.

Before anyone can make a move to get away from the vortex, it seems to
get larger and starts pulling them and everything around them towards it.

The four friends realize the danger, but before they can react, they get
getting pulled towards the vortex. They attempt to grab onto something
to keep from being pulled in. The pull of the vortex grows too strong
for them for Rikku, and she loses her grip on the pole she is holding on
to. She grabs helplessly at other beach items, but is unsuccessful.
Tidus grabs her and attempts to hold on, but he too loses his grip and
is pulled into the vortex. Seconds after Tidus and Rikku enter the
vortex, Yuna and Paine lose their grip and are pulled in also.
Unbeknownst to the four friends, a dark figure smiles as the High
Summoner Yuna and her three friends are pulled into the vortex.

A/N: When I started writing the dialog for this story, I could almost
hear Hedy Burress (Yuna), Tara Strong (Rikku), Gwendoline Yeo (Paine)
and James Arnold Taylor (Tidus). I guess playing the games so much has
burned those voices into my memory.

(7/30/06) I just tweaked the story just a little but no new chapter has
been added. I will try to finish chapter 2 soon. Please hang with me
while I try to beat my muse into working with me again. (hehe)

(3/26/08): I made just a few tweaks here and there. I didn't really
change anything that would make the plot progress any differently than
it did before I changed it.
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