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Yuna, Rikku, Paine, and Tidus get pulled through a vortex and end up on the hellmouth where all hell breaks loose First in The Final Fantasy: Sunnydale 'verse

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Author's Note: For the first little bit, the story sticks to the BTVS episode canon, and then goes AU.

Chapter 2: Potentials

Walking thorough the graveyard, two young girls look around nervously, tightly holding wooden stakes in their hands. Hearing a twig snap nearby, both Rona and Vi turn in the direction that they hear the sound. Suddenly, Spike appears and quickly knocks Rona to the ground. Raising her stake to stake Spike, Vi's arm is blocked and pulled tightly behind her back by Spike. As Spike moves in to bite her, Spike stops and drops his game face. Vi lets out a whimper as he pulls back.

“Okay, these two are dead, why?” Spike asks still holding Vi's arm tightly behind her back.

“'Cause, the black chick always gets it first,” Rona responds sarcastically jumping up from where she had been knocked to the ground by Spike.

“What was that Rona?” Buffy asks her with a disapproving expression on her face.

“I'm dead because he's a vampire. I don't have Slayer strength or Slayer speed. It wasn't a fair fight.” Rona replies.

“Vi? Do you think if I care if it's a fair fight” Spike asks.

“No, No, No sir. You don't play by the rules, and I have learned a very valuable lesson of some sort..” Vi says.

“Okay Spike,” Buffy tells Spike as he pulls Vi's arm tighter behind her back, and gets a painful yelp.

Before she can start explaining about instincts, a giant vortex opens in front of them. Spike and Buffy take up positions in front of the four potentials. Molly, Vi, Rona, and Kennedy just stand there shocked as the vortex seems to grow larger. Before, they can move to get away from the vortex, four individuals drop out of it. The first to appear is a young girl with long blonder hair fixed in very elaborate braids. The next is a young man with wild blonde hair and an unusual outfit. The final two people to come out of the vortex are a young woman with short brown hair and a long braid stretching down to her calves, and a young woman with short spiky white hair and violet eyes.

Standing up and dusting himself off, Tidus looks around and sees six people standing there looking at him and his companions. Helping Yuna, Paine and Rikku get up, they see the Slayer, a Vampire, and four potentials staring at her with different expressions on their faces. But before anyone can say anything, a large group of vampires appear around the mausoleum with hunger clearly written on their faces. They quickly encircle the group of people, hoping that there would be enough for all of them.
Looking at each other, the heroes of Spira take up their fighting positions, while Yuna changes into her songstress dressphere, Paine changes into her black mage dressphere, Rikku changes into her Thief dressphere, but Tidus just pulls out his legendary sword, Caladbolg. The slayer, Spike, and the four potentials are shocked at first until the vampires start attacking. Buffy, and Spike take out two vampires a piece, but before they can take out the rest of the vampires, a few of them get past the Slayer and the ensouled vampire and start moving towards the stunned Potentials. Before the vampires can get very close to the four potentials, they are quickly blinded by Yuna with a Darkness Dance

“Ahhhhh, My eyes!!!”

“I can't see”

Before the vampires can recover from being blinded by Yuna, Tidus and Rikku wade into the mass of vamps and start hacking and slashing left and right taking them out. Paine, however, patiently takes out a portion of the vampires with fire attacks. Soon, the vampires are dust and heroes of Spira are surrounded by clouds of dust. They put away their weapons as soon as they see that the five girls are not a threat, but are still cautious because of Spike.

“Ok, who are you and what the hell was that?”Buffy shouts at Tidus as she points to where the vortex had appeared.

Stepping forward, Yuna looks at the Slayer calmly and responds in her sweet and gentle voice, “What that was, I do not know, but I am High Summoner Yuna, and these are my friends, 'The Gullwings', the cute blonde is my cousin Rikku, the silver haired woman is Paine, and the cute guy is Tidus.”

“Star player of the Zanarkand Abes,” Tidus brags proudly.

“Tidus, they probably don't know anything about blitzball here!”, Rikku chastises Tidus as
she slaps him on the back of his head.

“Hey!, that hurt.” Tidus cries indignantly as he ducks another swat by Rikku.

“You deserve that for being stupid, Tidus,” Yuna tells him grinning evilly at her cousin's antics with her former Guardian.

“What were those things that attacked us?” Paine asks Buffy as she looks around at the cemetery they are standing in.

“They were vampires,” Spike responds, “they attacked us because they thought that we were easy targets.”

“What are vampires?” Yuna asks looking back and forth between Buffy and Spike.

“Vampires are corpses reanimated by a demon, their diet is the blood of humans.” Buffy explains to the four newcomers.

“Got that right, luv,” Spike says grinning evilly at Rikku.

Looking nervously at Spike, Rikku whimpers and edges a little closer to Paine and Tidus trying
to hide behind them. Paine, Tidus, and Yuna edge closer together in front of Rikku with dark looks on their faces.

Buffy sees the look on Spike's face and frowns, and warns him “Spike, they are strangers here, don't start looking at them as if they were food.”

“If he doesn't cut that out he will die a slow and painful death”, Paine tells Spike as she moves toward him with fluidity.

“Oi, that sounds nice, luv” Spike drawls with a grin.

Buffy scowls at Spike and tells him, “Spike, be nice, they're strangers here.”

“Pet, I know they're strangers here, but it doesn't mean that I can't tease them a little?” Spike asks.

“No, Spike, you can't tease them,”Buffy tells Spike with a glare.

“Aw, luv, just let me tease them a little bit.”

“No, Spike, we need to continue patrolling, but with our guests here, we need to get back to the house.”, Buffy tells him.

Gathering up their things, Buffy, Spike, Vi, Rona, Kennedy, and Molly get ready to to return to Buffy's house. Before they get to the Jeep, the First appears with a flash in the form that Yuna, Tidus, and Rikku recognize, Lord Seymour Guado.

A/N: HEHE, don't you hate cliffies
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