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Chapter fourteen

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Sometimes life just wasn’t fair…even the afterlife…

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NOTE Hi I`m sorry for the long wait, I`m really, really sorry. I`ve been super busy and away and a ton of shit has been going on, I hope you can understand. The upcoming chapter will soon become more exciting as a lot of stuff is going to happen. I need your opinion, should there be an unexpected twist to the story? I won`t say what as that would give it away, but should there be to make things more interesting? Please let me know. Hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do

Gerard`s pov.
I timidly crawl in beside him, my heart racing so fast I fear it will break out of my bruised chest. It was very painful at it felt like a knife was stabbing through it with each new, irregular and much too fast beat. I only hoped that Frank didn’t notice.
“Night Frankie,” I mumble, making sure to lie as far away from his warm body as possible. I can see him smile out of the corner of my eye and I can’t help but shyly return it.
“Night Gee.” He closes his eyes and soon settles off into a deep sleep, his smile still on his pretty face. Poor guy must have been exhausted. It was just as well that he was asleep, grateful as I was, I was finding the situation rather…not uncomfortable, but I was on edge, you could say. I knew instantly I would be unable to sleep, what with Franks, small, warm body curled up beside me, sleeping peacefully, completely oblivious to what it was doing to me. I sigh quietly, not wanting to disturb the younger boy, but not sure how much more of this torture I can take.
And it was torture, it really honest to fucking God was. I was gay, I always had been, always would be, and I was seriously finding it really difficult not to…do something. Of course, poor innocent little Frankie wasn’t, he didn’t even know I was. It wasn’t really the kind of conversation you would start with someone you barley knew. Trust me; it was hard enough telling Mikey, let alone anyone else. Though, it wasn’t like I had had many friends to tell.
“Mmmmfff,” Frank sleepily mumbles something and I worry, fearing for a minute that he had woken up, he hadn’t thought. Thank goodness. Maybe I had spoken, or thought too soon…
“Gee….” He whines in his sleep, along with other words I can’t make out. All traces of peace and happiness had long vanished. I frown, what was he dreaming about? I recognised my name, or the nickname I had told him to call me by, but the other mumbled sounds were incomprehensible.
Before my stupid, still clouded over a little bit from the shock of what had happened, brain can register what my body is doing, I gently raise my best arm and start stroking Frank’s beautiful face. My brain is screaming at me to stop, but I don’t. Whether because I can’t or because I don’t want to, I wasn’t sure. Oh who the hell was I kidding?! Of fucking course I didn’t want to! The guy was fucking gorgeous, and so, so unbelievably kind. Ignoring my brain, I carry on; I gently, faintly trace the perfect features of his sleeping face. I smile when I see his frown fade and change back into a slight smile, feeling very pleased that I had managed to help him.
I can’t bring myself to drag my hand away though, and move it slowly upwards and begin gently stroking his slightly ruffled and tangled hair. He had amazing hair, so soft and silky, the black colour it had been dyed made it look so shiny as well. I sigh again, I had always hated my hair, and it never went right whatsoever. It just fell messily and dishevelled, and often matted without me ever doing anything to mess it up. I had always wanted to dye it, maybe a blondey-whiteish colour, just to freak people out and to see what was said. Or maybe even red, I always had loved that colour. I never had though, mother and father didn’t agree with it, plus, I didn’t have the courage to do that.
“Gee,” Frankie, I loved that name, mumbled again and to my horror rolled over onto his side to face me, and to my surprise rested his head on my bruised, bare chest. My breath catches and I freeze, not sure what to do for the best. His hair tickled the sore skin, and I had to try not to laugh. I was mentally cursing myself for not remembering to put my shirt back on, even though I was not looking forward to it as it was drenched in my own blood. I had forgotten though what with Frankie asking questions and finding out that I was dead and all. To be honest it kinda slipped my mind.
Deciding to leave him there sleeping, not seeing how it could harm, I close my eyes, sighing again. How I wanted to entwine my fingers in his silky hair again, to kiss his perfect cheek…but I didn’t, of course. That would be stupid, he would awaken and I would have ruined everything. Just like I always did.
Why can’t you just be normal?
The words echo in my mind, how many people had spoken them, or hissed them at me? How many times? I had lost count. The only thing I had ever wanted in my life was to fit in, I didn’t care about being popular and having millions of friends. I had only ever wanted to be normal, to like girls like I was supposed to, like Mikey, the perfect son, the one they weren`t ashamed of did. All I wanted was to be loved, accepted. It suddenly dawned on me. If my own family didn’t or couldn’t accept me, why would anyone else. How could they?

Mikey`s pov
“What is taking so fucking long!?” I watch with a satisfied smirk as my fist collides with the wall once more, the browny orange eyed girl just rolls her eyes, something I had noticed she seemed to be in the habit if doing a lot.
“I can`t find him. All of my searches are coming up negative and what with all the,” I narrow my eyes at her and she pauses, searching for the right words, not wanting to anger me further. Smart kid.
“What with all the troubles we have had over the past day or two, I personally think that for the time being it would seem more…sensible to continue the search for the other demons who have escaped, and round them up, before seeing to your brother.”
“HE IS NO BROTHER OF MINE!” The hunter frowns but does not say anything. “And we need to find him now and send him to hell where he belongs! He is evil, he is a fucking sinner!”
“Well, it was just my opinion, plus, we need to do something about the other problems.” I groan and sit down, sighing loudly. She was of course referring to the angels that had left their assigned posts recently. Not all of them and not many either, but enough to cause worry, had quit so to speak. Some had flown to earth; others were simply just on…strike I suppose. It was not as worrying about the mass break out of hell, but it was fairly worrying and very tiresome. Satan had been going batshit crazy, cursing all “Us fucking holy bastards” and blaming us, despite the fact that we angels were the only ones trying to find his escaped demons.
No…I sigh, thinking to myself. With a tired wave of my left hand I dismiss the girl, the hunter of evil and close my eyes, the darkness a welcome escape from the stinging brightness of Heaven. Sometimes life just wasn’t fair…even the afterlife…

so, hey again. I know i asked this before, but I really, really need your opinion on there being a really unexpected twist. (seriously, I really don`t think anyone would see it coming, feel free to guess though) thanks.
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