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chapter fifteen

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Nope, Gerard and Mikey`s death was definetly not a double suicide...

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Hey, I really dislike this chapter, I don`t why, but I`m looking forward to the next few. And not to give too much away but there will be a huge twist and there is more to reveal about how they actually died seing as this was only Gerard`s nightmare. (such a happy person ain`t I?) Anyway, I hope that you don`t hate this chapter as muxh as I do, let me know what you think, eh?

Gerard`s pov.
Eventually and much to my surprise, I did actually mange to finally drift off into sleep, but as always, my dreams were not happy. Just like they had been every night since my death, they had been haunted…
There was something there; someone was in the house with us. And it was evil, I knew it was.
“Mikey, get back!” I scream at my younger brother, pleading with my eyes for him to run, to just get away from here, to save himself.
“Aww, look, the fags trying to protect his wittle brother.” One of them, a dirty blonde haired boy, a little older than myself and a hell of a lot stronger, sneers in my face, spitting on my black converse. Ike the rest of my attackers, he was incredibly well built, tall and athletic. I didn’t have a chance, even if I did somehow manage to escape his iron grip. How did they get in here? The doors were locked; I had made sure of that when I had come home from the shithole I called school. Unless…I sigh…mother and father had gone out for the evening, they must have forgotten to lock the door properly, either that of Dean and his gang of thugs that tormented me every day had smashed a window to get in, something I wouldn’t put past them.
“Let me go!” I kick at the nearest boy; he glared at me and aimed a kick at my stomach, winding me.
“Gee!” Mikey calls out, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. Seeing the tears, something that these monsters classed as a fatal weakness, the each laugh and taunt him. I can feel the anger welling up in my battered chest, I clench my fists and elbow the bay holding my arms behind me, causing him to release his hold of me, and I lunge at the bastards stupid enough to hurt my little brother. No matter what they did to me, I wouldn`t care, as long as Mikey was safe, I wouldn’t care.
“You two are gonna die, you know that?”
Blood splatters onto the white carpet, whether it was mine or Mikey`s or theirs, I did not know, or care. If it was theirs, great, if it was mine, I simply didn’t give a shit. I felt no pain anyway-I was too full of rage and hatred for that.
“He`s a fucking psycho!” that stung a little, but I ignore them, aiming kick after kick at any parts of their pathetic little bodies I could reach. I allow myself a brief smile and moment of mental celebration as I see my right, bloodied fist collide with one of their noses, breaking it with a painful sounding crack. But my triumph was short lived, before I knew what the hell was going on, the blonde one, Dean, I think his name was, had hold of Mikey, who was struggling desperately, and failing to get away. With a sickening feeling, I watch as Dean pulls something out of his pocket, a small, but incredibly sharp pocket knife.
“Leave him, It`s me you hate, Mikey has done nothing.” He ignores me, laughing Mikey pleads with him to let him go.
“Say goodbye to your brother, you sick little Fag!” I glare, seeing nothing but a red hazy cloud over my vision, and I scream, an awful, bloodcurdling on as I jump at Dean, who drops Mikey and meets me with a sharp, direct punch to my already sore stomach. I double over in pain, unable to get up. I felt so pathetic, laying there on the floor as the monster loomed over me, grinning down manically, knife held up above his head.
“We don’t like your kind here, Gerard.” He stomps on my leg, and grins even wider as I wince. “And now you will regret the day you were born.” I shake my head, not actually noticing I had done it. Didn`t he know that I already did? More so, I wished I had never been born.
“Kinda funny, ain`t it? You were born here in this house, and now, you are gonna die here.” I had never been more frightened in my life as Dean slowly lowered the knife, but he did not stab me directly, no he was stupid, but not that stupid. The bastard began tracing the lines of my veins with it, holding me down by keeping a foot pressed against my chest, so I was unable to move, every part of me hurt.
Mikey was behind him, trying to get him away, but it only resulted in him being swatted, almost like a fly, away. I watched, it was almost as if the horrific event played out in slow motion. My little brother fell. Dean had pushed him and he had fallen, all the way down the stairs. His little body hits the bottom carpet with a sickening thud. I knew even without looking hat he was gone. The staircases were old, steep and slightly turned in on themselves as it neared the bottom. He was dead. His neck had broken, he was dead.
I no longer wished to live.
Frank`s pov
“Gee, wake up, it’s only a bad dream.” I wake up in a cold sweat, Frank was sitting upright next to me, holding a cool, refreshing glass of water in his outstretched hand.
“Drink, you`ll feel better.” I take the drink, knew that I would not make me feel better, nothing would.
“Frank?” he smiles shyly
“Why did you wake me?”
He looks away. “Well you were obviously having a nightmare-you were kicking and shouting and-“
“I`m sorry.” He shakes his head.
“What have you got to be sorry for, I don’t know what you wren dreaming about but it sounded terrible.” He actually looks concerned about me, for whatever reason I did not know.
“Yeah,” I nod, “it was.”

Mikey`s pov
I hated him, I hated him so fucking much. It was all his fault. His fault I was picked on at school, his fault that that bastard Dean and his friends had hunted us down. It was his fault that I was dead. entirely his. I hated him, he would pay for what he had done to me, the pain and suffering he had caused me I would not rest until I saw him suffer, just like I did.
Don’t you think he has suffered enough?
I hated the voice inside my head nearly as much as I hated my brother.
You know you don’t mean that.

“YES I –“
“Excuse, me but I have some news for you.” It was that girl again, the one that made sure that all things evil ended up where they belonged-Hell.
“Yes?” she smiles, a small one, but it was there. Her orangey brown eyes were lit up with excitement.
“I have found him, Gerard Way has been sighted in New Jersey.” The name stings a little, it stung my heart to hear it after such a long time. I don’t let it show though.
“Very good. And how long will it take for you to travel there and to hunt him down?” She shrugs.
“A few days, three or four at the most.” I smile evilly. Prepare to die, again brother. Or, to spend eternity rotting in the darkest pits of hell at least.
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