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chapter sixteen

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“You know you’re crazy, right?”

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Frank`s pov
We sat quietly on my bed for a while, Gerard was still shaking slightly, his bad dream really had spooked him, so I was sat with my arm loosely draped around his bony, bare shoulder, trying my best to make him feel safe. Every so often we would both nervously peek at the other from under our hair, once he had caught me and I had turned away sharply, my face burning with embarrassment for some strange, unknown reason.
“Erm, Gee?” I ask, breaking the silence, glancing out of the window that over looked the street down below where I had found Gerard only few hours ago. It was bright out by now, and I could hear the birds chirping away merrily from their nests, it usually irritated me no end, but today I had more important things to worry about.
“If-if you want me to go now, I will. I should probably leave anyway, I don’t want to be an inconvenience or anything.” He doesn’t look at me when he speaks, he seemed to find the messy, stained carpet extremely interesting for some reason.
“You are not an inconvenience.” I tell him sternly, sitting up and stretching, I had a sore neck, I must have been lying on it the wrong way.
“Now, my mother leaves for work at eight today, just before I leave for school.” I walk over to my closet, the door was already ajar as always. Old shirts and jeans littered the floor of it, band shirts and hoodies mixed in with the occasional item of school uniform stared back at me, as my sleepy mind tried to find something wearable. I finally decide on my outfit and chuck it onto my bed, not really caring if it landed safely or not.
“Gee, do you like this?” I throw him an old shirt of mine, a Black Flag one to replace his bloody one and a purposefully ripped pair of skinnies. I was quite bit shorter than he was, but hopefully it wouldn’t show too much. His face lights up when he sees it, then it falls.
“Yeah, why?” I can’t help myself and I roll my eyes, trying to hold back the laughter, not wanting to hurt Gee`s feelings or anything.
“You can’t wear your clothes, they are covered in blood and dirt. People will think you have just been and murdered someone.”
He flinches at my choice of words. I want to say something, but decide against it, not wanting to put my foot in my mouth again.
“Frankie, I don’t think this will fit me.” he dubiously picks up the band shirt, and holds it close to his body, sighing, a frown on his beautiful face.
“Hey! I know I`m short, but I ain`t that short.” Gerard turns away from me, and put the shirt down, sighing deeply again.
“I`m too fat Frankie.” He hugs his body, looking like a little lost puppy or something. I shake my head in disbelief, taking in his all too thin body, his arms were like matchsticks, so thin and pale, I feared that if I were to grab one of them to roughly it would snap in two. And if he turned around, you would be able to see part of his spine, just like you could see his ribs faintly. It wasn’t right. This guy thought he was fat? I was no doctor but even I knew he was severely underweight.
“Trust me, Gee. You are in no way fat.” I felt fat beside him, despite my loving, yet annoying mother always telling me I needed to put on some weight.
“Right,” I said, deciding that someone had to do something, sitting here in an awkward not doing anything was not helping at all. I was shattered, I was barely able to keep my eyes open. But I had a plan, and I had to carry it out.
“You are covered in blood still.” He raises one badly scratched and cut arm, and shrugs. I narrow my eyes but continue. “I am going to switch the shower on and you are going o get ready, alright?” I raise one eyebrow, letting him know that it wasn’t really a question. “Then we are going to go shopping and get you some stuff, and then I am going to try and figure out a way of explaining this all to my mom.” Gerard stares at me for a moment, then nods once and follows me into my bathroom.
“You know you’re crazy, right?” he asks me, a sliver of a smile forming on his perfect lips as I shut the door over again, giving him his privacy.
I dress in a hurry, pulling my tee shirt over my head and tugging the stupid jeans I had chosen on. I run a brush over my hair that was ticking up everywhere, soon giving up on it. After a mad ten minute search I discover where my converse were hiding and hastily pull them on, not bothering to fix the laces that were loose and dragging on the carpet as I paced, impatiently outside the bathroom door for Gerard.
“Frankie, are you alright in there?”I freeze. My mother was outside the door, she must have heard the shower go on.
“Erm, yeah mum, just finishing up.” I yell the last part, hoping that Gerard would get the message and get move on, mom was getting suspicious.
“Did I hear voices earlier, Sweetie?” I pale, thankful that she was on the other side of my bedroom door, praying that she would stay there, or better yet leave for work.
“Frankie, I had another call from you headmaster today, he said that if you are ate again, he will have no choice but to give you detention after school today.”
“Uh, yeah, mom, whatever.” I smile to myself, I had no intention of going to school today, I had far more important things to do that get moaned at by the idiot teachers and picked on by the other students.
“Oh, Frankie, Ray and Bob are outside, waiting for you, so hurry up alright? I have to go to work now, will you be okay?”
Shit. Ray and Bob were here, I had forgotten that they were going to walk to school with me today.
“I`ll be fine, bye. I love you.”

“Hey, man, what took you so long?” Ray greets me, a massive smile on his face. Bob didn’t seem to be as happy, either that or he had noticed my lack of school uniform today.
“Why ain`t you in the uniform, ditching without telling us?” shit. He had noticed.
“erm, I don’t feel well today.”I had always been a terrible liar, so it was no wonder he didn’t` believe me.
“Frank, why are you acting so weird?”
“I am not act-“
“Whatever. You are.”
“C`mon, tell us, please?” damn you ray. Giving me the puppy dog eyes.
“I erm, am going to see an old friend and I-“
“Let me get this straight, you are ditching school and us, to go meet up with some ex girlfriend or something?” I blush, not sure why.
“Erm, yeah.”

“Who were they?” Gerard asks me as I enter the room, looking up at me from the floor where he was sitting, tying his laces.
“friends, are you ready?” he nods and gets to his feet.
“where are we going, I don’t really like shopping and I don’t have any money or anything so-“
“C`mon idiot,” I giggle I actually giggle and drag him out of the room and down the stairs, grabbing my house keys and wallet, making sure to lock the door behind me.
“here we are,” I mutter, mostly to myself as I unlock the garage and the almost brand new car from inside of it.
I smile in satisfaction as Gerard`s jaw drops.
“C-can you even drive that thing?” I bite my bottom lip.
“Well, I have had a few lessons but I don’t have my license.” I admit, feeling rather stupid.
He rolls his eyes and struts past me, he actually struts. I stare in disbelief, wondering where his new confidence cam from.
“I ain’t getting in the car with someone who can’t fucking drive.” He smiles at me and opens the passenger door, pointing at the seat.
“Sit.” I do as I was told and get in. “Just tell me where to go, if we get lost I am so blaming you.” I smile, and put a Cd in the player, and begin singing along under my breath as Gee concentrates on backing the car out o the garage safely. When he had, he pauses and does a big cheer, causing me to laugh uncontrollably. I couldn’t remember feeling so happy for such a long time, Ray and Bob were great friends, but Gerard was just something else. The only thing that scared me was that I had only known him a few hours and I already felt so close to him. If something were to happen to him, I knew it would hurt like hell. I had never felt like that about anyone before, and it was starting to worry me. when Ray had asked if I was seeing a girl today, I had just went along with it, but the truth was, I had never been out with a girl before, I had never actually even been remotely attracted to one before either. That scared me as well, it scared me a hell of a lot.
“You okay?” Gee asks me, his hazel eyes shining in the light. He was the happiest I had seem him, his wounds didn’t look as bad now in the morning light and he seemed much more at ease with me now. I grin back at him and turn the music up, the cd played blasting one of my favourite songs.
“I`m great, never better. You?” we both laugh as he speeds down the road, mounting the kerb every so often. I was usually afraid of being in a car that was driving to fast, but right now it felt so amazing, the adrenaline coursing through my veins.
“Never better.”
I am so, sorry about the wait, I hope that you liked the chapter. Please let me know if you did. I`ll try to update soon, probably Friday or Saturday
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