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Chapter seventeen

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More like in my dreams...

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hey, I`m back from my cousins, we had a fucking blast! I am super tired right now, but I stayed up to write this out for you all, so you`d better like it! I`m just kidding, I do hope you like it though.

Gerard`s pov
“so, where the fuck are we going anyway, Frankie?” we had been driving around aimlessly for about ten minutes now, Frank kept squealing whenever the car mounted the curb slightly or almost span out of control. Hey, I had told him I wasn’t getting in the car with someone who couldn’t drive, I didn`t see the need to tell him I had failed my driving test on more than one occasion. It wasn’t my fault anyway, that lamp post was way too close to the road.
“Gee, do you have a clue what the words speed and limit mean put together?!” he screams, giggling like a mad thing. It was kind of cute, okay, really cute. His beautiful chocolate coloured, warm eyes lit up when he laughed; it made him look even younger and more carefree and childlike. I shake my head wildly and laugh too; his was just too insanely cute and infectious.
“Nope, I prefer to think of them as…friendly pieces of advice, ya know, something that you don`t really pay attention to or give a shit about!”
“You’re insane!” Frank yells, bursting into another fit of laughter as I increase the speed of the car again, he even raises is little arms in the air as though he was on a rollercoaster.
I shrug, already knowing that there was a good chance that I wasn’t completely sane. Oh, who was I kidding? I had a fucking huge crush on someone, a guy to make it even worse, who I had known for less than two whole days. “I do not think that my sanity, or lack of it should bother you too much, considering that you are the one who helped a stranger and didn’t even freak when you found out I was, how should I put it?” I purse my lips, considering for a moment, I decide to be as blunt as possible, “dead.”
“oh, shut it,” he turns away to look out of the window, admiring the almost empty streets we drove down, gazing at all of the different houses and shops, not to mention all of the other cars polluting the air.
“So, where are we headed anyway?” he bites his bottom lip, sucking on the thin bit of metal that went through it, looking unbelievably sexy as he did so. I let out a small groan, just barely resisting the urge to throw my head back. Did Frank have to be so fucking perfect, did he? Did every tiny little thing he did have to be so amazing? I swear to God (who I fucking hated by the way) this guy could make the simple task of breathing look magical.
“What’s up, Gee?” he turns back to face me, his eyes full of concern.
“The sky,” I reply, sarcasm lacing my voice.
He rolls his eyes, but ignores it.
“Where are we going?” I repeat again, feeling like it had been the millionth time I had asked him.
“oh, erm, there’s a pretty decent shopping centre thing,” I smile at that, and I thought I had a way with words, this guy was even worse than me, “about ten minutes drive from here, just follow the road round till you come to a roundabout thing and erm, it’s the err, second exit and you`ll see a sign for a shopping centre, mall thing and-“
I giggle, “I think I got it Frankie, “ he blushes, or at least I think he does, but when I look again a minute later, his skin was the same as it always had been, I must have imagined it.
After a few minutes of driving round, I found the shopping centre and eventually, after what felt like a year, we found a parking space. True, it may not have technically been a legal space, seeing as neither myself nor Frank was disabled...But I was dead, that had to count for something, right?
Frank`s pov
We parked, and made our way towards the entrance, pushing past all of the other busy, weekday shoppers, ignoring the dirty and suspicious looks we received from many of them. Well, I did anyway…Gerard, not so much.
“Hey, what ya looking at?” he laughs at a bottle blonde, fake a hell middle aged woman, dressed in a skin tight, all too short dress that had to be five sizes too small, and at least two decades too young for her.
“Shouldn’t you too boys be at school, instead of irritating people at the shops?”
He shrugs, “I ain`t that fond of learning, you Frankie?” I blush and slowly edge closer to him; the glare the woman was giving us would have made milk turn sour.
“Ick, as it two teenagers crashing the mall wasn’t bad enough, it`s two fucking weirdo’s!” she storms off, leaving me doing a fairly accurate impression of a tomato, and Gerard flipping her off behind her back.
“Never mind her Frankie, she`s just stupid,” I sigh and shake my head, unable to be mad at him when he was giving me the puppy dog face. we made our way inside, Gerard looking around excitedly, looking nothing like the broken, terrified, untrusting person I had seen last night.
Where had he gone? I think to myself, though I had to admit, watching him strut, and I do mean that literally, around, he did kinda look…sexy-wait. What? I frown; this doesn’t go unnoticed by Gerard.
“You okay?” he asks somewhat timidly, his recent confidence gone. I just nod and smile at him, wondering where those disturbing thought could have came from.
“c`mon,” I grab hold of his hand, ignoring the little tingling sensation that ran up and down my arm, and led him over to where my favourite stores were.
“Here, Gee, try this on.” We were in Hot Topic, it was practically empty bar from a few people, youngsters like ourselves.
“this?” he holds up skin tight jeans sheepishly, peering at them from under his thick canopy of ebony hair, as though he was worried they would try and bite off his hand.
“yeah, those,” I nod enthusiastically, not really sure why I had chosen those jeans in particular.
“well, okay…” he frowns, and then remembers something and sighs, putting them back down. “I don’t have any money, Frank.”
“Yeah, I`m paying, duh.” I smile, “now go, I am not getting any younger here.”
“And in case you didn`t already know, I ain`t getting any older,” he jokes, but does as I told him and went into the changing rooms. I wait outside impatiently tapping my foot.
“hey,” a person, a girl who I didn`t know smiles welcomingly at me, she had long, curly black hair and green eyes. I had no idea who she was, but she was stood next to someone I did recognise.
“Hi again, Frank.” My guardian angel, Julia.
“hi, erm what are you doing here?” it was nice to see her again, but I was curious, shouldn’t she be in heaven or something?
“Checking in on you how’s Gerard?” she smiles sweetly, her eyes twinkling mischievously.
How did she know about Gee?
“Fine, I think.”
“Frank, take care of him, please, he has had it really hard in life, and in the afterlife things still aren’t looking up for him.” I nod I was going to help Gee, no matter what.
“And…and don’t hurt him, okay?” I frown, not really understanding what she meant, but I nod anyway.
“Well, I had better let you get on with your shopping,” she briefly hugs me and places a soft, fleeting kiss to my right cheek. “C`mon, Lyana,” she tells the black haired girl and they both walk away out of the store.
“Hey, Frank, how does it look?” Gerard walks out, wearing the incredibly tight jeans, they seriously looked as though they had been painted on. I gulp, though I have no idea why, it was just that he looked really good in those jeans…
“Frank?” he asks, his voice breaking my chain of thought, thankfully bringing me back to reality.
“Okay, erm help me find some other stuff, like tees and shoes and more jeans and shit like that.” He nods, and follows me around the store, occasionally picking up the odd item of clothing, adding it to the growing pile in my arms.
We pay and leave; I mentally cross “buy new clothes” off of the list in my head, and take Gerard over to the unisex hairdressers on the other side of the mall.
“What are we-“
“How opposed are you to changing your hair?” I ask him, tugging on the ends of it lightly, marvelling at the softness of his dark locks. He pulls his head away from me, hiding behind his hair, his pale, ghostly cheeks a faint pink colour.
“Erm, well I-" he hides behind his hair when he is nervous, I notice, smiling at how cute it was-wait, cute?!
“You don’t want people to recognise you, right?” he nods, “Your hair is longer now but someone might still recognise you.”
“So what are you suggesting I do, shave it all off?!”
I laugh and shake my head. “If you wanted, I was only thinking of dyeing it and changing the style a bit, but if that’s what you-“
“Fuck you Frank Iero,” the words cause a weird, fluttery sensation in my gut, even though he hadn’t meant it that way…what, what the hell was I even on about!?
“In your dreams, Geetard,” I tease, and a rather worrying thought passed through my already disturbed mind...
More like in my dreams….
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