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important note!

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I`m sorry but...

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Hey, sorry about this being a note instead of an update, please forgive me.
Anyways I am not sure if I will be able to update much or at all over the next week. Why? Well a few reasons. This Saturday it is my Gran`s 80th birthday and there is a huge party planned. Also that night my best friend is staying over and I will be with her for most of Sunday so I probably will not to be able to update on either of those days.
Secondly, my nana who has cancer is starting her treatment (chemo) next week. Obviously she won’t be feeling well and I want to be there for her is she needs me, so I am sure you can understand if I don’t find time to write.
And as I am educated at home I have yearly visits (like checkups) from someone from the education authority (the woman who visits is a right bitch and she will be visiting next Tuesday so the next few days will be quite stressful as me and my parents try to get everything ready for then.
I will try to update tomorrow and Friday, but there are no promises. I will also try to write and maybe update a story in the upcoming week, but I am not sure if I will be able to find the time. I apologise for this and I hope no one will forget me or my stories
Thanks for reading this note and this story, and thanks if you have ever reviewed/rated.
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