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The Ghost Of You

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Frank Has An Abuse background, will being the new kid at school Change his life?

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Hey Guys! My last story was a trainwerk so im redoing it! I hope you like it! i'm going to try and make it longer and such, but i sart homeschooling tomorrow so i might not update as much :'(

Frank’s POV:
I sat on my dresser, with the knife in my hands. I duged it in as hard as I could. 
“Fuck” I said when the knife went to deep. Then My mom Knocked on my door. 
“Frank, are you okay?” I Mumbled back a Sure, She didn’t hear. 
“FRANK ANTHONY IERO!!” my mother shouted through my door. 
“I’m Coming in.” 
“Mom I’m Fine!”I Screamed at her. 
Then I heard muffed cries through my door. 
“Mom?” I said as I opened the door, Blood trickling down my arm. 
“Frank What have you done?” My Mother said when she saw the blood and knife. 
“Uhh… nothing.” I said, I can’t believe im lieing to my mom. 
“ Frank you don’t have to lie to me, sweetheart.”I looked her in the eyes
“Yes I do mom.” I said and hugged her
“Frank I love you, I’m…N-N-Not you-r-r Dad.” She Knew I hate the Fucktard! I stopped hugging her “ WHY! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS CALL HIM “DAD” YOU KNOW I HATE THE FUCKING DOUCHE BAG!” 
She look as If I wanted to hit me “Frank He is your father-“ I cut her off 
“ SO HE ABUSED ME! REMEMBER ALL THE HOSPITAL TRIPS AND BETTINGS, PHYSICALLY, VERBALY AND MENTALY?!?” I said as I slammed the door in he face. I Went and Listen to music and write, then it hit me,
“FUCKIN-A” I screamed.
I start a new school tomorrow, More harassing and being made fun of. I get called an “Emo Fag”, what assholes! My mom didn’t know I was Bi. She’d hate me and abuse me like my dad did if she found out, “Homophobic bitch” I said. It was only ten'o clock but i diced to get to bed. Franks Dream It was just me, alone. I was sitting in front of an farm house. “ The Fuck Am I doing here” I said. A man in an all white hospital gown walked by and fallowing him was the most amazing float I've ever seen. 5 men stood upon it. A band. They had no faces but the singer, the singer looked like an angel, all white hair, hazel eyes, and the most amazing voice i have ever heard. I couldn't make out what he was singing, but it was butiful. The perard seemed to go one for ever. Everyone in all balck, but the singer and the man. It was almost like a black death perard or something.I Woke up to misfits: helena, Coming from my phone. Fuck, school today. Damn. I got up and Went upstairs from the basment and made sure mom was okay, I felt bad about yesterday. I Knocked on her door 
“mom? You okay? I’m sorry about yesterday, Mom?” 
She opend the door her eyes red and puffy. Oh god she had cried all night or got drunk. 
“Mom You okay??” I asked in a panicted vocie. 
“I’m fine Frankie” I sighed 
"Mom, Frankie, really?” I laughed 
“I’m sorry about last night,mom.” She hugged me she smelt of Smoke and well I can’t explain it but I liked it. 
“its okay dear I forgive you. Now go get ready for school.” 
School, the last place i wanted to be.
”M'kay' I said and walked away. 
~ 15 mins later~
I was almost ready, I had my Red Converse with Lime Green Strings, My Purple Skinny jeans on , with a Misfits Tee-shirt on and a black hoddie. I went in the bath room and started straightening my hair, and put my red eye liner on. 
“ Ready” I put my Mp3 player in my pocket and went upstairs. My mom was dressed and making me coffee. 
God I love coffee. She handed me my coffee and an apple. 
“Thanks Mom” I said as I hugged her and walked out the door. 
Damn I could see the school from here. I put my earbuds in and walked to school, I could have drove there but I thought it was close Enough to walk. I got to the School,Belleville High. I opened the font gates and walked in to the office. 
“Excuse me.” The lady just keep talking on the phone. “
"Hey Bitch!”
“ Excuse you?!?” she said. 
“ Yea im the new kid Frank, Frank Iero” She just kept on glareing at me. 
“ I’m new here, you wanna help me out or not?’” She lookat at me and goes 
“ Son I know your new here but im the princeable”.
Shit I just called the princeable a bitch. 
I looked at her “ Okay, now that we know each other, help me the fuck out”

HeHe Cliffhanger! I'm goning to work on it more today, so that means you might get another one yet today, but you might not. Dun Dun Dun... HEHE. Bub Bye Now. I LUVZ YOU!
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