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Frank Has An Abuse background, will being the new kid at school Change his life?

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Frankie Finilay meets new people. GO FRANKIE!

Frank’s Pov: The Bitchy Princeable, whos name I learned was Lura McSmith, Got me Notebooks, text books, and such. She kept looking at me, like she knew me, she did seem femillur, like I knew her when my dad was still around.
“ So Frank, right?” she asked me.
“Yeah. Why?” I responded.
“ Is your father’s name also Frank?”
“Yeah. Do you know him?” I asked, a bit confused.
“Your father and I dated, then I found out he had a wife and kid and it ended” She sighed as she said “ It ended.”
“THE FUCK?! ARE YOU FUCKING SURISOUS?” I yelled and walked out of the office. My frist Class is History, Fucking great it starting in 3 minutes and it was All the way was in the basment. I ran down the hall and to the stairs of the basment, and got there and it was empty. I walked in “Hello?” I said, hopeing nothing was goning to kill me or something.
“In Here.” I heard a small womens Voice say. I walk tord the sound to see 20 kids in a room with a 50 year old women standing in the front of the room.
“You must be Frank, The new boy. Right?” The women asked. Everyone gasped as they heard my name. “ Yeah. Is this History Class?” I asked looking a bit confused.
“ Yes Dear, You can take the Seat next to Gerard” She said as she pointed to a ravened haired boy. He was drawing or something.
“ M’kay” I said walking to my seat. Ms. Kealer kept on teaching.
The raven haired boy sighed, and crupled up some paper and tossed it on the floor. I picked it up,I was a drawing, a really good one too.
“ Why did you give up one this” I wispered to the boy next to me as I layed the drawing on his desk.
“ The vampire wasn’t right” He mumbled back.
“Oh I thought it was good” I wispered, not to anyone inperticullar. Just then the bell rang. The Boy stood up, this is when I got a good look at him. Just Like the man from my dream, just ya know Balck hair not white hair.
“ By The way I’m Gerard, Gerard Way.”
“ I’m Frank. Iero”
“Sweet last name dude!” this guy said, he came out of no were but had a hug afro, and knew Gerard.
“ Thanks” I mumbled.
“ I’m Ray Toro, Gerard’s Friend.” Gerard Just nodded. Gerard Was Kinda Cute, Wait What? We walked upstairs and I ran in to a boy with glasses and an Anthrax Tee-shirt.
“GERARD!” He yelled
“ Mm’hum” Gerard mumbled.Then the boy looked at me
“ Frank?” he asked.
“ How do you know my name?” I said a little paniced.
“ You’re the new kid that called the princeable A bitch right?!?!” He asked all excited.
“ Uhh Yeah.” I said a little freaked out by now.
“ Cool! Gerard has told her to go fuck a tree before!” He said even more excited then before. Gerard just sighed and walked off. We fallowed him. He went outside to smoke, so I just stood back because no one really invited me along.
“ Frank” I heard Ray Say as I walked off.
“ Yeah?” I asked, stoping dead in my tracks.
“ You can Hang out with us if you want to” Ray Offerd.
“Okay” I said Kind of smileing.
“ Oh yeah, this Is Mikey, My Little brother” Gerard said Kind of gestrueing tourds the boy with Glasses.
“Yep. Michael James Way In the flesh” the boy said with the biggest smile I have ever seen. I laughed a little bit.
“I’m Frank Anthony Iero” I said Laughing
“Raymond Toro Ortiz” Ray Said Laughing. Now Mikey, Ray and I Were laughing like high baboons. I looked at Gerard
“Whats your full name?” I asked him, Mikey And Ray Still Laughing.
“Gerard Arthur Way” Gerard Mumbled.
“ That is the most awesome,amzing name I have ever heard! You sound like a knoght or something!” I said very excited, Witch I never am.
Mikey and Ray had Just stoped laughing and clamed down then they stated it up again after I siad that and Gerard was just stareing at me like “ The Fuck Dude?”
“Sorry” I said and walked away.
“Frank come back!” I heard Gerard Mikey And Ray Say.
I wasn’t coming back, Ever.

Do you Like it? I hope you do. Sorry Im self conscious about my writing. Bub Bye Now. I LUVZ YOU
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