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I Don't Love You

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Frank Has An Abuse background, will being the new kid at school Change his life?

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Franks Pov:
I kept on walking till I found stairs; I walked up them hoping it was the roof. Luckily it was. I went to the edge and looked down and saw Gerard, and he saw me.
“Shit” I mumbled.
I didn’t want Gerard thinking I was Suicidal or anything, because I’m not at all I just like being up high, it calms me down. I went and sat behind the stairs hoping they wouldn’t find me.
“Fuck! We’re too late” I heard Gerard say, then he started crying.
“Frankie I’m so fucking sorry! I’m so fucking stupid! I’m sorry Frankie! It’s too late now but, I love you Frank Anthony Iero.” I heard him say.
I sighed and walked out of my hiding place to meet a large Blond haired man.
I yelped “Don’t hurt me!” I said sounding very small.
He just laughed and moved out of my way. Gerard was still crying. I walked over to him, Planted a kiss on his lips and said
“I love you too Gee.” He opened his eyes
“Frank! Your okay!” He hugged me and Freaked out. The large man was back.
“G-g-g-gee who is that guy?” I said when I saw him. Gerard looked up
“That’s Bob”
“Gee that doesn’t answer my question. Who is “Bob”?” I said
“Frankie calm down” He said “Bob is my best friend”
“oh okay. Hi Bob” I said.
He just nodded and said “Frank the kid that called-“I cut him off
“Yeah the kid who called the princeable a bitch!”
Bob just sat there then said “Your badass kid, No one Stands up to me, ever.” I started to worry. Was he goanna Hit me? Then I felt Slimy Lips on mine. Gerard’s Slimy Lips. I Smiled. Just as Gerard started kissing me
I heard three boys, in unison say
“Really Guys?!”
Gerard pulled away and smiled at me.
“You Guys Love it” he said as he stood up. I stood up to; My Phone and shit fell out of my pocket. 1 missed call I read on my phone. I read it “Mom”.
“Shit” I Said as I tried calling back.
She answered “Frankie are you okay?”
“Yeah Mom. Sorry I missed your call”
“Have you met anyone yet?” She asked me, I looked around at the guys, and smiled,
“Yeah Mom I did, and they are the best group of guys I’ve ever met.”
“What are their names?” She asked me, excited.
“Let me put you on speaker phone and you can talk to them” I put her on speaker phone. I looked at Gerard as if to say “You start.”
Gerard Sighed and started talking
“Hi, Mrs. Iero. I’m Gerard Way.”
“Hi Gerard. You can call me Linda.” She said. Mikey went next and so on.
"Frankie you should have then over today after school. Wait Are you in school?”
“ Uh Yeah. Kinda.” I said with the guys laughing behind me.
“Okay Frankie, I’m going to let you go so you can get back to class. Be good. Love you.” She said they Guys laughing harder now.
“M’kay Mom. I will. Love you to. Bye.” I said hanging up.
“Why the fuck are you laughing?” I said a little Upset.
“Frankie, Love you “Ray said Laughing hard then before.
“Do you Guys not have little nick-names that your moms gave you?” I said.
“No not really” Mikey said, calming down a little.
“Oh okay. Do you Guys not love your Moms, then because you seem to think it’s funny that I love my mom.” I said, sounding confident in myself.
“We Love our moms a lot” Bob Said.
“Yeah Frank. You’ve barley met us and your acting like you know us. Well the truth is you don’t” I couldn’t believe it, It was Gerard.
“Yeah Gerard well you’ve barley met me and you kissed me” I Said.
“Maybe it’d be better if I had never met you guys” and with that I looked at them then to the edge of the building thinking about jumping, but instead I just left. I walked to the park, no one was there so I walked to “my” tree I was in the back of the park by the old cemetery. I want to be buried in that cemetery. It’s just forgotten, kind of like me. I went in the cemetery and saw ten tombstones with the last name: Iero. I took a picture with my phone then went home to ask my mom about it. When I left the cemetery I went to my tree and there was four guys sitting around it, talking.
“Frank!” I heard Mikey say.
“Yeah?” I said not even looking at them.
“Come over here!”
“Sorry Mikes that’s not going to happen.”
“But Frank, Gerard is-“ I cut him off there
“I don’t care what Gerard is he is just a stupid heart breaker!” I said the tears coming out. “ It’s Okay Frank” Ray said, patting my back. I looked at him
“No ray it’s not it never will be!”
“ Frank Gerard is thinking about Suicide” Mikey Finally said
Bub Bye Now. I LUVZ YOU!
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