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They were pulling pranks on each other all the time.

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I'm sorry i haven't updated lately. I said i would and i didn't. In long story short, i had chapter's they were deleted, i rewrote them and wasn't happy with what i got, rewrote the next chapter (this one) and went about changing the story plot for upcoming chapter's. I know i left you all on a terrible cliffhanger (sometimes i just can't help myself) but I've updated now so please don't be mad.


Frank felt his whole world crumble around him. He could hardly breath. All the oxygen felt like it had been sucked out of the room.

Frank crawled closer to the scene in front of him, a million thoughts running through his head. One seemed to scream louder than the rest.

His best friend, his one true love, was lying in the bath tub, with the water still over flowing very slowly onto the linoleum tiles. His skin was white. Not pale, just pure white. Gerard's whole body was like a blank canvas. His bleached hair adding to the illusion that he was simply not there. His lips were tinged blue and his lifeless features almost peaceful.

"Oh God no!"

Frank gripped the side of the bathtub rigidly. This wasn't happening. He couldn't be gone, he just couldn't.

"Gee...Gerard" he stuttered.

Frank shook his shoulder desperately, half expecting Gerard to jump out of the water gleefully and proceed to mock Frank for believing that he was anything other than okay. They were pulling pranks on each other all the time.

But Gerard's head just slumped to the side as Frank's shaking lessened and the true nature of events dawned on him.


Frank pulled Gerard's cold body towards him and sobbed his name over and over. Frank was getting wet but didn't care. The water was freezing and Gerard had practically been bathing in ice.

"Gerard...Why Gee?!i'm sorry, i'm so so sorry Gee"

Frank held Gerard's stiff body crying for what seemed like forever, yet not long at all. It was as though time itself had stopped.

"Gerard" Frank continued to whimper, pulling what was left of his friend closer. His bones dug into Frank's chest but he ignored it. "I'm sorry".

"unnnnff" a disgruntled groan emerged from Gerard's slightly parted lips, making Frank fall back in surprise and stare wide eyed.

"What th...Gee?" Frank whispered hopefully. Gerard made another small noise and immediately began shaking. His teeth were chattering and he was wheezing slightly. Frank was still staring in shock, unable to compose himself.

"Gerard...YOU'RE OKAY". Frank launched himself at Gerard's shivering form, Hugging him tightly. Gerard who's eyes were still glued shut, shook harder.

Frank snapped to his senses. He gripped Gerard more fiercely and hoisted him out of the bath tub.

Gerard whined in annoyance as Frank dragged him onto the bathroom floor. He snatched some towels off the radiator praying it was switched on and quickly began rubbing Gerard dry in a desperate attempt to raise his body temperature. His skin was cold and clammy and he was limp in Franks arms.

"Come on Gerard, please" Frank begged. He was holding Gerard close to him hoping his body warmth would keep his friend conscious. Gerard probably had no clue what was going on around him.

Frank could feel Gerard's heartbeat against his own chest. It was weak, but steady.

"Shit" Frank murmured under his breath.

Frank continued to dry Gerard with warm towels. The blue color eventually faded from his lips and his skin was slowly growing a few shades pinker. Frank tried to move him from the cold tiles of the bathroom floor but Gerard burrowed his head into the crook of Frank's neck and clung onto him trying to soak up all the body heat possible. Frank just held him lovingly, and stroked his hair.

After some time Gerard's breathing began to even out and his eye lids started to flutter open.

"F-Fran-kie?" He questioned in a tired voice. "You came back".

Frank couldn't hold back the feeling of relief he got when Gerard said his name. He felt his protective walls collapse and tears began to well up in his eyes. He locked Gerard in another hug.

"Oh Gee, I-I thought...Gerard oh my God your okay" Frank gushed.

Gerard weakly tried to return Frank's hug. "Shhh Frank i'm fine, I'm here aren't i?"

Frank detached himself from Gerard and looked down at him sadly. His eyes were filled with sorrow and pity. Gerard flinched under his gaze, hating that he made his Frankie scared and upset. He didn't want Frank to shout at him again.

"Gerard why..." Frank looked lost for words "I'm so so sorry about what i said but...why would you do this...why would you try and kill yourself?"

Gerard, who up until Frank finished had looked fairly confused, gaped at Frank in astonishment.

"Fuck Frankie" he whispered. "I wasn't trying to kill myself, fuck" Gerard shook his head. "I um...kinda threw up...not on purpose" He quickly added. "Maybe i went a little overboard with the xanax or something...but i threw up on myself and just wanted a bath, guess i fell asleep" Gerard looked away sheepishly.

"Oh" Frank bit his lip. "That's...good?" Frank tried. He really wasn't sure what to say. It's not like it changed much, Gerard had been suicidal before he could easily go back.

They were silent for a few minutes before Gerard's eyes began to droop shut. He was still shaking quite violently and Frank could tell his energy was disappearing swiftly. "Frankie i'm sorry i started using again" Gerard said drowsily. "I was just afraid".

"We'll talk about it in morning Gee, right now you need to get warm"

"mmmmh" Was all Gerard could offer in return since his eyes were already slipping shut again. It was then Frank noticed that Gerard was butt naked, he guessed in the panic and the rush to save his best friend's life it had been a unimportant factor but now he realized it probably wasn't helping Gerard's shivering.

Frank lifted Gerard up bridal style, fighting the urge to have a go at him because for fucks sake he was as light as a feather. A few months ago this would have be impossible. He laid Gerard on his bed and began rummaging around for the singer's warmest pajamas.

"Wha-" Gerard lifted his head slightly, confused to what Frank was doing but to exhausted to ask.

"aha, got em" Frank appeared triumphantly with some fluffy skeleton pajamas that Gerard didn't remember packing. He advanced towards Gerard who still looked utterly lost.

"Pajamas Gee? you just spent 6 hours in a fucking cold bath, you were practically frozen and if i recall correctly your lips were going purple, i'll be damned if you're sleeping naked."

Gerard didn't have the energy to sit up and nod, let alone put the pajamas on himself. Frank was quick and made sure Gerard had all the blankets when he got into bed. The comforter was wrapped around him like a cocoon and he was still trembling. It was just when Gerard was about to drift off when Frank shook his shoulder for him to wake up.

"Not yet Gee Gee" Frank warned "You need sugar to keep your energy up, otherwise you'll just pass out". He smiled sadly and scurried over to the mini fridge.

Before Gerard could properly register what Frank had said he had bounded back with an energy drink in hand. Gerard eyed it skeptically, still not understanding why he couldn't just rest his eyes for a second.

"Come on Gerard you need this. Please, then you can sleep I promise" Frank begged. Gerard weakly shook his head like a stubborn child and curled up under the mound of blankets.

Frank cocked his head in confusion before something clicked. Fuck.

"Gerard" Frank said sternly. He was determined not to shout at Gerard again, he needed the other man's trust. "I know why you don't want to drink this but what ever delusional reasoning you've created can not be more important than your own life. You need the sugar to recover, you could of developed hypothermia in there so please just take it". Frank was pleading now loosing his tough demeanor.

Gerard looked at Frank through half lidded eyes. He wanted so bad to make him happy, but that would mean giving in and loosing all control. He needed this. But how could he go against Frank's wishes? after everything he put him through? The expression on his face was the same one he had when he wanted Gerard to start eating again, Heck it was the same one he had when he wanted Gerard to get sober. And all Gerard wanted was to make his Frankie happy.

With shaking hands Gerard reached for the already open drink and took a swig, hoping to God he could keep it down. It tasted...weird, after not have anything pass his lips for so long it felt strange but not in a bad way. He managed three quarters of the can before proclaiming he was no longer hungry. Frank nodded, still beaming. He was just proud of Gerard for eating (or drinking) something. Maybe he was getting better, if not even a little. Anyway he made sure to praise Gerard before he fell asleep. He was out before his head hit the pillow.

"Night Gee Gee, i love you" He planted a small kiss on Gerard forehead and clambered into bed next to him. He told himself it was only to keep his friend warm.

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