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Chapter 1

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Here's the first chapter! The next ones will be considerably longer, I promise. This is almost like a part two to the prologue. :)

Please let me know what you think!


The packing was finally finished.

When Gerard surprised with his plans to move to Massachusetts, neither of us could find a break in our ecstasy long enough to consider the technicalities. He had much of it planned ahead of time-residency, choice of town, even some possible houses-but what we hadn't considered was how we were to construct our happily-ever-after while on tour.

During the first stages of the process, which were mostly paperwork, it wasn't difficult to put together the new album. If anything, it came together effortlessly; the promise of a new life together made some of the more inspiring tracks come to life, while the struggles we dealt with manifested themselves into tracks like "Mama" and "Sleep." Even the patient was taken directly from our experience in Hawaii, his dark-rimmed eyes derived from an inside joke of ours that Gerard started about my black eyes from the fight by the Jacuzzi.

He was only trying to make light of the situation during one of our arguments, but the image stuck and became something powerful. It always amazed me how his ideas seemed to stand upright and take on a life of their own.

We fought a lot. We were crazy about each other, but to say that we fought as if we were already married would be an understatement. Despite the relative ease of our relationship with each other and the band after everything settled down, I still had anxieties about Gerard leaving me.

A lot of them.

As a result, it took us a considerable amount of time to find a place to call home, and we often clawed mercilessly at each other under the pressure. In our excitement at the prospect of our future, we had both put our homes on the market and, as expected, they both sold immediately. We needed a place to stay after the tour was over.

So, when we finally pushed out the Black Parade album and went on tour, things got complicated. We had no time to go house hunting, even when the tour stopped for a weekend in Massachusetts. The stresses of adapting to a new tour were weighing down on us, and we were already brainstorming a new album in order to keep up with our bi-yearly pattern, which proved only to thrust the band into an identity crisis due to the heavily themed natures of our albums. Throw in the stress of Gerard's new comic alongside everything else, and the tension really built.

That was when Gerard first dyed his hair.
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