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Confusion and Betrayal,

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Mikey wakes up..with Megan

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When I woke up I was very confused. I knew without looking that I was naked. I prised my eyes open and looked around. I was in a smallish room with cream walls and a soft-looking carpet. The rrom had a lot of feminine touchs like flowers on the dressers and patterned curtains. Then I heard someone else breathing in the room. They were panting slightly. I looked at my chest to see fluffy blonde hair and a pretty face.Megan.
Suddenly the events of last night rushed back to me. I blushed slightly as I remebered the way she had moaned my name. I felt blood rush south as I imagined her lushious naked body.
"Surely you can't be wanting more already. You got tired pretty quickly last night." Megan turned her face towards mine. I was immediatly lost in her emerald eyes.
"It was my first time.." I mumbled under my breath.She rolled over and slid her body up mine,brushing my sensitive spot causing me to moan. Her face was inches from mine as she propped herself up on her elbows. "Parden?" She asked.
"Well.What did you say before?" I blushed.
"Sorry...You distracted me.." She kissed along my jaw as my hands tangled into her hair.
"I am quite good at that... What did you say?"
"Oh, It was my first time, so I guess I wasn't used to it and.. yeah.." She let her arms flop, crashing down onto my chest, winding me slightly. She hugged me tight, lying fully on top of me.Her legs widened and she wrapped them round my thighs. Even that subtle move made my body react.
"Mikey, didn't you say you were gay?"
"I-I thought I was."
"You must be Bi."
"I thought I was Bi at first, then I liked Fr-this guy... and that made me think I didn't like girls anymore."
"But you do, right. You do like me don't you Mikey?" Megan asked,doubt in her eyes.
"Yeah... I really do. You know, I never thought I'd get over Fr-THAT GUY.. I'm glad I did." She snuggled into my chest before rolling off me and sitting up. The sheet that had been covering us both slipped down, revealing one perfect breast.My problem made itself known again.
"Mikey.You can talk to me..about that guy and what happened. If you want."
"He was-is called Frank.." I coldn't say anymore, my eyes filled with tears.
"Its Ok to cry."
"I-I Loved him.. -Sob- and.. they..they betrayed me." I began to sob, the tears rolling down my face, my breath hitching in my throat causing me to cough.Megan pulled me close ad whispered.
"Who betrayed you?"
"Fr-Frank and..and my brother... Gerard..Gee and Frank they..were..kissing and Frank was mine." I howled burying my face into her soft blone hair. It hurt so much.
They kissed each other and betrayed me.
They were together.
All that time they were laughing behind my back.
I knew Gerard would get Frank, I knew he liked him all along I just didn't want to believe it.
I didn't think they would do this to me.
I sobbed against Megan as she hugged me close.
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