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A/N: Hi everbody:) Thanks for reading and stuff:) Hopefully this update will be quite long for you all. Erin.

Gerards POV:

Mikey had been gone for a month now. He could be dead by now.
Frank was constantly reassuring me that Mikey would be okay. But i didn't believe him.
Its because he doesnt understand.
He doesn't understand how it feels to be withought your brother.
They may have been best friends but I was much closer to Mikey. We were brothers.
I was supposed to protect him.

I turned my laptop on and opened my email.
1 new message.

I clciked on the email as fast as I could impatiently drumming my fingers on my desk as I waited for our horrendously slow connection to load up. He's not dead at least.

To: (I know, these are so unoriginal...)

Hi Gerard,
I'm just emailing to say that I'm okay, I guess.
I've got a new girlfriend now, Megan. She's really sexy, sexier than Frank.
She's nice to me too and she promises she won't cheat on me, coz I'm still fragile you know. But shes fixing me, I'm getting better.
I wonder if you'll ever read this email, if you still give a shit about me.
I'll never know... I'm living with Megan now, out of town. And I meant it when I said I wasn't coming back. My life is with her now.
No,I won't give you a number so you can call. As far as I'm concerned you're dead to me now. Same with Frank.
This will be the last time you hear from me. I'm hapy now, so don't come looking for me.

I sat staring blankly at the screen, feeling empty inside. I wanted to scream but I couldn't move my limbs. I was forever frozen in my state of despair. Mikey really hates me.
This last few lines had hurt the're dead to me
you're dead to me
dead to me.
Dead. Me

Mikey's POV

I finally pressed send on the email that I had been writing for the past hour. Of course he wasn't dead to me.. and Frank would always be sexier than Megan but I had to get himto leave me alone. Show him I mean business. I'm not having them ruining my new life as well as my old one. I grabbed the bottle of unopened vodka that was next to me. Megan had left me here, with the bottle because she said I needed to get it all off my chest. I unscrewed the cap and held the bottle to my lips.
I slowly drank, the liquid sliding down my throat.
I drank as I sobbed.
I spent the night hunched in front of the computer screen, bottle clasped tightly in my hand, tears blinding my eyes, begging Gerard to reply to my email. I just needed to hear him say that he cares because even if I didn't admit it to Megan, I needed Gerard. I needed my brother. I hadn't forgiven him still but I just needed his reasurrance.
Please Gee, Reply.
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