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This is how I disappear

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Time passed slowly those next few days. I just sat staring into space, ignoring Megan and the rest of the world. I was trapped in my own desire for soemthing that I couldn't have. I knew that Megan wouldn't satisfy me but she loved me and she promised that she wouldn't leave me. Maybe I am Bi, or maybe I just got caught in the moment when I was with Megan.
"Mikey, You wanna come out?"
"Not really Megs,you go have fun withought me."
"No Way, You are coming even if I have to drag you!" She marched over and grabbed me by the hood. I sullenly followed her out of the apartment, listening to the constant clicking of her incredibly high heels.

15 minutes we arrived at a teeming pub full of old men with beer bellies and a big group of oranges with bleached blonde hair extensions. We headed towards the girls that looked like they had swum around in a bucket of foundation. They were showing a lot of flesh and those disgusting old men were wolf-whistling at them. I felt embarassed just to be within a 50 yeard radius of them. I slumped down into a corner chair trying (and failing) to hide my face. A bottle of Vodka was slammed down onto the table by a grumpy looking barman.
I drank that bottle and the next one.
Then I had one beer.
Maybe a bit of wine.
Some whiskey.
Then a few cocktails.
Slowly everything slurred together,the minutes into hours.
I remember not knowing what I was doing. I think I snogged one of the tarts. Maybe. Then just as I was having fun, I fell asleep on the floor.


When I woke up my head was pounding. I tried to sit up as the memories of the night before flooded back to be. I was dancing on the table withought a shirt,then one of those orange tarts started kissing me and I kissed her back. I instictivly looked round to find Megan. She crawled over to me and furiously crushed her lips to mine,pulling at my hair. I broke away and stood up staggering a little, Megan giggled, a high-pitched sound that made me feel abit sick. It reminded me of Frank's giggle.
Don't think of him.
Don't think of him.
He cheated on you. I had to blink back tears as Megan dragged me out of the pub, leaving her whore-ish friends lying around on the floor. We stumbled out into the bright,cold outside and headed back to the apartment. I pulled the key out of my pocket and unlocked the door. Megan half ran to the fridge and brought out a bottle of wine. She poured us each a big glass. I gulped mine down as fast as I could. I could feel the alcahol seeping through me, drawing me back into its clutches.
When I was a bit younger I was an alcaholic, Gerard found out and got me back on the straight and narrow. But Gerard isn't here anymore. So I don't care.
Screw him.
Screw Frank.
Screw the world.

I pulled the glass to my lips and drowned all my sorrows with the drink, it kept me sane and made me feel nice and numb for a while, like I could just slip straight out of reality.
It was my little place that I could be free.

A/N: Hey everybody,hopefully this one was nice and long. As always please R&R. Erin x
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