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Chapter 5

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Franks POV:

I told him the whole story and didn't skip out anything.
"My mum-Linda and my dad had me, obviously. Then a few years after I was born things got complicated. My parents got married. They weren't married before but they thought it was the right time, so my dad proposed and my mum said yes.Then when I was 6 my dad started hitting my mum, maybe even before I was 6 but I just hadn't noticed. Anyway my mum put up with it but then he hit me. I was in a really bad mood and I drew on the wall in black crayon. So he hit me with his belt and it left this scar." I pulled up my top to show him my scar.
"Carry on.."
"My mum found me crying and confronted my dad. There was a big fight and dad hurt mum really badly, she had to go into hospital. Mum decided against pressing charges so dad didn't go to prison. Mum and I ran away from him and got a flat. Then on my seventh birthday dad somehow found us. He told my mum that he was taking me coz she broke her promise. Then I ended up here."
I sighed and leant back more comfortably into the wall.
"What promise did your mum break?" Gerard asked, sympathy etched onto his face.
"She promised she would love him forever.."

A/N: Ok, another update, another short chapter. I just thought that was a good place to end it. Keep R&R. Erin xx :)
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