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Chapter 6

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A/N: Hello My fabulous readers, I am so sorry for not updating sooner.. (please don't kill me, I haven't met MCR yet).
I've just been really busy with school and stuff, also I was on holiday so I couldn't update but I love you all and I love you each.. all 96 of you that read the last chapter:) Especially you MCRmysoldier. You've commented on like every chapter and for that I thank you a lot. Rates and Reviews do help a lot:) Well I guess I should get on with the story:)

NARRATOR(y type voice):
The days turned into weeks and the weeks slowly turned to months. The two boys learnt everything about each other. Gerard realised, only when he was gone, how much he missed Mikey and how lucky he was to have a brother. Frank realised that his mom was a good parent and that she was looking for him. Gerard had realised that the boy on all the posters was Frank and that the woman rushing round sticking them on lamp-posts had been his mother Linda. The boys became friends because while they were trapped in that small room they couldn't help but become aqquainted. They were either going to be friends or enemies and both children decided they needed someone to depend upon, rather than hate.
Another thig that both boys had decided was that they were going to try and escape.
Only a child of such a young age cold have the optimism to try and break out of a highly guarded warehouse. Only children wouldn't consider the consequences of their actions. Frank had overheard 2 men talking about how they were going to be moved in a fortnight and had relayed his information to Gerard. It had initially been the older boys idea but Frank became more positive about it and within a few days Gerard had him convinced. They would escape within the month and nothing could stop them.. or so they thought.

A/N: Sorry its another short update but the next one I do might be about Gerards mum then things'll get more interesting. Sorry to all my American riends if I'm saying things wrong, I'm english so I don't know all the american words for stuff:)
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