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Chapter 7

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A/N: I'm updating:) So I'm sorry if this story is kinda rubbish but it will get more exciting, I promise you. Now onward with the story.

Narrator(y type voice again):

Time passed slowly for Donna Way. She was forever in a state of despair. She knew, if she trusted the man on the phone, that her son was still alive but she couldn't say a word to anyone. She had almost mentioned it to a neighbur and later on in the day a typed up note had been passed under the door reading 'be careful Mrs Way, you still have one son.'
That was the main fear that resided in her heart. Mikey.
She was constantly worried for his safety, so much so that she had taken to teaching him from home so that she could be with him all the time. He never left the house, not even to play in the yard if she wasn't there.
She knew people spoke about her and whispered cruel things. Donna knew that everyone thought she was crazy. Some people on the street reckoned that she was grieving over the death of her eldest son. They didn't understand.
Every condolence.
Every gift.
Every time someone said Gerard was resting in peace.
It made it worse. She was going out of her mind and even Mikey was noticing something was wrong with his mommy.
Mikey was being affected too. He could no longer remember what Gerard looked like and that scared him.
But what scared him more were the phone calls. Every time his mom came off the phone she would be crying.
Donna died a bit inside every time that phone rang.
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