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Authors Note 1

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A/N: Hi everyone!
Basically I might start being smart and typing up the chapters on my computer before I post them. So this means that hopefully my updates will be longer but they might be less frequent. Also I've figured out how this story is going to end but I just need to work out how to get to my ending. So..yeah... I'll probably be updating later this evening so people might not even bother reading this anyway.
As always I am writing because of all you amazing people who are reading:)
Also you could read my other story: "All's fair in Love and War": if you want to. Or if you click on my account you could read a one-shot of mine:) I guess thats all I came to say so I'll see you all soon:)

Also, I only just realised that people have actually been reviewing my chapters. (Ficwad doesn't tell me these things). THANKYOU!
I am literally almost in tears.... most of the rates I ever get are Trainwreck, so this makes a very nice change:)
You guys are the best.
Erin x
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