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Chapter 8

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A/N: I used an online word counter and this chappie has 400 of them. Its like one of my longest yet. I could right more but I don't want to put it all in one chapter. So Imma plan my story out, then update as much as I can. I don't think this fic is going to be very long because I don't want to make it too long. I shall update soon.

Gerards POV:

I gently shook Frank awake to the sound of locks clicking. He mumbled then sat up, rubbing his eyes.
“It’s time.” I whispered in his ear, causing him to widen his eyes and smile. The door swung open revealing a scary looking lady. Her blonde hair was straggly and wispy, her eyes blue and mean looking. Her arms were big and muscled and the tattoos up and down her legs looked horrible. Frank was staring at the drawings in a kind of fascination. I nudged him and he quickly looked away.
“Get up Brats, No pissing around, you hear me y’little shits.” I stood up and heard Frank behind me; we slowly walked towards the door and into the corridor. I squinted as my eyes got used to the brightness. I heard the door to our little cell be locked as the woman grabbed our arms and hauled us to the big door. She opened it and threw us outside. I blinked at least 3 times.
There were more people than just us here. A lots of kids, some our age, some older and younger were running around the huge patch of grass. We were all being watched by lots of scary and mean looking people surrounding the field.
The children seemed happy but somehow it looked fake. Their smiles didn’t reach their eyes. Frank dragged me to the shade of a big oak tree and sat down.
“So, How’re we gunna escape.” He asked.
“Well.. We could climb the fence! Or, Or sneak away while they are trying to get us into the van… Or maybe even jump out of the window of the van.”
“I like the climby one.”
“THEN LETS DO IT!” I yelled, running towards the fence and throwing myself against it. “Come on Frankie!”
“We’re gonna escape!” Frank called, clambering up the metal fence with me. It was quite tall but we could do it. My mommy told me I could do whatever I wanted. Mommy also told me she was always right. So I knew this would work.
“Hurry up Frank!” I pulled my legs and arms higher. I was nearly a quarter of the way up. I looked round to see that the guards hadn’t noticed us yet.
“Yay, You were right Gee. This is easy!”
We can do it. We are going to get away!
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