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Chapter 9

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A/N: Thats right...another update baby! I know its short but its better than nothing.... :) Love you all XD

Narrator(y type voice):

Gerard turned round to look at Frank and beam down at him. A dazzling smile that stopped Frank for a second. Then he continued on climbing with determination. You had to give them points for determination.
They weren’t going to give up without a fight. They would go kicking and screaming. Which they did.

Onward they climbed, higher and higher and still they hadn’t been noticed or stopped. They were maybe ¾’s of the way up before the blonde, muscled lady saw them.

Frank’s POV: I heard someone yell.
I knew they had found us.
“Keep Climbing!” I called up to Gee, who sped up. I clambered up the fence, feeling the metal dig into my hands and burn them. We had to escape. I had to escape.
Gee hadn’t been trapped in there for as long as I have. I was in there by myself for twice the amount of time Gerard and I had spent together. I miss home. I miss my mommy. I continued to scramble up the fence. Then I felt a hand grab my leg. I looked down to see the face that had haunted my nightmares staring up at me. My father.
I felt myself being pulled down.
My hands were slipping.
My hands were hurting now from holding on.
I met Gerards eyes.
A tear rolled down his cheek.
I fell.
Gerard screamed.
The breath was knocked out of my lungs as I landed.
Then everything went black.
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