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Chapter 10

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Frank's POV:

When I woke up I kept my eyes closed. Then I heard the voices. "I can't believe that utter twat got away." that voice I recognised as my dad's and the one that got away must be..Gee.
He made it! He actually got away! I just wish I was with him, I wisht that I could talk to him and hug him. Now that Gee has gone, I'm alone again.
"Now, wake up this one and get him in the van." I opened my eyes to see the blonde woman above me. She stared at me with eyes full of coldness. I squirmed under her gaze. She grabbed me round the waist and roughly lifted me off the table. I kicked and yelled.
I punched and screamed.
I cried.
I cried for my mommy.
I cried for myself.
I cried for Gee.
I started senselessly screaming random words. Gerard's gone. Mom's Gone. I'm by myself. I'm alone.
I'm always going to be alone.

I felt the cold wind blow across my face,bringing tears to my eyes. The truck had its back doors wide open. There were about 10 people in the truck that they threw me in.
The door's slammed.
It went dark.
The engine revved.
That was when it hit me. We were leaving. Gee wouldn't be able to find us. I banged on the doors, punding as hard as I could with my fists screaming Gerard over and over and over, until I couldn't scream anymore. I sank to the ground,weeping tears of hopelessness.
"Are you okay?" I looked up to see a girl of about 8 with blonde plaits and black glasses staring down at me.
"Yeah, I'll b-be fine."
"I'm Jenny." She said, before introducing me to her brother Joseph,a 5 year old with blonde tufty hair.
"Frank." I replied,wiping my eyes.
"I'm Mark." said a brown-haired boy opposite me.
"Kelsie." A girl with ginger hair and blue eyes informed me.
"I'm Domonik,but just call me Dom." said a dark coloured boy with a mini afro.
"And I'm Tilly."
Suddenly I realised that I wouldn't be alone, even if Gee was gone. I could make friends with all these nice people. I still missed Gerard but I didn't need him as much as I had first thought. But he's still my best friend and he always will be.

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