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Mike shinoda is framed and sent to jail watch him try to breakout

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Its odd how the simplest lie can come with so many consequences.How someone innocent will go down for crimes they did not commit.How families are torn apart everyday by crime.
Its funny how we automatically assume the people in prison are evil and have no souls and no morals.
Everyones heard the phrase don't judge a book by its cover ,we never realise we're judging people until we get to know them.
Well this is my story.
My story is not happy,it shows how flexiable the justice system is,how corrupted.
I was 21 when I was arrested and falsley charged with the murder of 16 people and then sent to "florence"jail ,but I did not commit those crimes.
I know ,I know thats what everyone says ,im innocent blah blah blah,but I was innocent in fact the night those people were killed at was at home with my wife and friends I had the perfect alibi but that
didn't matter because the guy who really commited the crimes paid the judge and jury off meaning I was sent down and he was left to walk free.
But while in jail all my prejudgements about the people in prison were proven wrong.
They were nice people who looked after me and helped me survive and in return I helped them.

This is my story and I hope you enjoy it.
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