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Mike is sent down and driven to the prison.We meet taylor jardine

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"We find the defendent guilty of the murder of Jessica Rice,Lucy bridges and Kelly surock"The jury said confidently to the courtroom before sitting down and smiling smugly at Mike.
Mike tried to gulp back the terror rising in him as he looked to the judge to recieve his sentance,he knew it would be a long time but he wasn't sure how long.The judge sighed before looking
down at Mike sadly through his spectacles (A/N i know but it sounded so much cooler then glasses).
"For the murder of Jessica Rice,Lucy Bridges and Kelly Surock I sentance Micheal Kenji Shinoda to serve a life sentance for each victim,which means Micheal Shinoda will be serving 120 years
in Florence prison in Colorado with no hope of parolle,officers take him away."The Judge boomed before standing up and walking threw a door off to the side.

Mike stood in shock trying to comprehend the Judge's harsh words.Mike could hear his wifes sobs from behind him as his wrists were handcuffed and he was led away into another room.
They sat him down in an uncomfortable metal chair until a police officer entered and sat opposite Mike and looked at him sadly.
"Micheal I need to talk to you about what happens next"The officer said with an unsually high voice
"Mike"He interupted
"Excuse me?"The officer asked cocking an eyebrow
"Just call me Mike"He replied looking at the table.
"I understand this hard but I need to inform you of what happens next so can I proceed?"The officer asked
"Yes"Mike croaked his voice thick with emotion
"When you leave this room you will be escorted put the back entrance to avoid the press you will be drove to a local police station where a bus will be waiting for you and the other new inmates.This
bus will take you to the prison you will be spending your sentance.Do you follow me so far?"The officer asked
Mike merely nodded not able to speak anymore
"Upon arrival at the prison you will be searched and given your new clothes,once changed you will be briefed about the systems and rules at the facility,you will be given a tour and then taken to
you cell where you will meet you cellmate.Any questions?"The officer asked
Mike shook his head ,immediatly afterwards he was pulled out of his seat and led out of the back entrance of the building and loading into a bulletproof van which sped off towards the police station
where he would be loaded into a bus full of criminals and taken to the prison.

Sure enough ten minutes later the van stopped and the doors opened revealing a slightly pissed off officer who dragged Mike out of the van and into the cold bleak courtyard where he was counted
and loaded into the bus.
The bus was cramped and smelt of bio but Mike said nothing he just sat and looked out of the window sadly.He saw someone sit in the seat next to him but he didn't turn around or talk to the person
who had chosen to sit next to him.
But only twenty minutes into the drive the person next to him spoke for the first time.
"Hey"Came the timid voice
Mike pulled his eyes away from the window to look at the person beside him,he was shocked to see a young girl she could only be about 19 years old she had shoulder length thick brown hair and
shining brown eyes and a thin piece of metal looped through the left side of her nose.
"Hi"He finally said
"Whats your name?"She asked shyly
"Mike Shinoda,you?"He asked
"Im Taylor,Taylor Jardine but you can call me Tay"She said with a bit more animation in her voice.
"Cool"He said
"Is Mike short for something or is it just Mike?"She asked curiously
"Its short for Micheal"He said
"Okay,so what prison are you going to?"She asked
"Florence"He said bluntly
"Same"She mumbled looking scared
"Well at least i'll know someone"He said forcing a smile
She laughed before nodding and drifting off into a deep sleep.

Why Taylor was sleeping Mike was thinking deeply about his current predicament.

What was he going to do?He was going to jail for a crime he didn't commit while Shannon the bastard walked free.And what about his wife and his son who were now left alone because he was in jail.
He had always assumed hes life would be perfect he had never expected this ,he had never expected one of his friends framing him for the murder of three low class whores.He's life had been ruined and he wasn't sure how he was going to survive this.
A 120 year sentance with no chance of parolled there had to be a way he could overrule that ,appeal somehow but something told him he wouldn't win.
The police told him there was no evidence that they would get Shannon and make him pay but in the end Shannon had paid the jury and judge off so that Mike would be sent down.
Mike really should have seen this coming but it was to late now.
He just hoped that in the end he could survive.
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