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Chapter Thirteen

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This is a pretty intense chapter. The next chapter or the one after that might be the last :'(

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“Why did you tell the others that I kissed you?” I asked Lady Madness the next morning.
Lady Madness blinked at me “What do you mean?”
“You told all the girls that I kissed you!”
“How do you know I told all the girls that I kissed you?” Lady Madness asked, looking fairly amused.
I panicked “Oh, you know… I just heard from my friend…”
“Were you spying on us Kobra Kid?” Lady Madness giggled.
I shook my head “I was not spying on you!”
“Yes you were! You were and don’t deny it!” Lady Madness suddenly stopped giggling “How much did you hear?”
“I stayed up till Agent Anarchy admitted she had a crush on Jet-Star.”
“You told them didn’t you?”
“Told who what?”
“You told Fun Ghoul and Jet-Star what the girls said! And I’m not even going to bother asking about Party Poison because he’s your brother and you just wouldn’t be able to resist telling him.”
“Can we please not have an argument?”
“We’re not having an argument,” Lady Madness told me, rolling her eyes “We’re having a discussion. Just tell me the truth and I won’t get mad.”
“… Alright, I told them.”
Lady Madness smiled “Thank you for telling me the truth. And I think our friends deserved to know the truth about our relationship, don’t you?”
“Is there anything to tell yet?”
Lady Madness leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek “That depends, do you want there to be anything to tell?”
“Well…” I blushed “Yeah, well, I…”
“You’re so cute when you’re shy!” Lady Madness beamed “Can we go and have some breakfast now please?”
“Yeah… Okay…”
She took my hand and we went downstairs together. Fun Ghoul gave a wolf-whistle as we walked in but I raised my eye-brows knowing that he was jealous. Colourful Shadow knew what Fun Ghoul knew but continued to treat him the same was she had before. Fun Ghoul had asked why and Colourful Shadow said it had to be that way.
Lady Madness slipped into the booth and I sat down next to her. Screaming Revolver was making pancakes so we could sit back and relax for a while. “Are we doing anything interesting today?” I asked.
Party Poison considered it “I don’t know we could go out but I don’t really see the point.”
“We could go kill some dracs!” Agent Anarchy said, bouncing up and down in her seat. Since Jet-Star found out that she liked him they’d instantly got closer. Because like Colourful Shadow, Agent Anarchy thought ‘it had to be that way’. Ha ha, I make myself laugh… “That’s practically community service!”
“I don’t think we should,” Colourful Shadow said quickly.
Fun Ghoul glanced at her “Why not?”
“I’m concerned about Lady Shadow.”
“Lady Madness.” I corrected her.
Colourful Shadow nodded “That’s exactly what I meant. Korse and the dracs got her last time, what if they got her again?”
“We’ll just rescue her again.” Fun Ghoul shrugged.
Colourful Shadow rolled her eyes “Do you not understand? BLI let us go last time because Lady Madness begged them not to. And they chose to be forgiving because they had her back and they thought we were innocent. But we’ve just proved that we’re not, haven’t we?”
“You care so much about things,” Fun Ghoul laughed “You’re really boring.”
“Well excuse me for being practical!”
“It’s not practical, it’s boring as fuck. I think we should go kill some dracs.”
“And piss off BLI?”
“Well that’s an added bonus.”
“You piss me off half the time.”
“Even though you’re in love with me?” Fun Ghoul asked with a wink.
Colourful Shadow gave him a dirty look but didn’t bother to reply. “Don’t you guys feel bad about killing dracs?” Lady Madness asked “I’ve never called anyone or anything so I was just wondering…”
“I did briefly at BLI headquarters during one of our epic battles,” Party Poison commented “But Korse grabbed me and shot me in the chin. It’s a battle of survival. You don’t really have a choice.”
“Most of them probably didn’t want to be dracs in the first place,” Jet-Star snorted “They were probably happy to be free.”
“That’s horrible!” Lady Madness gasped “Korse really shot you in the chin?”
We all laughed while Lady Madness looked confused. “Do you think we should kill some dracs then?” Screaming Revolver asked, putting a heaped plate of pancakes in front of me and Lady Madness.
Colourful Shadow shook her head “I have a really bad feeling about this. I’ve been thinking. Maybe we could just lay low for the rest of our lives? We wouldn’t need to bother BLI or the dracs, we could all just be happy together…”
“How boring would that be?” Fun Ghoul laughed “We all know you have a fear of BLI and its mindless workers but we’re going to go and shoot a couple for fun. Got it?”
“Fun Ghoul, please can we not?” Colourful Shadow begged “We can do anything else today! I’ll have sex with you if you want!”
“As tempting as that is…” Fun Ghoul giggled “Actually…”
“We’re going into the desert,” Party Poison said firmly “To kill some dracs. Like Agent Anarchy said, it’s just like community service. Let’s go.”
“I need to talk to Kobra Kid first,” Lady Madness said, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the room.
I looked at her “What? What is it?”
“If Colourful Shadow is right,” Lady Madness whispered “And something bad does happen… I want you to know something. Something really important.”
“What? What is it?”
She looked around to make sure that no one was looking then leaned over to my ear before whispering so quietly that I could only just hear her “My real name is Jenna.”
I gasped and pulled away “You… You just told me your name!”
Lady Madness nodded “Because I trust you more than anyone. More than anyone in the entire world.”
“Really?” I asked, delighted. I was until I realised what I had to do in return. I gestured for her to come closer before whispering “My real name is Mikey.”

“I’m still not sure about this,” Colourful Shadow said almost desperately “I really don’t think we should go out. Ever again…”
“We’ll be fine,” Party Poison told her, rolling his eyes “We always are.”
We all picked up our ray guns and got ready to leave. Colourful Shadow shook her head “Guys, please, can we stay in today?”
“No, it’s really boring here!” Fun Ghoul complained.
I picked up my ray gun “Come on Colourful Shadow, we always survive. What do you think could happen?”
Colourful Shadow blushed and didn’t say anything.
Party Poison smiled “Right, are you guys ready to go?”
“Yeah!” Missile Kid piped up “Come on, let’s go kill some dracs!”
Party Poison opened the door and we all walked out to the car. Party stopped halfway there. “What is it?” Fun Ghoul asked.
Party shook his head “Can you not see?”
We looked around and none of us knew what to say. In a large circle surrounding our base were a long line of dracs. And standing on top of our car was Korse.
He smiled at us “Hello! I see you kidnapped my Bride… Again.”
“It’s not kidnap if she willingly left.” Party commented.
Korse shook his head “You guys are really in trouble now, huh?”
“How did you even know where we were?” Missile Kid yelled “It’s totally impossible to figure out!”
“Maybe you should ask your friend?” Korse smirked “Colourful Shadow, how did I know where they were?”
All of us turned to look at Colourful Shadow who shook her head “I am so sorry.” She whispered “You just really don’t understand.”
We were all silent. It was Fun Ghoul who asked “It was you who told him where we were?”
“And not only that!” Korse laughed, jumping down off the car “Remember that night in the desert when you were all camping and Lady Madness was missing in the morning? Who do you think gave up your position?”
“… You’ve been telling everything to Korse?” Agent Anarchy asked, blinking at her best friend “But… Why?”
“It’s not my fault!” Colourful Shadow cried “Korse told me that if I did it, he wouldn’t put that chip into my brain! And he already knows my real name-“
“Too right,” Korse smiled “Jasmine.”
“That’s your name?” Screaming Revolver asked “That’s a beautiful name!”
“Screaming Revolver!” Party Poison snapped, glaring at Jasmine “How could you? We took care of you!”
“I know!” Jasmine started to cry “I just really didn’t want to be brainwashed. You can understand that, right?”
“But you said you loved me…” Fun Ghoul told her “You offered to have sex with me.”
“I do love you!” Jasmine cried “Remember when I said that it had to be that way? That’s exactly what I meant. We could never be together because-“
“Because you’ll jump and do whatever Korse tells you to do,” Fun Ghoul snarled “You might as well let him brainwash you, huh Colourful Shadow?”
“I tried to help!” Jasmine cried “I told you guys to stay in! I gave up Lady Madness’ position because I thought they’d leave us alone afterwards. I’ve tried to protect you guys right from the start but you wouldn’t let me.”
“That’s who you were on the phone to in the bedroom?” I asked “That’s why you got so mad when I walked into your bedroom moments after.”
“I’m so sorry,” Jasmine whispered “I am so sorry.”
“Come on Lady Madness,” Korse stepped right in front of her “We’ll return to headquarters and get married.”
“I refuse to marry you,” Lady Madness hissed “I don’t want to marry you.”
“She gave up her name to Kobra Kid!” Jasmine blurted.
We all glared at her. She was apologising but she was still doing it?
Korse glared at Lady Madness “Is that so?”
“Yes, I’m in love with Kobra.” Lady Madness told him, glaring at him “What are you gonna do about it?”
What happened next was the worst thing to ever happen to me.
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