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Chapter Twelve

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Chapter idea by GerardWayisCute :)

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“I think we should have a girl’s night,” Screaming Revolver said “Kind of like a sleepover… Do you guys know what I mean?”
“No, I don’t.” Agent Anarchy told her “And since when have you ever wanted a girl’s night anyway?”
“It would be a chance for us to get to know Lady Madness, right?” Screaming Revolver told us “We’ll just stay in one of our rooms and talk and do other stuff that normal girls do…”
“I thought we’d all agreed that we’re not normal girls?” Agent Anarchy asked “But yeah, it would be nice to get to know Lady Madness. Things are a little awkward between us four.”
“What will you guys be talking about then?” Fun Ghoul asked “Will you guys be discussing us?”
“You’re not allowed to know what we’re talking about!” Screaming Revolver told him “It’s a total secret.”
“So you’ll be telling each other secrets?” Party Poison asked, glancing at Screaming Revolver “What kind of secrets?”
“None of your business, that’s what kind of secret.” Screaming Revolver replied with an evil glance “I guess we could go up now. First thing to do I guess is to find Lady Madness a new outfit.”
So the three girls went off to find Lady Madness and start their sleepover. Us guys sat in the living room, wondering what we should do.
It was Fun Ghoul, of course, who suggested “One of us should go and listen to their secrets outside the door.”
“I’m not doing it,” Jet-Star said quickly “They’d notice.”
“Outside the door is too obvious,” Party Poison smiled “Someone should crawl through the air vent and listen in there.”
“Well I wouldn’t fit,” Jet-Star shrugged.
Party Poison smiled again “Oh no, the skinniest person should go through the air vent.”
Before I knew what was happening, everyone was grinning at me and I was crawling through an air vent while trying to be quiet at the same time. It was really tight even if I was the skinniest out of the four of us. I finally found the girls room and stayed still to listen. I looked through the tiny slits in the air vent and saw the four girls sitting cross-legged on the floor in their pyjamas. Screaming Revolver had her hair tied up in a ponytail, Agent Anarchy had hers tied in pigtails, Lady Madness had hers in plaits and Colourful Shadow had left hers loose.
I could hear Screaming Revolver talking first “So Lady Madness, anything interesting happen recently?”
“Well…” Lady Madness replied “If I tell you guys something, do you promise not to tell anyone?”
“Of course not,” Agent Anarchy smiled “Anything that we say in this room, stays in this room.”
‘Well, most of what you say…’ I thought, feeling a little guilty about this.
Lady Madness coughed “Kobra Kid kissed me!”
I blushed. Why did she have to tell them that? “Are you serious?” Agent Anarchy asked “So are you guys like a couple now then?”
“I think so,” She whispered “We were talking about maybe one day telling each other our real names.”
“That’s a big deal!” Screaming Revolver replied, sounding impressed “Agent Anarchy, remember what I told you when we were camping the other night? Should I tell them about it?”
“Yeah, sure!”
Screaming Revolver told them about Party Poison getting her pregnant “Is that what you wanted to talk to him about?” Colourful Shadow asked.
Screaming Revolver nodded “He told me that it was all a lie, that I was being pathetic and trying to grab his attention. So I asked him who else the Daddy would be and he started getting even more pissed off saying stuff like ‘Well I only said it because I was really drunk’ and stuff like that.”
“Doesn’t he wanna be a Father or something?” Agent Anarchy asked.
Screaming Revolver shrugged “I think it might that he just doesn’t like me. We’re lucky that he didn’t storm out of here because I don’t think we’d survive that long without him and I’m lucky that he didn’t kick me out.”
“He’s way out of line,” Lady Madness said “I mean I know he didn’t mean to become a Dad but he could at least have sympathy for you.”
“Maybe it’s just a bit overwhelming for him?”
“Don’t defend him!” Agent Anarchy cried “It must’ve been overwhelming for you too but you’re the one who’s gotta live with it!”
“Yeah but when I first found out I was hysterical,” Screaming Revolver whispered “I sat in my room and cried nearly all day. I didn’t want to accept it at first. It’s a lot to take in so I’ll give him a break for a while but if he still can’t accept it then yeah, I’ll get pissed off.”
“Whose turn is it now?” Agent Anarchy asked “Colourful Shadow?”
Colourful Shadow paused before saying “Please don’t tell anyone this but…”
“What?” Screaming Revolver asked.
Colourful Shadow sighed “I think I’m in love with Fun Ghoul.”
“What?” Agent Anarchy asked “But you two are always fighting!”
“I know, but he’s only teasing me-“
“You didn’t think he was teasing today,” Screaming Revolver said “When he teased you about being scared of Korse.”
“It’s complicated,” She sighed “But I really like Fun Ghoul. I want to have a relationship with him but I don’t know if he feels the same way.”
“I think you should tell him,” Lady Madness told her “I reckon that he only teases you so much because he actually really likes you. But he doesn’t know how to express that so he makes fun of you instead.”
“You really think so?”
“I guess it’s my turn,” Agent Anarchy replied, tossing one of her pigtails over her shoulder “I’ve never told anyone this before but I really like Jet-Star.”
“Are you serious?” Colourful Shadow asked “No offence, but why?”
“He cares a lot about stuff and he’s really sweet about stuff…”
“He just doesn’t seem your type of guy.” Screaming Revolver shrugged “Are you going to tell him?”
“No, I couldn’t do that!” Agent Anarchy laughed nervously “He’d think I was really weird.”
“No he wouldn’t!” Lady Madness cried “And even if he didn’t feel the same way, he wouldn’t mind.”
“Do you think I should?”
“Yes, we do!” Screaming Revolver said firmly “Is there anything else that anyone wants to say?”
Having heard enough, I started to wiggle back down through the air-vent and into the kitchen.
Fun Ghoul looked up “Well? What did they say?”
“I don’t know if I should tell you guys,” I said awkwardly “I heard four things from each of them, two of which I already know.”
“Just tell us the ones about us!” Jet-Star said.
I shrugged and said “Fine, but you didn’t hear this from me!” I took a deep breath “Colourful Shadow has a crush on Fun Ghoul and Agent Anarchy has a crush on Jet-Star.”
“Did they say anything about me?” Party Poison wanted to know, while Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul started acting like a couple of love sick teenage girls who’d just found out that a cute guy likes them.
I nodded “Can I talk to you in private please? It’s kind of important.”
He stood up and we both went into the TV room. We sat next to each on the coach but so that we were facing each other “Party… Is it true that you had a go at Screaming Revolver for saying you were pregnant with her kid?”
“I might’ve told her it was ridiculous,” Party said “I didn’t really do anything bad. She was being stupid anyway, of course it’s not my kid.”
“Who else’s could it be?” I asked “Think about it, she’s sure that you’re the only person she’s had sex with.”
“Kobra, she’s probably just too ashamed to admit whose kid it really is!” Party hissed “And now she’s trying to drag me into it.”
“But what if it really is your kid? And even if it isn’t your kid, you still had sex with her and you know you did so don’t deny it.”
“I was drunk Kobra, it didn’t mean anything.”
“You told her that you loved her!” I cried “Are you saying you just used her for sex?”
“I’m not like that Kobra, surely you know that?”
“Well you’re damn acting like it!”
“I don’t want to be the Father!” He told me “Okay?”
“So you know you’re the Daddy,” I said, raising my eye-brows “But you’re just going to sit back and watch Screaming Revolver tell your child that he/she can never meet their Dad…”
“I just need time to get used to it, alright?” Party Poison sighed “Okay, I’ll tell Screaming Revolver that I can accept being the father of her child. Happy now?”
“Yes,” I smiled “Yes I am. Party… You do love her, don’t you?”
“Yeah,” Party blushed “But I felt really bad the next day about it all and… Kobra, it’s hard to explain, okay?”
I nodded and left it at that.
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