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Had It All

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He had the family, the house, the job, but could one stupid mistake throw all that away?

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“Anyone home?” I shouted as I walked through the front door to my family home, which me and my wife of 7 years had set up suitable enough for our little 5 year old girl to also live at. I’d just come off a world tour that my band had done and today was the day I came home to see the family I’d left behind 15 months ago. There was silence from the house and the very attractive girl behind me giggled slowly.
“I guess there isn’t, which means lucky us then.” She said kissing me square on the lips seductively causing me to smirk and pull her in, kick the door closed and pull her upstairs to the main bedroom. Things started to quickly get passionate as she pulled me over to the bed by my belt smirking the way she usually does. She threw everything off the bed as if none of it was important, which right now it wasn’t. She quickly got my top off over my head and wasted no time kissing my neck. We swiftly got down to our underwear are kissing getting much more needy and groans and moans flying around all over the place and it was because of this reason I didn’t hear my wife; pull up, open the front door, run up the stairs or come into the room that me and my lover, a girl whom worked for us on the tour, was occupying. It was only when I heard a soft cough that I realised we wasn’t alone. “Oh no.” Laura said from underneath me, a slight amused tone to her voice accompanying the smirk on her face that should have been a horrified blush, as I quickly rolled off her and stood in front trying to cover at least some of her.
“Alice let me explain please.” I said quickly, watching her bend down to pick up our daughters favourite teddy doll, which happened to be me. I remember when Alice found the woman who made them and ordered herself and Grace one each for when I went on tour they felt they had me close. She’d been so happy that she’d found something that Grace could have in absence of me.
“Get rid of the mattress, bed and sheets and don’t come home tonight.” She said before walking out closing the door and I heard the car pull out the drive before I could do anything to react. And as soon as I realised and kicked into action I told Laura it’s best that she goes and doesn’t come back and got rid of what she said and arranged a night at a hotel where I could stay. Well it’s the least I could do to try and save my marriage.

It wasn’t until late the next evening that I got home, due to having to go and see our manager about how we found the tour and so on. When I walked through the front door I heard muffled voices coming from upstairs, where I walked up slowly , the voices getting louder.
“Mummy..” I heard my little girl ask whilst splashing around in the bath “can I have a pet duck?” She had been after a pet before I left.
“We can’t really have a pet duck baby, where would we keep it? We don’t have a pond in the garden do we?” Alice said a slight giggle in her voice.
“But we have a bath! It could live in the bath with all the other little ducks.” She said excited, like she had given this some serious thought.
“But what about when I need a bath? Or you need a bath? Or daddy needs a bath? Where’s the duck going to go then?” Alice asked giggling cutely, “ducks aren’t pets anyway, what about a fish? Or a dog? Or a rabbit? Or a hamster? I used to have a hamster.” She carried on trying to reason with the younger girl.
“No I’ve made my mind up, duck only.” She splashed her mum who squealed giggling and splashing the little girl back. “Mummy when’s daddy getting back? I miss him taking me to the see the sheep at that farm.” She asked and I decided to make my arrival known.
“Do you mean this daddy?” I said smiling as she shouted my name and splashed around causing Alice to move away slightly to avoid the splodges of bubbled water. “How’ve you been little lady? I’ve missed you.” I smiled kneeling down at the side of the bath next to Alice and ruffled the excited little girl’s hair in the bath.
“Missed you too, mummy’s useless at making forts we will have to show her.” She smiled as Alice pulled a funny face at her.
“Yeah we will after we’ve gone to the farm tomorrow.” I smiled before making my first eye contact with Alice who simply looked away towards the bath.
“I’ll go make some tea if you want to finish off bathing her?” She asked quietly and I nodded slowly rolling my sleeves up on my jacket as she walked out slowly. Shit I really had messed up.

“Did you bring us any presents back?” Grace asked smiling and she climbed on my back, whilst I was sat on the floor in the front room.
“I knew I’d forgotten something.” I watched the little girls face drop, “go upstairs and look under your bed and I’ll come up in ten minutes once you’ve opened them all yeah?” I smiled as she ran off before I could even finish what I was saying. At least I’d have some time with Alice now. “Ali please about yesterday.” I started but never got the chance to finish.
“Who was she? How long for? And why?” She said all emotion drained from her voice and a blank stare in her eyes.
“She’s called Laura, she worked in our tour, she was a merch girl. Yesterday was the first time, we’d just been flirting a lot and we kissed a couple of times. I don’t know why but I know I’m so sorry.” I looked up at her face which was now frowning slightly, trying to keep the emotion from her face.
“Of course you know why, if I was to smash the television now, you’d ask me why and I would know why. So don’t lie to me, tell me the truth. Why did you feel it necessary to fuck a girl in our house, in our bed, the bed which in case you forgot Grace often slept in when she had bad dreams. Our bed Frank. Why?” she said trying to keep her voice low in order not to allow Grace to hear.
“I found her attractive and I wasn’t sure if you and I would .. you know ..” I replied after a while, never once looking into her beautiful face because of the shame I felt.”
“Would you of had sex with her, had I not walked in?” She whispered, crying softly.
I knew I couldn’t lie to her anymore. “Yes.” I whispered, complete shame washing over me as the realisation set in, that I would have been unfaithful to my childhood sweetheart who gave up so much to be with me, to marry me, who supported me through my high points and my low points. But who had every right to walk away when I was at my lowest.
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