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In My Opinion

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Frank tells Gerard what's going on

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The next morning I woke up to shouting and laughing coming from the same excited little girl as last night. Quickly changing from out of my Batman pyjama’s that Alice bought me a while back, into some baggy jeans and a plain white v neck t-shirt and making some attempt to flatten my bed head hair, I made my way downstairs the screams getting louder. Last night after I told Ali the truth about how I would of slept with Laura had she not walked in, she told me exactly how hard it had been for her since the time I’d left. Told me what it was like losing her partner for 15 months and essentially becoming a single mother, how hard it was when she had no one to talk to, or who could help when she was ill – which she can get ill easily – and how hard it was when Grace was questioning about where I was and saying how much she missed me and then to see me getting it on with another girl just nearly ‘broke her’ as she put it. She also told me that I wouldn’t be sleeping on the sofa because if Grace got up and saw him she’d know something was wrong and that isn’t what we want until we can see if we can figure this out or not.

When I got downstairs I instantly recognised the voices of the guests we had, it was my best friend and fellow band member, Gerard, and his fiancée Beatrice. I walked in and Gerard was being wrestled by Grace, who loved her ‘uncle Gerard’, and Beatrice was stood watching the two with a coffee in hand and talking to Alice. It was Beatrice that Alice got on with the most out of all the members of the band’s partners.

When I met Alice she’d just came over to America for a 6 month stint when she was 16 because her auntie was seriously ill so the family moved over here in order to be closer should anything happen. They enrolled Alice into the local school, which just happened to be mine and from the first time she walked into our music room, lost in her old Johnny Cash top and skinny jeans, I knew I wanted to get to know her. For 6 months we got closer and closer and I was her one true friend, she confided in me and the time came for her to pack up and go back to England and that was when I told her how I felt. She spend a whole week arguing with her parents that she wanted to stay and that I wasn’t just a stupid fling that this was a serious relationship, until they turned around and gave her the choice; she stayed and lost them or she went home with them and lost me, needless to say she chose me so she came and lived with me and my mum, got two jobs to support herself by paying bills and insisting on paying my mum rent. When we both had saved enough to buy a dingy, damp, one bedroomed flat we moved out and Alice put up with all the band practices I had with the various bands I had been in. She’d been there when I got the call to play with My Chemical Romance and was the one who talked me into carrying on with the band when there were times I felt that it was time to move on. We got married when I was 22, Alice had just turned 19, moved from house to house and 3 years later we had Grace, from that point we realised that one of us was going to have to give up our passion and job and Alice decided that she’d give up her job as a successful prosecution lawyer to take care of Alice and our business. She’s the youngest out of the partners and although they like each other and have a laugh they all don’t go out of the way to see each other, except for Beatrice who always comes and see’s she’s ok or comes round to have a coffee and a gossip, not surprising considering she and Gerard are Grace’s godparents. Alice never really had that many friends since moving over to America, she would rather sit and study instead of going to the parties that the popular group through, even though she would have been greatly accepted into the group, and would rather work than go out so her friends were really who she met through the band and me, so having Beatrice as a friend was something new for her.
“Hey man.” Gerard looked up at me smiling whilst holding on to Graces arms and standing up with her on his back giggling. “Grace said you was going to the farm today, was wondering if you fancied company?” He bounced her up and down careful not to drop her.
“Yeah sure, you coming Alice?” I looked up at her slowly, noticing the dark circles around her eyes.
“I’m going to give it a miss today, didn’t sleep to good last night, I’m going to catch up on it.” She said giving me a knowing look, which I’m sure didn’t go unnoticed by our guests. I just nodded and grabbed my keys, Grace’s bag and my wallet and went to kiss Alice who moved her head to the side so I kissed her cheek, where Beatrice looked slightly confused. “I think I have a cold on the way, don’t want to give it to him.” She explained smiling a little and hugging Grace tightly. “Be good you and bring me something nice back and no you cannot try and bring a duck home.” She laughed and kissed the younger girls head before putting her down so we could leave.

“Are you stupid Frank?” Gerard asked when we were sat on the bench watching Grace play on the climbing frame. “What would you of done if she had of been in?” Gerard looked at me, disappointment flashing in his eyes.
“I don’t know, I would have come up with a story and I must have been stupid to cheat on her.” I said stuffing my hands in my jacket pockets.
“I knew there was something not right with that Laura and you, coming back late on the bus after ‘going for a walk’ and she was always smug and shit whenever someone mentioned Alice. I heard her saying that it would be a matter of time that you were in her bed.” He looked at me slowly, “didn’t it cross your mind? Didn’t you see what she was doing? Frank she knew you were married, she knew it would break up your relationship and she wanted to prove what she could get anyone to her friends. She was using you to look good. Well like a slag in my opinion but my opinion is not shared throughout others.” Gerard told me truthfully. We sat there in silence, Gerard’s words ringing out in my ears, until eventually he spoke again. “So what are you going to do?” He looked away from Grace slowly to look at me, where I never took my eyes off my daughter.
“I don’t know, Ali won’t even talk to me properly, the only time she does is when Grace is around and even then it’s forced, I mean you saw what it was like today Gerard.” I said on the verge of tears. “I can’t lose her and not because of Grace, I just can’t lose my wife.” I looked at the floor the tears falling.
“Me and Beatrice will take Grace tonight so you can both sort it, for Grace’s sake.” He wrapped his arm around my shoulder comfortingly. “This will probably be your only chance dude.”
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