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What are you doing here?

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Frank makes the most of Grace not being there, but expected visitors could ruin the whole night

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“Anyone home?” I called out as I got home after I dropped Gerard and Grace off at his house, she stays that often that she has got night ware and clean clothes for the next morning there. In fact she even has DVD’s and toys there that’s how often they take care of her. There was no reply and that’s when I saw Alice’s running trainers not on the shoe rack. “Good” I smiled and walked into the kitchen with the grocery bags I’d picked up on the way home. I knew Alice didn’t really like going out to clubs or bars, or even for a meal, so I decided to make her her favourite meal, got her her favourite alcoholic beverage and her favourite smelling candles. I cooked the recipe perfectly making sure no peppers, spices or raw tomatoes was in it, I lit the candles all around downstairs and went and got changed into my suit and bow tie that she liked me in and waited at the front door for her to return, hiding away my little secret that was behind the lounge door. I only had to wait for about ten minutes until she came walking in, breathing erratic clutching her knees until she noticed my feet and her eyes followed the legs that they belonged to, a small smile on her lips.
“Have you a red carpet event?” She asked breathlessly looking up at me slowly.
“No, now don’t ask questions and just do what I say and trust me yeah?” I smiled before picking her up over my shoulder causing her to gasp and giggle a little.
“Frank you fool put me down! My bums like in your face!” She squealed as I dropped her on the bed carefully.
“I liked your peachy bum in my face.” I smiled looking down at her “get undressed you smell.” I laughed as I went in to the bathroom and started to fill the bath up for her, making sure to put her favourite bath sets in the water, which happened to be orange flavour. I remembered that when we first lived together that’s all the bathroom smelt off, now I miss the citrus smell whenever I’m away from home.
“Your so cheeky boy.” She laughed, actually laughed, but did as I said anyway and walked into the bathroom slowly, even after all the years we’d seen each other naked she still blushed. I helped her into the bath slowly, turning the hot water up knowing she has it hot. One reason we don’t bath or shower together.
“Relax until I shout up yeah?” I told her smiling as she nodded. “Good girl, oh and change into what’s on the bed.” I smiled and walked out closing the door knowing that she’ll be wondering what’s on the bed.

It was about half an hour later, once everything was cooked and put out on the table that I shouted up to her to get ready and five minutes later she came down in the dress I’d bought her that flattered her just like I’d expected, he hair had her soft waves in them and she had the minimalist bit of make up on obviously she’d been out of the bath for some time. “Frank, what’s all this in aid of?” She looked at me smiling a little.
“Well I need to get in your good books again so I decided to cook your favourite meal, get your favourite bath smellies and everything else.” I looked her up and down taking in her beauty. “And I hoped we could talk.” I said in a small voice, not because I didn’t want her to hear but because I was scared she’d refuse.
“I think talking is a very good idea.” She smiled as she held her arm out to for me to link. I did and walked her into the dining room where I had set up a candle lit table with a sunflower on it. We ate in silence for a while until I decided it should be me that breaks the silence.
“Alice -” I said but never got the chance to finish.
“Frank I don’t want you to say sorry anymore, I don’t need you to explain or say it’s the biggest regret of your life. I need you to tell me that we’re going to get past this.” She looked at me biting her lip “because I don’t want to lose you, but I swear you do that again and I will go and I will take Grace and I really don’t want that.” She looked on the verge of tears.
“We will get past this.” I put my hand over hers softly. “We will be the same family we were before that stupid mistake and you won’t have to leave. And you certainly won’t lose me.” I replied in the strongest voice I’ve ever heard myself use. “And I will never do that again. I nearly lost you. I nearly lost everything because of my stupidity and I am not going to risk that ever again.” I said stroking her hand softly as she smiled slightly.
“I love you.” She whispered looking me in the eye for the first time since she found me on top of another women. Those three words I’d been hoping she’d say and right then she did.
“I love you too.” I smiled leaning over to kiss her softly. After that we sat and talked about anything and everything about the tour, Grace going to the farm again and how Grace was doing in school and her dance classes.

“What’s bothering you?” I whispered into her hair as we was currently cuddled up on the sofa.
“I need to ask you something, and before you decide I want you to hear me out yeah?” She looked up at me slowly waiting for me to respond, which I did with a reluctant nod. “I want to go back to work.” She put her hand over my mouth softly when she saw I was about to talk. “Grace is going to be in reception in September, that’s two weeks away Frank. When she goes she’ll be there 9 till 3 and I’m going to be sat here, staring at the same four walls, with no one to talk to. I mean it’s bad enough now when I only have a five year old to discuss Dora the Explorer with but I won’t even have that in September.” She looked at me slowly. “I’ve been offered a job and the only time I won’t be able to do the school run is if I’m on a case. We’ve arranged that I’ll travel no further than an hour away so I can come home every night to you both.” She’d really given this thought, “and if it gets too much then we can get a nanny or ask people to help out but most mums and dads now are working parents and I want that. I want to be able to come home and talk to you about my work instead of me just asking you the questions. And this job Frank, this isn’t with just any legal firm this is with Thomas and Noble, the biggest Law Company in the country.” I sat and thought this through a while after she took her hand off my mouth.
“You should do it.” I told her smiling. “You gave it up so I could do what I love and I know you love your career. We will sort something out if it gets difficult, we have enough people around I mean we have dad and Janet and mum and John who would be happy to help.” I stroked her hair softly.
“You’re not just saying this? Thinking it will be a step more into the good books are you? I need to know you’re ok with this and I’ll need your support.” She asked softly.
“I will support you in this honey. I think it’s a fantastic idea.” I kissed her softly to put her worries away.
“I start a week after she starts school.” She whispered on my lips her smile genuine.
“Well we best add another desk in the office then shouldn’t we?” I said kissing her again, until the doorbell interrupted us. We both stared at each other obviously thinking the same question, who was it? “I’ll go.” I said getting up slowly, it could have been anyone. I walked through the little hall we had that led to the door, telling Alice to stay at the lounge door. Well I wanted to be safe. When I opened the door I didn’t find the expected balaclava covered men with weapons, instead I found two people in their late 40’s early 50’s stood with a case each.
“What are you doing here?” I heard Alice shriek from behind me. That’s when I realised who it was, it was her mum and dad.
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