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You Deserve a Medal Dear

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Things aren't what they seem

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I turned round to see Alice stood tall in a defensive pose.
“Alice,” her mum spoke softly, obviously wanting to continue.
“I said what are you doing here?” Alice shouted her interruption slightly, hatred dripping off her words.
“Isn’t a mother allowed to see her only daughter anymore?” Her mother shot back at her.
“Oh no! You lost the right to call yourself that when you left me here alone! With not a single possession to my name!” My now well and truly pissed of wife spat back “and you step one foot through that door I will get the phone and all the cops and say you’re trespassing.” She smirked as her mother stepped back slowly.
“Alice you was sixteen and having a stupid fling, I thought you’d come running back in a couple of months.” Her mum rolled her eyes in a patronising manner. Alice had never been this annoyed before and I could tell that this was not because her parents left her, it was obviously something else.
“How the fuck could I get back?” Alice was screaming now stood at the door glaring down at her mother “even if I wanted to I had no money to call you because you left me with Jack fucking shit!” She flung her arms around to emphasis her point. Alice hardly ever swore and this obviously shocked her mother.
“Well I’m surprised you’ve stuck together this long with you behaving like this. Blowing everything out of proportion like usual.” Her mother spoke again and it took me lightening quick speed to jump in front of Alice who looked like she was about to slap the older woman at any time soon. “Well Frank congratulations with putting up with her for so long as well as having a child with her. You deserve a medal dear.” Her mother smiling politely at me.
“I think it’s best you leave.” I looked at the both before holding Alice close to me, in order to calm her down.
“I came to see my granddaughter.” Her mother spoke in a tone that suggested she meant business and probably used to intimidate others in the past.
“Well lucky for her she’s not here.” Alice looked at her “and you wouldn’t get within a mile of her because I don’t want a poisonous, self-centred bitch like you anywhere near her.” Alice spoke sinisterly on her mother’s face.
“Ali a bit strong.” I said pulling her back hoping to calm down.
“You’re lucky I didn’t tell Frank or Linda what you put in that letter, because you wouldn’t of even been able to get out of the fucking hospital, mother.” She spat out the last part, glaring at her mum looking her in the eyes, seemingly ignoring my comment.
“What letter Gloria?” It was her father’s turn to talk, “What is Alice talking about? What did you put in what letter?” He shook her slightly. We was all stood there silently staring at Gloria and when it became clear she wasn’t about to tell us, me and her father looked at Alice for answers.
“Come on mum your audience is waiting.” She stared at her. “No not going to tell them? Ok I will.” She paused a moment to calm down, “she wished Grace dead. Said I’d be a shit mother and we wouldn’t be able to look after her and it would all fall apart because you had a stupid job that was never going to bring in enough money to care for us.” Alice said her jaw tight, “but for your information she’s top of her class in reception and she’s advanced for her age, so I can’t be that bad of a mum can I? Also have you noticed the neighbourhood and the house so Frank must of done well for himself correct?” She eyed her mum up with a critical eye before she turned to storm into the front room leaving me to stand in just as much as disbelief as her father.

It was ten o’clock the next morning when we got a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it.” My beautiful wife spoke as I was currently cooking eggs and mushrooms. She’d been gone for about ten minutes, obviously not Grace then, when she walked in to the kitchen and dining area in silence followed by her father.
“Edward,” I spoke not hiding the surprise tone from my voice “how are you?” I looked at Alice slowly for some hint of an explanation.
“Dad said that he and mum had an argument when they got to their hotel last night and he was wondering if he could see Grace.” She explained smiling a little.
“Of course, of course.” I said smiling, I knew it wasn’t really Edward that had done anything all those years ago when they left and if Alice could accept it then so could I. “Do you want some breakfast? We don’t have meat but I can do you egg on toast or something?” I asked politely.
“No it’s ok thank you Frank, I ate before I came, if you both said no I was planning on stay away for the whole day.” He said smiling before sitting down on the seat Alice pulled out for him, knowing his legs weren’t what they used to be. “Where is she then? I gathered that she really wasn’t here last night by the way you was shouting.” Her dad asked slowly.
“No, she’s at Gerard’s for the night, they take her sometimes to give us a break.” Alice explained whilst buttering the toast fresh out of the toaster.
“Has it been hard on you both? I mean I know you have friends and family through Frank but have you had enough support?” He asked sounding regretful in a way.
“It’s been as tough for us as anyone else.” I smiled putting his mind at ease I hoped just as I heard a car pull up.
“I’ll go again.” Alice smiled as she walked to the door smiling. Soon Gerard, Beatrice and Grace came filling the room and there was an awkward silence when they noticed a strange man sitting out our dining room table. Alice gave a small cough whilst shuffling Grace on to her hip, “Gerard, Beatrice, Gracey this is Edward,” She paused slightly “my dad.” The look on Gerard and Beatrice’s faces didn’t go unnoticed.
“Granddad?” Grace asked Alice quietly, “as in Granddad in your family, from England?” Alice nodded smiling before putting her down slowly so she could walk over to the foreign man. Soon she had him going outside so he could push her on the swing we’d put up for her.
“Are you both ok?” Beatrice asked whilst sipping at her black thick coffee. “I don’t just mean about the new arrival.” She checked before saying her last statement.
Alice grabbed my hand before smiling “yeah we’re fine, thank you for having her last night it’s what we needed, and I have some news.” She was smiling bigger now, “I’m going back to work.” She stroked my hand softly as Gerard and Beatrice expressed their approval.

Once the couple had gone saying that they needed to do the shopping, we decided that we should shout Grace in for dinner and as I walked to the back door, I didn’t hear any familiar laughter that she had when she was playing outside, I didn’t hear not shouting of ‘faster’ like she did, in fact I heard nothing and as I got outside and looked around I saw nothing either. No Edward. No Grace.
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