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Drastic times for the Iero family

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“Alice!” I ran in the house to find that too was empty and silent, until I heard commotion outside on the front where I quickly ran and saw my wife starting our car up in such a way that I thought it was going to blow from the sheer force she used. I then noticed Edward behind jumping into his car just as Alice sped out of our drive way. “Edward what’s going on? Where’s Grace? Where’s Alice going?” I shouted getting in the passenger side quickly.
“I’m sorry” he said before pulling out attempting to catch up to his speeding daughter. “I turned my back for a moment and the next thing I knew Gloria was putting her into the car.” He told me quickly whilst slowly decreasing the gap on my family car. We followed Alice who was undoubtedly following her mother’s car until we came to side streets which lead to a dead end. Her mother was trapped as Alice quickly turned the car sideways in order to block any escape her mother might of considered. As we pulled up I saw Grace banging on the window to Alice who was running to the car to try and open the door, which her mother quickly locked. Trying to reassure the frightened little girl it was obvious she was trying to think of other ways to get her daughter out.
“Alice!” I screamed as her mother started the engine just as she’d got to the front of her car.
“Alice I suggest you move because I’ve lost you once, I can do so again.” Her mother shouted through the open window, revving the engine as if to prove her point; but still my wife stood there defiantly glaring at her mother. Gloria kept revving the engine a couple of more times but still Alice refused to be intimidated by the thought of being run over by her crazy psychotic mother. I stood watching the scene unfold wondering what this was achieving when Alice looked over at me and then at the door Gracey was sat next to and I quickly realised what. So with Alice distracting her mother I slowly made my way over to the car signalling to my now crying daughter to be quite, which thankfully she did.
“Come on mother! Do it if you’re going to!” I heard Alice scream at the older woman who had the look of shock and evil in her eyes. I pointed to the lock on Grace’s door and showed her what to do pretending to do it with her, it took a few attempts for her to pull it up with being so stiff and she being so young but she did and I wasted no time in flinging back the door and snatching my daughter back to safety. However, I didn’t think this through and when Gloria realised what was happening she quickly slammed her foot down causing me to jump back quickly protecting Grace from banging on the concrete. It was once I’d hit the floor I heard the sound that will forever haunt me, my wife’s ear piercing scream.
“Alice!” I heard Edward shout and people from the gathered crowd shout that I realised what had happened.
“Edward take Grace into a building.” I said as calmly as I could in order not to alarm Grace as I had made sure she did not see my wife’s blooded body on the cold floor which I ran over to. “Alice” I checked for a pulse which thankfully there was a weak one. “Ali baby listen to me” I whispered holding back the tears as I went to move her body to face me.
“Don’t move her” I heard a voice from behind me that I vaguely recognised and suddenly saw the one person I didn’t want to, Laura. “Trust me” she said kneeling down on the other side of my wife, checking for a pulse before taking her jacket off and putting it over Alice’s body. “She’s got head injuries and moving her could cause her bleeding to worsen.” She told me as I stroked Alice’s blood matted hair soon the paramedics came and quickly got her in the ambulance as I was about to get in I realised about Grace and Edward and who I needed to ring. “I’ll ring Gerard and explain to that man for you.” Stacey said as if reading my mind and I quickly nodded a thank you as the ambulance doors were slammed shut.

Three hours it had been that I’d been sat holding the hand of my critically injured wife. Edward had taken Grace out some fun place in order not to bring her to the hospital especially in the state my wife was in. There was a soft knock on the door and I turned to see a police officer walk in. He must have been in his mid-twenties at least and had obviously not seen a scene like this before.
“Mr Iero?” He waited until I nodded my head. “I know given the situation you may feel this as being inconsiderate however it’s easier to do this now while the memory is still fresh sir.” He paused, “I need to take a statement from you about what happened.” I looked nervous and whilst I did think it was a bit inconsiderate I knew he was right.
“Of course. Can you just go get one of them sat outside to sit in here please?” I looked at him “as stupid as it sounds I don’t want her to be alone.” I stood slowly as he went out and brought Gerard in with him.
“I’ll look after her mate.” He said sitting down in the seat I’d just vacated. I only nodded and walked out and into one of the rooms that the hospital already had for these sort of occasions. I gave my statement told them everything I knew about the night before and that day.
“Thank you Mr Iero.” He said softly as I turned to leave he added “one final thing, her mother wishes to see her, now although you don’t really have the right to stop her you can ask us to impose a junction meaning she cannot come anywhere near her. I’m not supposed to tell you this but truth be told if I was in your position I would want to know.” He looked up at me.
“Thank you and please can you do that for me? She’s done enough damage to my family.” I asked quietly as he just nodded leaving me to go back to my wife.

When I got back to the room she was in I noticed Gerard and Beatrice stood outside, the blinds of the room closed but loud talking in there it was then when a doctor, who had been coming and checking on Alice every so often, approached me. “Mr Iero, I’m afraid we have some bad news, if you’d like to follow me.” He spoke softly, his hand resting on my arm trying to guide my frozen body to another room.

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