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The doctor's bad news

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"What is it?" I looked him, my eyes filling up but still I was unable to move.
"I think it's best we go somewhere private sir." The doctor spoke softly as if to convince me, I shook my head no and waited for him to continue. "Very well, whilst we were carrying out checks on your wife we found two heart beats, one prominent one the other and faint one. At first we thought this was a kind of echo of hers but to be on the safe side we carried out an ultra sound scan." He looked at me to make sure I was following, "your wife is five months pregnant, and however she's lost a lot of blood causing complications with the baby." He looked at me before continuing. "We need to move her to a special unit where both Mrs Iero and the baby can be monitored, however I must warn you the chances of the child surviving are low and if it does then any complications can occur later on both for mother and child." He looked at me slowly with a sympathetic look. How could he know how this feels? Each little extra suffering eating away at me more and more, how could he ever know how that feels? "I understand you already have a child together?" He waited for me to nod. "Well I need to ask a few questions in order to get a better perspective if that's ok?" Once again I nodded "when she was pregnant last time how far was she when you found out?" I sat down trying to think "About 6 months, she went to the doctors because she was being sick and they carried out tests there. She doesn't have a regular cycle so she didn't know through that." The doctor nodded taking notes. "When you said complications, what do you mean?" I asked afraid of the answer.
"Well she has lost a lot of blood however we are trying to find a match but this could take up some time. She doesn't have enough blood for both her and the baby so we believe that testing immediate family will provide a quicker solution. Luckily she's a common blood type so do you know if you have the same blood type?" He questioned. "No and I know her father doesn't either because all of his family have rare blood types." I looked at him slowly "Do you think her mother might be?" I bit my lip a nervous tendency I have.
"There is a strong possibility that she is. I cannot begin to imagine the situation you are in right now sir but this could save her and the child’s life." He spoke softly until a nurse came running down the corridor towards us.
"We've found a match they are in the hospital and are willing to give blood now." The young nurse spoke to the doctor quickly, "we can do the tests here and now he has agreed to this." The doctor thought for a moment.
"Carry out the tests, I'm going to move Mrs Iero to the monitoring unit as soon as the results are back inform me and if everything is clear we can begin procedure straight away." He told her as she ran back off in the direction she came from. The doctor quickly explained everything to me before going back into her room and preparing her for the move.

I sat with my head in my hands when I felt a small arm wrap around my shoulders. "They've found a match its ok." Beatrice spoke soothingly at the side of me.
"Pregnant? She came out one night for our anniversary and she gets pregnant from that? Jesus we tried for a baby two years after Grace was born and no luck." I shook my head in disbelief.
"Well your little fella's worked this time." Gerard said trying to lighten the mood.
"Yeah." I mumbled "will you do me a favour? Will you go and tell Edward what's happening and tell him that he can stay at our house and if Grace gets too much to take her to my mums please?" I looked at Gerard.
"I'll do that." Beatrice spoke quietly, "you stay here yeah?" She told Gerard, obviously doing so so I could talk to him privately, which I did.

Two hours later, I was lay on a hospital bed next to my wife. The nurse had kindly got me one so I could stay with her and I held her hand all night not moving from the position I was in where I could see her. I spent most of the night singing her favourite songs, telling her favourite stories and reminiscing about us when we was younger. The next morning I was woken up by a low level of talking but from unfamiliar voices.
"Mrs Iero, you’re in the hospital, everything’s ok I need you to calm down." As soon as my brain registered they was talking to her I shot up out of bed.
"Babe it's me, Frank" I spoke coming into her view smiling and stroking her hair softly. I saw her chapped lips smile slightly under her oxygen mask.
"Mrs Iero I'm going to remove some of these tubes, it may hurt but it needs to be done and please do not try to remove your oxygen mask until we say so." The doctor told her as he started to remove most of the wires attached to her fragile body. Once this was done she looked at the doctor slowly and tried to talk. The doctor nodded to the nurse who removed her oxygen mask. Again she tried to speak but nothing came out after her voice being rested for so long.
"Thirsty." She croaked out, her voice sounding much weaker than she looked. A cup of water was quickly poured as she was helped to sit up.
"Mrs Iero can you tell me anything about what you remember?" She looked round after the doctor asked his question. She managed to croak out an almost accurate account of what happened her eyes looking heavy.
"Grace. Where is she?" She looked at me in a panicked way.
"She's safe; she's at home with your dad. She is fine though." I smiled squeezing her hand reassuringly.
"You're not just saying it you're being truthful?" She studied my face.
"I'm being truthful now sleep. I'll be here when you wake up." I stroked her hair as she began to doze again and I went in search of the man who saved her and my baby's life.
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