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Frank is the new Italian student, and Gerard is in his classes.

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“Quanto è grande questa scuola comunque?” [How big is this school anyway?] I muttered to myself, clutching my black messenger bag and staring up at the school I was about to enter. I was a new student at Belleville High (not that I wanted to be), as I had just moved from Italy to New Jersey with my parents. I tried to tell them not to send me to school just before the Summer Vacation (homework before a vacation? No thank you) but they did anyway.
"Genitori stupidi." [Stupid parents]
I frowned and kicked a sprite can which was conveniently in my way. I walked up the steps, which were littered with gum, and opened the entrance to the school.
"Merda questo posto è enorme!" [Shit this place is huge!] I exclaimed, causing a few people to stare at me. I blushed and ran a hand through my forever messy hair, looking at a small piece of paper which had my locker number on and its combination. I looked around trying to find somebody who wasn’t in a group, so I could ask them where the locker would be. I was shy when it came to speaking to people in groups, especially now that I was in America. I couldn’t speak very good English.

I noticed a pale boy with dark hair standing alone, looking like he owned the place. He had an air of dignity around him, which made me slightly intimidated. However, I walked up to him.
“Ciao!” [Hello] I smiled, forgetting to speak English. I was about to correct myself, when he spoke.
“Ciao, sei nuovo?” [Hello, are you new?] The boy replied, making me gasp. He could speak Italian too!
I nodded and smiled. “Potreste aiutarmi?” [Could you help me?]
“Sì che posso.” [Yes I can]
“Sai dove il mio armadietto è?” [Do you know where my locker is?] I asked, handing him the paper. I watched as his mouth curved into a smile, which made me smile too. I noticed that he had tiny teeth, which fascinated me in a strange way.
“E 'proprio accanto al mio. Seguimi!” [It’s right next to mine. Follow me!] The boy walked off suddenly, which startled me. I had to run to catch up with him.

We ended up in a different hallway, which was lined with lockers and had the occasional classroom door. The boy walked up to a locker and tapped it.
“Questa è la vostra.” [This is yours]
“Grazie ...” [Thank you ...] I waited for him to say his name while I opened my locker.
“Gerard Way - e il vostro nome è ...?” [Gerard Way – and your name is ...?] He crossed his arms and watched me open my locker.
“Francesco Iero - ma mi chiamano Frank. Odio quando la gente mi chiami Francesco.” [Francesco Iero - but call me Frank. I hate it when people call me Francesco] I frowned a little as I said this.
Gerard laughed, and I frowned even more. What was he laughing at, my name? Even though his laugh was cute, it was still rude. He must have noticed my scowling, as he stopped laughing.
“Basta sembrava così adorabile quando hai detto che.” [You just looked so adorable when you said that] He explained, pinching my cheeks and grinning.
I blushed and looked through my bag, searching for another piece of paper which had my classes on. I found it and saw that my first lesson of the day was maths. Joy. I groaned and put the books that I didn’t need in my locker. I closed it and looked at Gerard.
“Posso vedere il tuo?” [Can I see yours?] Gerard asked. He laughed at what he said, and then held his hand out. I gave him the paper and watched his face. “Mi sorprende che tradotto questo in italiano per voi. E 'come la cosa più bella della scuola ha fatto per un ragazzo nuovo!” [I'm surprised they translated this into Italian for you. It's like the nicest thing the school has done for a new kid!] He gave the paper back to me and I put it into my bag.
“Siamo nelle stesse classi, il che è strano. Ma suppongo che la scuola ha fatto così ho potuto tradurre per voi.” [We are in the same classes, which is weird. But I suppose the school did it so I could translate for you.] Gerard explained as he put the books he needed into his bag.
“Andiamo a eccitante classe di matematica!” [Let’s go to exciting maths class!] I giggled, putting my bag over my shoulder. Gerard grinned at me and linked our arms.

[A/N – If you find any faults with the Italian, tell me. I used my very little knowledge on the Italian language and Google translate, so there are bound to be some.]
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