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Maths class.

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Maths class!

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As Frank and I entered the maths classroom, the once noisy class went silent and started staring at us. I would have liked to think it was my dashing good looks (I use sarcasm a lot) that made the class shut up and stare, however – I think it was something to do with a gorgeous tiny Italian walking through the door. I looked over at one of my friends, Lindsey, and smirked, as I knew that if the class wasn’t so silent she would have squealed. She always squeals when she sees cute things. I saw her eyes flicker to my face and she grinned at me, mouthing ‘Who’s the new kid?’ I grinned too and mouthed back ‘Tell you later.’ I felt Frank unlink our arms and I looked at him, noticing he was blushing a bright red colour.
“Perché stanno a guardare noi?” [Why are they staring at us?] Frank whispered to me, looking nervously at the faces turned our way.
“Perché tu sei nuovo.” [Because you are new] I whispered back, giving him a reassuring smile.

The door opened suddenly, causing Frank and I to jump. The teacher, Miss Bray, was a bitch, so I decided to sit in my assigned seat before I got a detention (and no, I wasn’t exaggerating – it had happened before). Frank looked like a (bright red) deer caught in headlights, so I gave him another little smile. He couldn’t have looked more scared when Miss Bray walked past him if he had tried. Miss Bray stared at him from behind her desk for a few moments, before she put her hands on her hips. “And who are you?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at Frank. Frank mumbled a little under his breath before nodding as if he was confirming something. He was probably trying to figure out what the teacher had said. I was about to tell her that Frank couldn’t speak English, but Frank spoke before I could even open my mouth.
Frank started to speak slowly - “Hello Miss, I am Francesco Iero.” His mouth turned into a fake smile when he said his name, causing me to smirk. He really did hate his name.
Miss Bray checked the roll call before sharply nodding her head. “Ah, Iero – the new foreign student. I suppose you will have to sit next to Way, as he’s the only one who can speak Italian in this class.” She gave me a little glare as she said this, causing me to roll my eyes. “Ross, sit in the spare place!” She ordered the boy next to me, causing him to stand up and stalk to his new seat. “By the way Iero, my full name is Miss Bray. I know you are foreign, but that’s no excuse to get my name wrong.” I glared at the teacher before flipping her the bird under my desk. It made me feel a little less angry.
Frank turned his head to look at me, and gave a little shrug. I guessed that meant he didn’t understand what Miss Bray said (I was glad, as she had been rude to poor Frank). I patted the desk next to me and said, “Siediti qui” [Sit here] with a small grin. He grinned too and did what I said. He got his books out and put his bag under the desk, sneaking a quick look at me and giving me a shy smile when he noticed I was still looking at him, before watching the teacher write on the board. I laughed quietly and got my books out too, getting ready for the best lesson of the day (defiantly sarcasm).
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