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Frank meets Gerard's friends.

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Before I knew it, it was time for lunch. The lessons went quick because Gerard was with me the entire time, I think. I was currently waiting by our lockers, clutching a paper bag which had my lunch in. I had no clue where the cafeteria was, or where Gerard had gone. He said he was going to introduce me to a few of his friends, and that he would only be a few minutes – however, he had been gone for a whole ten minutes. Surely it didn’t take that long to round up a few friends?

I sighed and sat on the (hopefully clean) floor, taking a sandwich out of my bag and nibbling on it. I felt tears prickle my eyes and I groaned, cursing myself for crying over nothing. “Hai solo lo conosco da un paio d'ore!” [You have only known him for a few hours!] I muttered to myself, furiously rubbing my tears away with my hoodie sleeve. I put my sandwich back in the paper bag and stood up, about to walk somewhere when I heard a voice.

“Frank!” called Gerard, waving at me. I did a small wave back and smile, hoping the evidence that I had been crying was gone. I looked at the five people around Gerard that I supposed were his friends and got a little uneasy. One of Gerard’s friends (who was the one in our maths and art classes) whispered something to Gerard and he grinned, then looked over at me. He beckoned me over and I walked over to the group of people, throwing my lunch in the trash as I went. I wasn’t hungry anymore.

“Ciao Frank!” Gerard grinned, to my relief not noticing that I had cried. He then introduced me to his friends, pointing at each of them as he said their names (there was Ray, Bob, Mikey, Lindsey and Alicia).
I blushed and waved at his friends, saying “ciao” to them all.
“You’re right, Lynz, he is cute!” Alicia said, grinning. I cocked my head to the side and looked at Gerard, waiting for him to translate for me.
“Ha detto che si è carino.” [She said that you are cute] Gerard explained, and I blushed, looking at Alicia.
“Grazie, Alicia.” [Thank you, Alicia]
Suddenly Ray spoke. “Does Frank want to go to that show with us this weekend?”
Gerard asked me in Italian and I nodded. Gerard said that all his friends had an awesome taste in music, and I believed him. “I would love that” I spoke slowly, picking my words carefully.
“It’s gonna be awesome – just wait Frank.” Mikey said, pushing his glasses up his nose.
We talked until the bell rung, signalling the end of lunch break and telling us that we had five minutes to get to our next class.
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