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I'm sorry I hadn't posted this sooner, guys. I've been in the hospital, and my internet wouldn't work. So sorry. :/

I had woken up on the couch. Mikeys head on my shoulder, he was still asleep.
Gerard and Amelia were no where to be seen. Then I heard a moan coming from upstairs.
Oh ew. That is so gross. She's lucky our parents are at work. Who has sex at 4pm? Seriously?
Mikey's snoring caught my attention again. He looked so sweet.
I didn't want to wake him, but I definetly didn't want to go through this myself.

"Uh, Mikey?" I said shaking him a little. "Mikey, wake up." i said poking his nose this time.
"Mmm. what do you want gerard." he mumbled from his sleep.
"It's not Gerard, Mikey. It's Frank."
"OH. um. uh, sorry." he said sitting up off my shoulder.
"Hah, it's okay. I guess we fell asleep for a few hours."
"Yeah. Where are Gerard and Mill-" thats when moaning cut him off. "Ewww." he wrinkled his nose.
"Uh, yeah. Gross, right?" i shook my head.
"Totally gross."
"Wanna go for a walk? I really can't stomach hearing my sister doing.. that." I said at another moan.
"Yeah, lets go. holy fuck they're like animals." He made a disgusted face again
"I agree. let me grab my jacket and we'll go."


"So, since there really isn't an option of going back to my house, what should we do?"
"I don't know. I would say we could go to my house, but, uh, Gee has the key and all." Mikey rolled his eyes.
"We can go to the park? I dunno. Fuck." My suggestions were usually stupid.
"Sure, I guess." Mikey just agreed.
It was silent as we walked to the park.

When we got there, it was empty. No signs of life at all.
"Huh, creepy. Usually you at least hear the birds. Guess it's too cold for them." I noted. Mikey just nodded.
"Oh and Frank, sorry I didn't text you back last night, I fell asleep." He took out his phone and started tapping out a message. When he flipped his phone shut my phone started to vibrate. I opened it and it showed a text from Mikey.
I want to come over. See you tomorrow. :)
That was incredibly cute, if I must say.
I smiled at him. "So, tell me about yourself, Stranger." I laughed at my own joke.
"Uh, like what?"
"Amelia says we have the same interest in music. Do you like Black Flag?" I already knew he did.
"Dude, I love them."
"Dude, me too. What about Misfits?"
"Fuck yes! Radiohead?"
"DUDE! Yes. Fuck yes."
we sat there for a good hour and a half talking about bands and comic books that we both like.

"So, what else is there that I don't know about you? Any girlfriends?"After I asked I realized that Amelia might have told him that she told me about him being gay. If that was a case, I either looked really jerkish, or like an asshole.
"Uh, no girlfriends." he looked up over at the trees.
"Oh, cool. Me neither. I don't understand why you wouldn't, though?"
"You don't have to tell me, if you don't want to."
"Are you a homophobe?" He was looking at me this time. He had hurt in his eyes.
"Nope, not at all." I smiled as best as I could at him. He looked down at his hands.
"I'm gay." he didn't put much volume behind his answer. I didn't say anything. Not because I thought of him as weird, due to my own situation, but because I really didn't know what to say.
"Great, now it's awkward.." he sighed. "I shouldn't have told you, fuck, I just met you, and now I'm telling you my problems."
"'Problems'?" What the hell was he talking about? He hadn't told me anything other than the fact that he was gay.
"Well, problem, whatever."
"You mean that you're gay? Dude, that's not a 'problem.' Why would you even think it is?"
"My parents always call at ask Gerard if my "problem" has gone away yet. I guess I got the name from them."
"It's not a "problem," Mikey. It's.. it's just a personality trait. If people look down on you because of that, then well.. fuck them."
"I guess."
"Do you live with your parents?"
"No, I live with Gerard. Have been since I was forteen."
"Oh you're totally lucky man. Parties all the time!" Even though he didn't seem like the party type, it seemed to be a good topic.
"Gerard always has parties, haha. I just stay in my room."
"Ah, well.. you don't seem like the party type, anyway."
"Yeah, I'm not. So, anything I don't know about YOU? Any girlfriends?" he seemed to be rephrasing my question.
"Nope, never had a girlfriend." I laughed.
"I'd think you'd be the type to have a different girlfriend every week."
"I don't know if that's a good thing.. or if I should be offended."
"It's a good thing."
"Ah, okay. But, uh, how?" I laughed.
"You're just.. Eh, nevermind what I said."
"I'm just whorey lookin', huh?" I elbowed him and laughed. I wasn't wearing underwear, so, I guess I could pass for whorey.
"No! It's just.. ah, you're.. attractive, you know?" he started to blush and looked down.
"Ah well thanks." I laughed.
"So, why haven't you ever had any girlfriends?" He seemed to have some sort of intrest about me.
"I've never had any "butterflies" for anyone, I guess." until now. "Like, I've been asked out, I just didn't want to say yes, and lead the girl on."
"Ah, well that's sweet of you, I think."
"I think it is too." I laughed.

We sat at the park for what seemed like a short time, but truely wasn't. We had been there three hours.
"Uh, Mikey. It's 7:00." I looked over at him.
"Shit, do you think Gerard is still at your house? If he forgot me I don't have a ride."
"He probably is. My parents usually have dinner around this time, they probably invited him to stay."
"Uh, okay. We better go, I guess."
"Yeah, I guess we should."
We both got up and started walking in the direction that we had came.

"I can't believe we were out so long." I looked at my phone again, checking to see if it was real.
"I know. Gerard is going to be questioning me about this later, ugh."
"Same with Amelia, and my parents. Gross."
"Gross is a good word for it."

"So, what's your favorite song by Radiohead?" I asked after we got out of the park.
"Hmm.. Black Star, for sure. You?"
"Oh dude, I love that song. But I'll have to go with 'Bulletproof.. I wish I was.'"
"That song is great."
"All of their songs are great!"
"Yes, I agree."
"I forgot to ask, but how old are you?" I looked at the tall figure beside me, thinking he couldn't be any younger than me.
"Oh. I'm 15." I guess my facial expression gave away my shock. "What?"
"You're so young! Holy shit."
"Wait, how old are you?" he wrinkled his forehead.
"I'm fu-reaking 17!" I didn't feel it was right to cuss around him, even though I cussed when I was his age.
"You can cuss around me. See, fuck, shit, damn, cunt, ass." he smirked.
"Still weird."
"Get over it."

On our way home we just talked. I tried, and failed, not to cuss.
When we got to the house I opened to see the kitchen light shining through, and clashing of silverware.
"Hello?" I shouted into the empty space.
"In here Frank!" my mothers voice called.
"Hey, is Gerard in there?" I asked.
"Yeah." he called back himself.
"told you Mikey!" I whispered.
He just elbowed me and we walking into the kitchen, waiting for the questions to start.

As expected they did.
"Where have you two been?" Amelia eyed us.
"We went to the park." Mikey said, in a small voice.
"The park..? For four hours?" Gerard raised an eyebrow. I looked down at my phone, and sure enough, it was eight. It took us an hour to get here.
"You're forgetting about the time it took us to walk." I noted.
"So, at the part for what? Two hours?" Amelia questioned.
"Mom! Dad! Make her shut up." I whined.
"Leave them alone, Milly." My dad warned.
"Fine." she smiled at him. "I'll get you later." she winked over at me.
"So are you two joining us?" my mom asked, ignoring Amelia.
"Yeah, sure, I guess." I said, sitting my Amelia, Mikey sitting by Gerard.
"Here you go Michael." My mom said handing him the plate full of vegetarian burgers.
"I'm not very hungry. But thank you ma'am." he smiled at her, and she put the plate down, with disappointment on her face.
"You sure? You're so skinny." she sounded concerned. That was my mom for you.
"I'm positive." he looked up and smiled.
"Alright honey, but if you get hungry it's there." she smiled setting it down.
I grabbed myself a burger, because I for one, was starving.
"So, what were you guys doing, tonight?" my dad questioned.
This was going to be a long night.
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