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The Morning After

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For anyone who asked, I'm fine, thanks (:
I was only in the hospital for my back, but yeah it took a lot of my time.
Sorry for a short chapter.

Frank POV.

"Frankie! You awake?" Amelia whispered, walking into my room. "Frankie!" she whispered again.
"Wh-what?" I turned around and said groggily.
"So, I see you're awake!" Amelia smiled, sitting down on the empty side of my bed.
"Yeah, I guess you can consider me 'awake' but I wouldn't, just yet." I rubbed my sleep filled eyes.
"So, what did you think about last night?" Amelia smiled, look straight down at me.
"It was fun.. Other than being questioned about everything."When I said this she crossed her arms.
"C'mon Frank! We were just curious." she giggled.
"But I had already told you! We didn't do anything, other than talk about music." i sighed.
"Still! Anyway, what do you think about Mikeyway?" She said is name as a run on sentence.
"He was really cool, but really young." I laughed at myself for believing that.
"Ah yeah, I figured you'd be a little creeped that he just turned 15. But still, he's a cool kid."
"You sound like you're in love with him, Mil!" I stretched out 'love' to sound like I was being mushy.
"I'm not, but you are. Don't you remember talking about him in your sleep?" She raised and eyebrow and snickered, at my face, I assumed.
"I did not." I said defensibly.
"Oh, but you did, little brother." she titled her head.
"Pics or it didn't happen!" I declared proudly.
"Don't fuck with me or I'll tell Mikey that you said his hair was OH so dreamy." She winked and walked out.
"FUCK YOU AMELIA!" I shouted from the room.
I knew when she came in being all nice it was too good to be true. Amelia is never nice. Ever.

I laid down, trying to go back to sleep when my phone started vibrating on my bedside table.
When I picked my phone up to look at the name, it said Mikey. I was surprisingly happy about this.

"Hey, Frank. :)" the text read. one thing I noticed about Mikey, he always put smileys at the end of a text. I liked that, because it always made me smile to think that he took enough time to put it there. It made me feel kind of special, if you will. Even though I'm sure he sends a smiley to everyone. Hm, Mikey was a smiley whore.
"Heyy." I realized I probably seemed like a girl, but I really didn't care. Mikey, not waisting anytime texted back a minute and a half later.
"Are you busy tomorrow?" no smiley this time.
"Hm, nope." the hm was unneeded.
"Want to maybe.. hang out again?" He seemed hesitant. Is that possible? I mean, to be hesitant through text.
"Totally. What time?" It would probably be early, since, well.. He seemed like that type.
"Err, one, maybe? Is that okay?" I had never seen him so hesitant. but,afterall, I had only known him for a day.
"Yeah, that's fine."
"Cool, I'll have Gerard drive me."
"Alright. See you later, Mikey. :)" I figured it might be appropriate to put a smiley.
"See you, Frank." No smiley back. Was I not good enough for a smiley?
I knew I wouldn't be up in time for Mikey, so I resorted to asking Amelia.

"Amelia! Where are you?" I stuck my head out of my room and looked around.
"Down here!" It sounded like she was calling from the kitchen.
"Hey can you wake me up at 11?" I said, taking a seat next to my sister.
"Why? Awww does Frankie have a date?" She cooed on.
"Shut the fuck up." I hissed.
"Now if you're going to talk to me like that.." She raised her eyebrows.
"Sorry. But seriously. Will you wake me up?" I sounded desperate. Hell, I was desperate.
"Sure, but tell me why." She took a sip of her diet pepsi. Ew, pepsi.
"Mikey is coming over around 12, and I want to shower and stuff." I looked away from her judging eyes.
"You? Shower? Again? Twice in the same week? What is this black magic!" she laughed.
"I'm being serious, Mills." I sighed. Fuck it.
"I'll wake you up, Frank." She finally gave up on being a bitch.
"Thanks." I stood up to walk away when she stopped me.
"Frank?" she said questioningly.
"Yeah?" I sighed, here comes more shit.
"You really like him, don't you?" She sounded serious enough.
"Yeah." I looked away, in the case that I was blushing.
"He likes you, too.." She trailed off.
"Good to know." I laughed.
"Yeah. Anyway, see you at 11." She said.
"So no visiting me at all before then?" I tried to frown.
"I'm going out with Samantha to see a movie, and dinner. So I probably won't be back for awhile."
"ah, alright. have fun."
"Thanks, I will."
"See ya then." I saluted.
"See ya then." she repeated.
I couldn't get the boy with awkward knees off my mind, no matter how hard I tried.
He seemed to permanently imprint himself in my mind.
I didn't seem to mind, and for that I didn't know why. Time went really fast.
Before I knew it my parents were calling me down for dinner.
"Frankie! We've got lasagna!" My moms voice rang.
"Alright, coming mom." I shouted down.
When I got downstairs I filled my plate full of my moms famous cheese lasagna, and got a big glass of milk.
"It's great mama, thank you." I smiled at my mom.
"Yes, it is great. Thank you sweety." My dad pecked my mom on the cheek.
"You two are too kind." she smiled and cut up her little serving.
We talked about absolutely nothing that meant anything.

"I'll clear the table Mom, Dad. Go relax or something." I smiled at them.
"Aw, thank you dear." my mom said standing on her tippy toes to plant a kiss on my cheek. I may not be tall, but I'm taller than her.
My parents walked into the living room and turned on the tv while I washed the dishes and put the leftovers in Tupperware. After I was finished I washed my hands and started walking up the stairs.
"I'm going to sleep ma, pa. See you tomorrow. Love you." I shouted out to them.
I heard two distant I love you too's, and a "he's such a good boy" from my mom.

When I got to my room I laid down, and fell asleep immediately.
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