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This is How I Disappear

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Drain all the blood and give the kids a show

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This is my first story so please enjoy!
The title is My chem :D
Megan xoxo

Sam's P.O.V


I woke up with my heart racing.I sighed. Not again I thought to myself.I've had this dream ever since the night mum died.
I checked the clock 2am.Uhh,stupid time difference.I groaned.I looked at myself in the mirror and stared at the bruise slowly appearing on my cheek.
Dad said it was all my fault that Mum died.I was the one who she was picking up.She had swearved into another car on the way to picking me up from school because I didn't like getting the bus because I was always picked on by the older kids who got the bus.That was when dad started to hit me...when he started to drink.
Dad said we had to move from London to Belleville in New Jersey because London had to many memories and Dad's sister lives in Belleville.
Today is my first day of Belleville High School,I thought to myself while staring at the ceiling.
I fell back asleep and woke up at half 6.I got up and got a shower.I straightened my hair and put my eyeliner on.I then Shoved my grey skinnies,a white vest,black converse and my Misfits hoodie on.
By the time I finished getting ready it was half 7 and time to grab my coffee and walk to school.

Mikey's P.O.V

"Are you ready for school?!"
"Yeah,just got to get some coffee"
"Come here I need to ask you something..."
I sighed and walked into the kitchen to find my Mom making coffee.
"Yeah Mom?"I said taking the coffee off her.
"There is a new girl starting your school from nextdoor,Could you,please,look out for her and say hi? Her name is Samantha"I sighed.
"Fine,see you later"I replied as my brother Gerard shouted that Frank was here.
"What did she want?" Gerard asked.
"She said there's a new girl nextdoor who is starting at our school and that I should look out for" I said as we stepped out of the door "She said she was called Samantha"
"I bet she is some stuck up blonde like Macenzie and her crowd,who like that crap,they call 'music'" Gerard said laughing.
"Hey! Carly's part of her 'crowd'!" Frank said defending his girlfriend.
"Exactly" Gee said smugly.
Frank then tried to tackle him,but he is tiny compared to Gerard,so he just got shoved to the ground.
As they got up,the door banged Nextdoor.We all turned to see a girl in a black Misfits hoodie walk out of the door with her hood up and her head down.
"Well,I guess thats Samantha" Frank muttered.
We then started to walk towards school.

Sam's P.O.V

I walked in through the doors into Belleville High School and pulled my hood down.I got a few dirty looks from some cheerleader types so I just kept my head down.
"Samantha?" an unfamilar voice said. I turned to see a tall blonde boy in glasses.
"Yes?" I said "Do I know you?" he looked taken back as if he didn't expect me to speak or maybe it was just my London accent.
"I'm Mikey? Your new neighbour?"
"Oh Hey"
"Hey,so do you like the school?"
"Ha,well I'll see you around Samantha" He said looking at the clock.
"See you and Mikey?"
"Call me Sam"
"Okay bye" He said smiling and walked over to his friend.

Mikey's P.O.V

She's beautiful.
Long black hair with streaks of eletric blue through it which were the same colour as her big round eyes which were made even bigger by the eyeliner she had on.
Snow white skin but with a light purple shadow appearing over left cheek.
Tiny little thing maybe not so much bigger than Frank.
Speaking of Frank he was now punching my arm.
"Ow!" I said.
"Dude you zoned out" Frank said.
"Dude your blushing!!"
"No I'm not!" I tried to hide my now flaming cheeks.
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