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Your Guardian Angel

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Seasons are changing and waves are crashing And stars are falling all for us

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Thank you to you awesome people who are reading my story!!!
Oh and I dont own any of the MCR guys (though I wish I did!) and Sam is out of my imagination. Just thought i'd say that!
The title is the red jumpsuit apparatus.
Megan xoxo

Sam's P.O.V

I ran towards my first class.I knew I was late.
My attention was somewhere else when I ran into him.
He was gorgeous.
He had raven black hair and his eyes were beautiful hazel orbs which were large,kind and strangly familiar.He was like an angel.
"I-I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going" I said gathering the papers that he had been carrying and that had gone everywhere.
"Don't worry,it's my fault" The angel said.I gave him his papers and he was off.
I picked a paper up which we had missed. I went to give it him back but he had already gone.I looked at the picture.It was a drawing of a super hero. It was amazing.
I ran to English.
"Well,Well the new face appears" The teacher said.
"I'm sorry I got lost" I replied.
"Please,just sit down" I did as I was told and sat in the back corner but on my way to my seat I was tripped up by a pouty blonde girl and everyone started laughing.
I jumped up blushing and sat down.
The blonde threw me a mean smirk over her shoulder.

English went by quicker than I had expected it to.My next lesson was maths.
"Ugh I hate maths" I whispered to myself and ran to the math department using the map I was given to find it.
I got into the classroom before the teacher came in the desks were in twos.Awkward.
I saw Mikey waving so I waved back and sat on the desk behind him and his friend.
"Hey!" I said brightly.
"Hey" he replied smiling "This is Frank" Frank turned to look at me.
He was small with dark hair and a lip piercing.He smiled at me and said:
"Hey there" He then shook my hand.
The teacher then walked into the room.
"Frank Iero!Can you please tell me why you aren't facing the front?"
Frank turned quickly to face the front.
"I-er-was-er.."Frank stuttered.
The teacher stood with a smirk on his face watching this boy stutter and try and make an excuse.
"Please,face the front next time Mr Iero"
"Yes,sir" Frank said blushing and looking down.
I felt bad for him because he was was really nice and pretty awesome.

Frank's P.O.V

I hate Mr Townsen. He really knows how to piss me off and infront of Sam! She really was stunning but I think Mikey liked her so I should probably leave it,but she was beautiful and sounds really nice.
I hope she liked me...
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