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This Ain't a Scene its an Arms Race

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And I don't really care which side wins As long as the room keeps singing

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Thanks for reading my story guys!!!
The title is fall out boy :)
Megan :)

Sam's P.O.V

The lessons went by really quick and,before I knew it,it was lunchtime.
I got my salad and my bottle of coke and sat on a table in the corner,trying not get noticed.
But suddenly two trays piled high with food appeared in front of me.
I looked up expecting to see some scary jocks,but it was Mikey and Frank.
"Hey there" they both said together smiling.
"Hey" I said with a little wave and a smile.
They started to eat their piles of food and I nibbled at my salad.
I noticed they kept glancing at me and then back at their food.
Frank then spoke."Soo...What music do you like Sam?"
"Um...The Misfits,Smashing Pumkins,Paramore,Iron Maiden,Black veil brides,Fall Out Boy..." I started blushing.
They both smiled.
"Thats awesome!At least you don't like that shit Macenzie and her crowd listens to" Mikey said pointing to where the pouty blonde and her friends were sat.
They kept glancing over as if they knew what we were talking about.
I giggled and drank a bit of my coke.
"So you like rock?"Frank said.
I nodded still drinking.
"Think she would like us?" A guy with a light brown afro said as he sat next to Mikey.
"Probably,Ray" Mikey said and then he looked at me.
"Oh by the way,this is Sam" I smiled at him.
"Hi"I said and shook his hand.
"Hi" he replied before a blonde haired boy sat next to him.
"That's the last time I use that shitty drink machine.It took my dollar!"He exclaimed and then looked at me and his eyes widened.
"Whos this?"he said pointing towards me.
"This is Sam.Our new neighboor?I thought Gee told you all before?"
"I did" Came a voice from behind me.The angel I bumped into in the hall sat next to me.
"Yeah but you know I never listen to you Gee " he said grinning at the angel.
"And finally,Sam,this is Gerard,my brother" Mikey said proudly.
He gave me a smile which made me almost melt.
"Hey" Gerard said.
"Hi" I said.

Gerard P.O.V

She was gorgeous.
The way she laughed. The way she smiled.
But I could tell Macenzie was getting jealous.
I knew she liked me and she wouldn't let anyone else like us or us like anyone else.
This could be a problem.
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