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With their tanks and their bombs And their bombs and their guns In your head, in your head, they are crying

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I go back to school on monday sooo sadly less updates sorry :/
I hope you like my Cat or dog thing I put in here hehe ;)
The title is the cranberries.
Thank you for reading!!!!!

Sam's P.O.V

We sat and talked and laughed for awhile.
"Favourite food?" Frank said when they were quizing me.
"Pizza wait no SKITTLES!!!!!!" he grinned and we all laughed.
"Music?"Gerard said.
"Rock for the win!" I yelled alittle to loudly.
" or cat"I said to them all.
"Dog" said Ray.
"Dog" said Gerard.
"Dog" said Frank.
"Dog" said Mikey.
"Cat..." Bob said blushing and we all burst out laughing.
"Umm,Favourite animal?"Mikey asked.
"Penguin!" I said and they all laughed.
"So why did you move to Jersey,Sam?" Bob asked.
"I er-well..." I stuttered looking down at my salad.
"Bob! Now look what you've done!"Ray hissed.
"No,it's fine I-One minute" I said and I got up to put my rubbish in the bin.
Macenzie got up and walked over to me.
"Sara is it?" she said smugly.
"Samantha" I said.
"Yeah,yeah whatever listen,you better stay away from Gerard.From all of them, Gerard's mine and he doesn't want a stupid little emo slut like you bugging him! And if you bug the other guys you bug him so back off bitch!" She hissed waving her arms around in the air.
That was when I ran.

Bob's P.O.V

Why did I say that to her.I didn't mean to upset her because I really do like her.
Shit.I'll apologise when she sits back down.
"Where is she?" Frank said looking around the cafeteria.
We all looked around for her.All we saw was Macenzie and her crowd laughing at something.
Shit. This is my fault.I bet shes crying now because of me.

Sam's P.O.V

I ran to the bathroom. It was empty so I ran into a cubicle and locked the door,sat on the floor and just cried.
Why is did she say that?I liked him yes but not like-like.God I sound like a 10 year old but I really don't need this right now! I thought to myself. With mum dying and dad drinking its all to much.
Then I remembered what my friend Becky said before I left "Give em' hell kid"
"Fine but i'm going to ignore them" I whispered to myself.
I then sorted my make up out and walked to my next class.
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