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You're just a sad song with nothing to say, about a life long wait for a hospital stay.

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Frank's in hospital and Gerard's curious.

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Lindseys POV

Gerard wouldn't move. He sat by Franks bed ever since we arrived at the hospital. He gripped Franks hand, staring at his peaceful face as he listened to the steady beats from the heart monitor. He was a complete state. Red hair sticking up at random angles, puffy red eyes, tear stained face. He was going to come to the hospital in his underwear if I hadn't have stopped him. He had old baggy blue jeans on and a hoodie. When the ambulance arrived, Gerard went in with him whilst I stayed at home, cleaning up Franks blood. I found the razor Frank used, but I didn't break it or bin it. Frank could to that once he's ready. I called the babysitter, Helen, to watch over Bandit whilst I went to the hospital. 
I walked back over to Franks bed where Gerard sat. I passed him a coffee. He took it with shaky hands. 
"Sweetheart, you need sleep."
I told him. He was running on coffee,  a lot of it at that. He shook his head. Stubborn fucker. 
"Gerard. Frank will be fine. I'll sit with him."
"Gerard... You need it."
"No. I need coffee. Get me more."
I raised an eyebrow at him. How dare he! He soon noticed his mistake. 
He added quietly. 
"No Gerard." 
He looked at me with desperate eyes. It broke my heart to see him like that. 
"Gerard... Go get something to eat honey." 
He looked at me for a moment and then nodded, getting up. The heart monitor slowed slightly and Gerards head snapped towards the machine. 
He whimpered, his eyes watering up again. I tensed up. It was slowing. Why? The long shrill beep from the monitor rung in my ears. The flat line on the monitor brought tears to my eyes. No. No, that can't be possible. A bunch of nurses and doctors ran over. Gerard whimpered. 
"Frankie! No!"
He yelled, trying to push his way past me. He got his way past me and gripped Franks shoulders, shaking his lifeless body. 
"Frank wake up, please!"
He begged, numerous tears slipping rapidly down his cheeks. A brunette, slightly chubby nurse went over to Gerard.  
"Mr Way, could you please stand aside."
She said calmly. I moved over and tore Gerard away, wiping my own tears away. A doctor was pressing softly on Franks chest whilst a another nurse put an oxygen mask over his mouth. No change. Then they got the defibrillator out, putting two patches on Franks chest. I had to turn away, gripping Gerards chest. Gerard was sobbing into my shoulder. 
"Charging two hundred. Clear!" 
I heard the doctor say followed by the thump of Franks body lifting up and falling down back on the bed as the electricity is sent through him. But still no change. The monitor was still flat. 
"Charging three-sixty. Clear!"
The thump of Franks body came again but this time the monitor stared to beep steadily. Frank was alive. Thank fuck. Gerard rushed to Franks side. 
"Shit! I thought I'd lost you Frank."
He whispered to him. He was okay now... I wiped away my tears and went to go get food. I needed to take my mind off of what had just happened.  I returned with two packets of crisps and another coffee for my husband. 
"You're just a sad song with nothing to say, about a life long wait for a hospital stay..."
I heard Gerard sing quietly. He was singing to Frank? Aww! How sweet! I handed him his crisps and coffee and he smiled weakly. 
He murmured. I smiled and kissed his cheek. 
"I can't loose him. He's my best friend."
"He's strong, he'll pull through."

Franks POV

It was really dark. Where the fuck was I? I could hear someone singing. 
"If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find that first hand what it's like to be me."
It was Gerard. Why was he singing? I didn't mind. I loved it when he sung to me. I forced my heavy lidded eyes open to be greeted by a bright white blur. 
I could sort of make out Gerards face that appeared in the blur and his distinct red hair. I shut my eyes, using the little strength I had to rub the sleep out of them. I re-opened them to see a very worried looking Gerard. He had bloodshot, puffy red eyes from crying. The bin was filled with empty coffee cups. He looked like shit. I dread to think what I looked like. I opened my mouth yet no words seemed to come out. Gerard smiled ever so slightly at my attempt. 
"Don't rush yourself Frankie."
He whispered. I closed my mouth and looked around. The uncomfortable bed, heart monitor, numerous needles piercing my skin. I was in hospital? I opened my mouth again, using all my strength. 
It was a weak whisper, but it'd do. Gerard nodded, putting his hand on my cheek. 
"Yeah Frankie?"
He whispered back. I looked at the arm I had mutilated. It was bandaged up. 
"I'm sorry." 
I choked. Gerard dropped his hand from my cheek and looked away. I suddenly felt a pit of loneliness at the absence of his hand. There was a pregnant silence lingering in the air.  
"Why didn't you just tell me Frank?"
He finally said. I didn't get it. What hadn't told him. 
"About what?"
I asked quietly. He ran his fingertips over the bandage. 
"I couldn't."
"You'd hate me."
"Haven't you thought I might hate you for not telling me?"
"Well I do."
I looked at him in disbelief. He hates me? Gerard looked shocked and appalled with himself. 
"Frankie... I didn't me-"
"Frank listen, please?!"
"I didn't mean it!"
"Fuck off Gerard."
Tears dribbled down his cheeks. I wasn't having him here if he hated me.  Or was I being too harsh. He had every right to hate me. 
I grumbled. Gerard shook his head. 
"It's my fault. I'm sorry too."
He said softly. He hesitated, thinking over something.
"Do you hurt yourself in other ways?"
"What do you mean?"
"Do you hurt yourself in other ways? Not cutting but like... You know, burning yourself, pulling your hair out, hitting yourself?"
I was confused. 
"No. Why?"
Gerards hands when under the blanket that covered me from the waist down. He gripped the hospital gown and pulled it up so my hideous bruised and scarred stomach was on show. I squeaked and gripped the blanket, not wanting to come off and show Gerard everything in the downstairs area. He pointed at the big blackish green bruise on my stomach. 
"Then what's this?"

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