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They're gonna clean up your looks, with all the lies in the books.

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Franks POV

I didn't know what to say. He thought I was beating myself up. But it wasn't me inflicting the ugly bruises. It was Sam
Gerards gaze was burning into me. I can't tell him. I've put him in enough danger as it is. LynZ walked through, a smile on her plump red lips. 
"Frank... Look who's come to see you!"
She beamed, stepping aside. Sam appeared, looking worried. I wasn't sure if I should be scared or not. He looked so so sad to see me like this. He cared? He was by my side in an instant, stroking my cheek with the back of his finger. His eyes rested on the bruise that was exposed. 
"Sam, do you know he got these?"
Gerard asked, pointing at the bruise.  Sam shook his head. Liar! He knew full well how I got them! He kissed me gently and then hugged me. 
"You tell them anything, you will suffer. And so will your little friends."
I could hardly tell what he had said, he was so quiet. I nodded, scared now. I would have to think on my feet. He pulled back, his face sad, sympathetic. What the hell?! The fear drained out of me. 
"Frank? Babe, how'd you get these bruises?"
Sam asked, his voice sickly sweet like syrup. 
"I... I done them."
I lied. Gerard took in a sharp breath. Sam sighed, disappointment colouring his features. He looked at Gerard then LynZ. 
"Could me and Frank have a word, in private please?"
He asked. They nodded and left is alone. Once they were out of sight the happy act was dropped and he had his angry face on. The face that made me shake and cry with pure fear. The face that taunted me in my sleep, making it practically impossible to sleep. I had hardly noticed I was shaking. 
"Now... I need to go away for a few weeks. I got a job offer in New York. I'm going there for a bit, trying it out. If you tell anyone about these,"
He jabbed my bruise, 
"I will kill you after I force you to watch me kill your little friends, got it?!"
I didn't speak. What was there to say? I nodded. He glared at me for a moment and yanked my hospital gown down, concealing my ugly body. 
"Guys, you can come back in now!"
He had a big smile on his face. Gerard walked back in. 
"LynZ has gone to look after Bandit. And pack her bags."
He smiled, looking at me. 
"Oh Frank, you're crying... What's wrong?"
I was crying? I put my hand to my cheek to feel a slight wetness. Oh. Shit, what could I say? Luckily Sam answered for me. 
"He's a bit upset because I have to go to New York for a few weeks. He doesn't want me to go." 
He smiled. 
"So, where's your wife off to?" 
He asked Gerard. Gerard sighed. 
"On a tour with her bandmates."
He replied. LynZ was away. Sam was away. Me and Gerard could spend time together! I found myself grinning at the thought. Maybe things were going to perk up once Sam goes. 


I was out of the hospital in time to wish Sam a happy plane trip; though I was really wishing the plane would crash and Sam died. Harsh, yes. But I didn't care. He deserved it! I gave LynZ a hug as she left also. 
Gerard looked at me, Bandit propped up on his hip with his arm supporting her. 
"Want to watch a movie?"
He asked me. 
"The Lost Boys?"
"Of course."
We both grinned at each other and headed inside. Gerard wanted me to stay at his until LynZ got back. Not just because he would be lonely, but also because he was going to get as many answers out of me as he could.  
Once Bandit had gone to bed and Gerard had ordered pizza, we sat on his couch and put the film on. He sat beside me, putting his arm over my shoulders. I cuddled right up to him, taking in his perfect scent of cigarettes, coffee and men's deodorant. 
"Talk to me."
"Oh... Right? Well, what about?"
"How'd you get that bruise?"
God. He wasn't giving up. 
"I told you in the hospital. I done them to myself."
He looked down at me for a moment, his hazel eyes studying me.
"Take your shirt off."
He whispered. 
"Why not?"
"Because I'm too fat!"
He looked shocked for a moment. 
"No you aren't."
He said. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't falling for his crap. There was an painful silence until he finally spoke. 
"Frank, swear on my life that you are telling me the truth."
I couldn't do that. 
"I can't."
I whimpered. He moved his face closer to mine so our noses brushed and I could feel his warm breath on my lips. 
"Tell me the truth Frank."
He whispered. My breath hitched in my throat. I couldn't tell him. He'd get killed. I can't bear to watch him get hurt. 
"I am."
I lied. He frowned at me then shook his head, moving away from me. 
"I thought I knew you better Frank. I thought we were best mates. We can tell eachother anything. Obviously not."
He stared at the film on the tv screen. I rested my head on his arm but he pushed me off. I didn't like that. He was rejecting me because I was saving his life. Surely that wasn't fair?

Gerards POV

Frank would give in. I knew he would. If I gave him the silent treatment and rejected his touch, he'd loose it and tell me what was going on. After about ten minutes Frank jumped up looking angry, yet he was crying. 
He yelled. Sam was abusing Frank? Sam was hurting my Frankie. That angered me. That angered me a lot. I reached out and pulled the sobbing mess of Frank into my lap, stroking his hair and making quiet 'shhh'-ing noises to calm him. I even found myself crying a bit. 
"Frank, you listen to me... You will be fine. He won't hurt me. He most certainly isn't going to hurt you. I promise. You are safe with me."

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